Do I Need A C-Section? – Ep 5 Almost Ready

One of the best ways
to prep is to normalize what’s gonna actually happen. So… we’re gonna watch
a little video. You guys ready? All:
Mm-hmm. ( “giving birth”
video playing ) ( screaming ) Jessica:
That’s a head coming out. – Shay: Oh, my God.
– Ooh. And it’s the child
screaming or the–? Jessica:
That’s the mom.
That’s the mom screaming. – Oh, my God.
– I can’t– Oh, my God, I was at,
like, at zero, now I’m at a fucking 110.( woman screaming )Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. It looks like
an alien movie. Oh, my God. Jessica:
That’s the head
and then the vulva. That head is stretching
the vagina. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Jessica:
You hear her screaming,
“I can’t do it.” I don’t know, she’s pulling
on the head so hard. Oh, my God,
I’m gonna be sick. ( laughing )
Oh, my God. That’s crazy. Wow. I can’t do this. Jessica:
And the baby is crying. – Yep…
– You okay, baby? I’m solid. Shay: ( retching )
Oh, my God. ( music playing ) I’m wearing my sleepers now
because, well, that’s what happens
at this stage, so I heard. We’re going up to
the doctor’s office and hopefully I’ll have
better news next time. You okay? I mean, okay as like,
I can be with that. I honestly was going
in there thinking that everything was good
and she was head down and now I have to have
an ECV at the hospital where he will
physically push on my belly
to move the baby and I don’t know how
the hell that’s gonna go because I had
somebody tell me that that was like almost
just as bad as labor. – Really?
– Yes, they have to forcefully
move her in your stomach. I don’t know
if I can watch that. I can barely watch when
you push on your stomach. It makes me feel like, weak. The idea of watching
someone manipulate
your stomach like that, knowing that
she’s inside there,
it’s like, crazy. Anytime you ever
wanna get mad at me
in the future, just like think about
what I’m going through. – I know, I do.
– Well, let’s test it, because I think I shrink one
of your vintage shirts. ( music playing ) I know, but,
it wasn’t me, it was the baby brain. – Which one?
– On the wrong setting. Potentially the
really expensive one
from Tokyo. Yeah. – Anyways…
– That’s okay, honey. Thank you. How are you
gonna fix it? Giving birth
to the miracle. – Okay.
– Yeah. ( music playing ) Shay:
My mom is coming to town,
which is awesome.
But at the same time,
her presence in being here
really makes this
whole thing feel real
’cause I’m like,
“Oh, the countdown’s on now.”
– Hola.
– Hi, Angel. Hi! How are you? – How do I look? Big?
– Yes, you’re so big. Look at Angie. Angel, are you jealous?
Are you jealous, Ange? How was your flight? – Was good.
– Yeah? So, how was
doctor’s visit? Not good. – Her head is right here.
– ( gasps ) So her feet
are kinda wrapped. This is her bump,
stomach and head. Wow. Do you know
what that means? You have cesarean?
Oh… No, it’s not the case yet ’cause I’m still,
almost 38 weeks, I still have
two weeks. Okay. So I’m gonna
do anything. If you told me to eat
a bunch of pig shit, I would do it
at this point. Okay, whatever
I can do to flip her around
so I don’t have to. – I’m giving you good energy.
That’s why I’m here.
– She needs to flip. Come look at the nursery. Now remember I’m not done
or anywhere near it. – Oh, my goodness.
– Yeah. Oh, my goodness. – So, right now, crib.
– This is nice, I like it. And then look at this. Look how cute this looks. – Even though this is–
– Oh, my goodness. Look at all
the clothes…
all ready. Oh, where’s my suitcase?
Because I brought some clothes – of you when you were a baby.
– You brought clothes? – Hang on.
– Oh, my gosh. – This is your first
Christmas dress.
– Oh, my gosh. – Grandma Marguerite– Yeah.
– I remember this
from the photo. How did you keep this
in such good condition? – This has lasted like…
– I kept them– Yes. 32 years. What are you gonna be
wanting to be called? I know you had an
issue with grandma. GG. You wanna be called GG? Yes. Glamma or GG. So she’s gonna be walking around
being like, “Hi, glamma.” Yes. ( laughing ) I cannot be
called grandma. – GG… GG…
– Hey, GG! Gorgeous grandma.
Glamorous grandma. ( both laugh ) She’s honestly
laughing inside
my stomach. She just kicked me,
“Are you kidding me?” Yes, I know,
she said, “See?” Wow, all right, GG. Matte:
Whoo, this is
what we’re doing. Trying to turn the baby. Shay:
Before my ECV appointment,
I am going to try
in the book
to get her to turn.
Acupuncture…I’m gonna apply heat and this should make
the baby active. – Chiropractor: How’s this
pressure for you?
– Great. Shay:
…seeing a pre-natal
And putting headphones
on my belly.
Hopefully something
will work.
Getting ready
to go to hospital. We are going to go
in for the ECV, which is, when they physically try
and move her in my stomach. And it is really painful
so I’ve heard. Please, can you be
head down? ( sighs )
Crossing fingers. ( music playing ) Shay:
I don’t know
what else I need. What’s this?
You need this too? I need that too. That’s a lot
of toiletries. No, no. Listen,
this is overnight, this is when I’m in labor, like, I’ll ask you
to hand me something, there’s headphones
in here. I have my
hand sanitizer, which everybody’s
gonna have
to use after. This is the
in-labor bag. – You have toothbrush?
– Yeah, I have that all. – Okay, so listen.
– All right, so that’s all
you really need. By the way, I’m not gonna
need this too anyway, but I like the fact that… Yeah, it’s just that
there’s a 5% chance something
could go wrong. and I could have an
emergency C-section. So we should pack. Hair curler? – ( clearing throat )
– It’s a what? It’s like a waver,
like you…
Wait, hold on. Just in case,
I can’t do this,
can you try? Like this,
down like that,
if I’m like… Like, you wanna
crimp your hair? It’s not a crimp,
it’s like a nice wave. Anyways, we could be
there for three days, so we might as well
be able to do something. What are you bringing? Nothing, honey.
it’s all about you. – I know, but– Yes.
– A toothbrush and face wash. – That’s all I need.
– Maybe another pair of clothes,
just in case. I hear your sense
of smell is really,
really sensitive. Really? Okay, whatever you need.
You want me to bring it? I’m joking.
( laughing ) ( music playing ) I’m not feeling
that nervous, I’m more so like,
I really wanna believe
that she’s head down, Joanie:
Yeah, yeah, so you don’t have
to get through this. – Yeah.
– Matte: She moved crazy
the other night. Like, it looked like literally,
she came out of the skin. When I was trying
to flip her around. I know. I don’t know if she’s going
triple axles in there or if she’s actually
moving south, so… It’s not gonna happen,
but worst case scenario, if like,
something happens and you actually have
to get a C-section today… I can’t even
talk about this. It actually
makes me upset. Hey, it’s not gonna
happen anyway. Hmm? ( sobbing ) I know,
but if it doesn’t
happen today, I don’t wanna
have to do that. I know, but they’re
gonna spin her today. We’re 3 for 3 right now. Placenta is out of the way,
you have lots of fluid, and the baby is sitting
high enough. Like, there’s no question,
she’s gonna turn today. Honestly,
it’s not just the surgery, it’s the recovery time. I cannot be bed ridden
for however long
it’s gonna be. I really don’t want that. – If I’m in bed,
I’m gonna go nuts.
– I know. No, you don’t, ’cause you’ll be
able to live your life still, and I’ll be fucking stuck
after the baby’s born, like, you can’t even
lift them sometimes ’cause it hurts so much. Babe, she’s gonna
turn today. If she’s not already turned,
she’s gonna turn today. I think we ought to have
a C-section, that’s the only thing
that’s making me feel better, to be honest. Joanie:
( laughing ) ( music playing ) Okay. Doctor:
All right. – What?
– Matte: See, I swear! Joanie:
There’s a miracle somewhere. Doctor:
Great. – All: Yeah!
– Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I thought
that I still felt her head. Matte:
That’s amazing. ( music playing ) Shay: ( singing )
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Guess who turned,
guess who turned. Whoo! I told you, you didn’t
have to worry about it. – Matte: That’s what I said too.
– You never had a C-section? – No.
– So, exactly, you can’t be
like– I was terrified. I could’ve gone in right then
if something went wrong anyways. I know, I just had a feeling,
I know it was gonna turn. – You did? Yeah,
– I did. Like you knew it was
gonna be a girl? Yes, I did.
I knew it was a girl. So am I gonna go
early or late? I have a feeling
it’s gonna be early. This could be
the last night. ( sighs ) This could be
the last night. – Are you ready?
– Are you ready? Yep! I am. Ready to meet her.

100 Replies to “Do I Need A C-Section? – Ep 5 Almost Ready”

  1. lol trust me you don’t need those clothes. You need onesies and bibs. My baby was head down and we still had a c section. The recovery time can be brutal, but your partner just needs to step it up.

  2. What are these doctors telling her honestly, a spinal can wear out after 12 hours for some people. You can leave the hospital after 2 days if it goes well…

  3. My mom had the same “problem” and I got out with my feet first😂 I don’t know what she must have felt, I’m sure she was in a lot of pain but it’s safe to say that then&now my mother is still very healthy😊 you do you, shay. Whatever feels most comfortable

  4. I had my baby boy via c-section on Aug 28th. It was also because he was breeched! I almost went through with the ECV but was told it is extremely painful and success rate isn't very high. My OB's success rate was only 25% so I said SCREW THIS. C-SECTION IT IS. I recovered amazingly (I was walking around the hospital room the second day pain but yes mobile) and since you've always been so active I really think you will too! Whatever ends up happening will be great. Good luck mama!

  5. Omg why would she make you watch a video 🤢 ps my babe is 5 weeks old. If you get the epidural you won’t scream like the lady in the video 😉❤️ best of luck

  6. "I'm giving birth to a miracle" and that it was. I was shocked and happy at the same time. BTW it seems he passed the test. Did he?

  7. Omg I literally cried watching this, such an exciting time for you. I hope everything goes amazing with the birth 🤗

  8. Don't fear a c-section. You are in bed the day of surgery only, You are encouraged to pick up your baby only, to gradually get your muscles back in shape. Rest when needed.

  9. you have nothing to worry about, youre so far along it wouldnt matter if she came now. my daughter was coming feet first and i had a emergency c-section because she was 29 weeks earlier.

  10. I am sorry Shay, I follow you a long time and think you are a great person and role model. But how is the overstressing about every little detail of your pregnancy supposed to feel for the future moms? Do you know how many have their child head up, or need C-section or stuck to the bed for much longer time? Instead of giving them feeling that it is not that serious and it is bearable for this “miracle”, this feels like I should be totally afraid of pregnancy. Just my subjective opinion.

  11. Girl if you went into labor before me😩😩 we’re about the same I’m 38 weeks and 6 days today and she won’t come 😭😭

  12. I had to have a csection because I had vasa previa if bub was born naturally he would have died.
    I wasn't bed ridden but yes painfully to move and stand pick bub up, I wasn't allowed to drive for 6 weeks but honestly felt okay to drive at 5 weeks. 2 weeks until it didn't hurt to sneeze laugh and sit up. Got to do what you have to for your bubs. So happy she turned for you 🥰😍❤

  13. I had an emergency c-section after pushing for 3 hours. The doctor came in and told me that my baby was “sunny side up” and that I didn’t have the energy to push hard enough to push her out!! I was terrified!! The next two days were rough and very painful but I lifted and held my baby. The recovery was hard but I was still able to do all the things “they say you may not be able to do” so keep your head up! I was terrified on my trip to the hospital but a women’s body is so incredible!!!! I learned quick that I can withstand a lot more pain than I ever thought possible. Lots of prayers and love being sent to you and your family❤️🙏

  14. I've had a C-section with my second boy and it was a scary moment of my life I had him at 34 weeks because I got really sick and lucky I went to the hospital in time because I got told from my doctor that if I left it any longer to get to the hospital that I could of died and same with my son we both could of died because I had Influencia which is a really bad sickness it's like hypothermia and your whole body shuts down like you can walk talk eat move at all and can't even go to the bathroom and to this day I'm glad to be still alive and my baby hes doing great! I'm also from New Zealand but also don't think that the C-section will be the outcome or you will just hype yourself up and the baby can feel that and your baby will end up stressed out

  15. Shay, I gave birth to a baby head up and he is perfectly healthy, no c section. The doctors thought he was going to turn but he didn’t. He has a little scar on his nose but he’s perfect to me. I’m keeping you and your baby in my thoughts.

  16. I was due and of September..had a emergency C section a week before cause my she wasn't in position too…and calcification of placenta so I was very scared not for me but for her didn't even care I just prayed she pulls through and healthy…2 and a half weeks later here she is…I started working this Monday and I miss her every minute…thank God I could bring such an amazing human being to this world

  17. I had c section and I was NOT bed ridden. I was up walking around the day after. You just can’t drive for 2 weeks. It’s not the worst

  18. Girl I’m about to have my 2nd c section and it’s literally easier then giving birth and tearing like most women do

  19. I can’t believe nobody is talking about Shay’s mom wanting to be called glam’ma. I absolutely love it and she deserves to be called that. I love her

  20. My mom was in the middle of labor when they found I was coming out feet first so they had to push me back in and turn me then. It’s better to get it done ahead of time! Less painful!

  21. Y do all the mums put baby straight in to a room
    It's better to have them with you in the same room till one 😃

  22. My sister had a c-section twice. I would rather go through c-section than have to go through 12 hr of labour. All the best!

  23. Why on earth did they show you that birth video? In most cases the woman does not scream like that. Watch some videos on youtube instead. That birthing class should be ashamed. Scaring pregnant women that way is cruel.

  24. Love the braided hair matte,you and Shay will be great & u have such positive energies around. Lol love that Shay is still able 2 joke after crying.

  25. Shay, I know exactly how you feel. A C-section was my worst fear. Heck, just birth was scary but when I got to the hospital, all I wanted was my baby in my arms. But please know, just because she might get stuck or her blood pressure might drop and you'll have to have one. you need to stay positive and know you have all the support around you. Also, do not over-prepare yourself. I did that and I was so adrenaline high and thinking I was supposed to do this and this and this when really, that was my child and I can do whatever I wanted.

  26. She shouldn't complain about how long shes gonna be in bef after a C-section. That's her role as a mother your supposed to sacrifice your time for the baby even if you had giving natural birth or c-section or how ever you will give birth. She shouldn't worry about her husband living his life while shes in bed. That's just not a way to think when you going to have a baby. Your supposed to except whatever the consequences are and whatever comes to you.

  27. My mum had a C-section for the first time ever with my youngest sibling. It truly wasn't fun for her. My mum is the type of mums who are normally out and about doing stuff a couple of days after having a baby, so to see her struggle so much and not be able to lift my brother for a while was heartbreaking. Whereas her sister was able to recover much faster even though she too couldn't lift her newborn much. C-sections suck and those who think Shay is over reacting need to google it. What becomes of your organs alone should tell you a little.

  28. Even if baby is head down, you could still get a c section. And it isn’t bad. I was up after day 2. You aren’t bed ridden. But it’s still best to educate yourself and prepare for anything! Good luck!

  29. Love that “ let’s test it. I shrank one of your shirts” 😂😂😂😂 that fkn killed me love the reality of shay because I had no idea how she was outside of the movies she plays in and this just makes me want to have her in my life loool

  30. Ok i am going to tell all the work you need to do with the baby but its weird step 1*DONT LET A 6 MONTH BABY DO ANYTHING AND DONT LET ANY BABY NEER CLEANING PRODUCTS THAT IS SO DANGEROUS *
    hope it helps you

  31. She’s having a babygirl 💕🎀🧸🍼 🤰🏻🌸🌻aww, much blessing you and you’re beautiful 👶🏻 🥰😘✨

  32. No need to push baby around. Look up Spinnning Babies. They help you move baby in a more natural comfortable way

  33. I love that’s she still wants to be cute after labor lol. She’ll be too tired to even wanna be cute haha love Shay

  34. I've had four children. All vaginal births. My last baby, I had to get the same procedure. It was awful. I kept having to tell them to stop. I kept saying please don't do this. I would breathe and be able to handle for about 15 seconds and then I was done. It lasted for over an hour and I couldn't take it anymore. I have natural birth with no drugs and this was worse than labor with any of my children. I went home and I did different exercises. Three days before my schedule c-section I had another appointment and my baby flipped!!! Head down!! I was able to have him naturally =)

  35. Matte is such is such a good husband to her jeez it’s cray cray!!!!love them both😘😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️

  36. I just have to say, I am 20 weeks pregnant and this series has made me feel sooo much better about the whole process. I’m not enjoying being pregnant and I am terrified of giving birth. It is just so comforting to know that I’m not the only one with these feelings. Good luck Momma!

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