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  1. women do not sync up I have three daughters and three weeks out of a month I have to deal with a psychotic, bleeding, lunatic one week at a time. one starts as she ends the next one starts, when she is about to end the last starts. its fucking maddening, I got pallets of midal and tampons and pads with fucking wings. fuck syncing up I wish they would!!!

  2. Having spent a lotta time around girls and ladies I have seen when some spend more than 4 to 5 months hanging out together a lot they synced, I don't try to make sense of it even being into science, it comes down to pragmatism though, if these ladies will be over your place a lot and your GF buy a certain pad and etc, you learn to just buy extras cause their friends will need such stuff while they're visiting, best to buy more chocolate stuff and so on and realize you're male and you're mortal and you have sensitive stuff externally that ladies will target first if you piss em off. Some things come down to social survival skills and being a guy, I learned feminine products usually have a flap or side w all the important data, you take that to the store, get a girl or lady to help and they'll make sure you get the right stuff, if you don't want to be sent back out, you get it right the first time and bring back chocolate, Hershey's or whatever ! If a blizzard or hurricane is due, buy extra, if you're sent out for one box, buy 2, if there's a larger quantity box, buy that, trust me, this is how guys survive or your GF will make sure everyone knows when you screw up. We're guys, we're already guilty of stuff, even if we didn't do it, we're guilty of something. Some things w girls and women will never be understood, get used to it, better off trying to understand cats, impossible as well. Just make the relationship as smooth as possible, or learn the details of ritual suicide, prob on youtube somewhere. If your GF is Japanese and you've screwed up bad and she hands you a knife, even if she's not serious, it means you might as well commit seppuku aka Japanese ritual suicide. You're gonna wanna buy more chocolate and flowers !!

  3. When I went to college, all of the women on our floor synchronized, those of the women on the floor below us synchronized a week behind us and those of the first floor were a week behind those…consistently. Just because science hasn't proven it yet doesn't mean it doesn't happen…especially when it comes to anything involving the female body.

  4. Mistake at 7:07, Michael Schermer didn't write the book Don't Believe Everything You Think, Thomas E. Kida did, unless Schermer has a quote in said book. Please do more than the bare minimum in providing sources if you want to claim to be scientific.

  5. I would say it does since I`ve been around women relatively closely and they do seem to all cycle at around the same time with sometimes the odd exception who would bemoan her isolated fate.

  6. I just think a lot of women's sink up because it seems that our cycles are tied to the phases of the moon. Hence, more children during a full moon. Ask any o.b. nurse and they will confirm it.

  7. I wonder if genetics affect the length and timing of one's cycle? If so, family members might have similar patterns and seem as though they were "synced" when in reality it's genes. Likewise, diet and exercise affect menses and those living together are maybe more likely to have similar lifestyles.

  8. You can't give a cute little pet name to something that transforms women into a feral pack of fear, suffering and pain inducing rage-beasts. It's like calling a thermonuclear bomb a nukey dukey or something.

  9. Yes, in my experience, of all the women I've ever lived with, every single one of us has had our periods sync up. I'm not talking about the complete cycle, but the bleeding period. My theory is it's to do with the pheromones.

  10. Most women don’t have an x day cycle. It varies by a day here and there. The qualitative data of women having lasting sync can’t be disregarded. I feel this is a case of over complicating the scientific research, when it may be viewed as a generalization by the women it affects.

  11. Lmao
    Unfortunately I clean office buildings and by the trash receptacles it seems they fuckin do

  12. Thank you for the mature and humane presentation of the subject (including the red liquid on the pad instead of the blue like in the commercials). Thank you. I don't know how to put it into better words (I'm sick and headachy), but I feel like this is what this world needs. Grown-up conversation without segmentation of "female topics" and "inoffensive" illustrations. You're great, Simon and the team!

  13. real quick, if you admit that hormonal and situation things can vary a woman's period then regardless of the errors in that havard gals study you cannot say that women dont sync even somewhat. all you can say is that that womans study was wrong. so who t f wrote this. [maybe i can only say this because i dont get how can you say a woman who has a 28 day cycle and a woman who has a 30 day cycle when, A how is that not ridiculous and B you admit that women's cycles vary. so lets stop talking about objective day long cycles after you admit they vary in a given woman.]

  14. Maybe don't quote Shermer in a video about something affecting mostly women. Bit in bad taste considering his history with them.

  15. If synchronization is by chance then all the women ive lived with (my siblings and mother) and myself should play the lottery cause there's a lot of chance going around

  16. It is an easy subject to debunk. I guess it harkens back to certain animals coming in to season and I'm sad a female proposed it.

  17. Wow, how patronizing! How do you manage to think that women can't understand that things can happen at the same time as a coincidence?! How is explaining this half the video?

    Did you actually talk to any women who have experienced this to make this video?

    Let me help you out. I used to be able to take my pills back to back and skip periods. I would have a period every few months and it would be super light, unlike my unregulated periods which are super heavy and painful. In the last several years this stopped working. I would breakthrough bleed midpack, and I couldn't skip a period. When I did have a period it was not the short, light period I'd gotten used to. Since the fall my periods have gone back to what they had been. I've been able to take packs back to back again.

    No I didn't switch to a stronger hormone as my doctor suggested I may have to do. So what changed?

    My daughter moved out for university.

    Those times I was breakthrough bleeding even while on the pill? Yeah, that's when she was having her period.

    So no, I'm not reading into a one off coincidence. We've both triggered each other to have bleeding out of cycle. I watched this hoping there might have been some insight on the current medical theories, not a lecture on how a broken clock is right twice a day.

  18. "80% of women believe this"….are you actually serious? Is this a joke? Because call me naive, but I thought most people had more than one brain cell. I (a woman) heard this myth referenced very few times (most notably in The IT Crowd) and assumed it was some ridiculous superstition-type thing widely regarded as ABSURD, on the level of how people used to believe women's emotions were tied to the travelling uterus moving through her body (hence the word "hysterical", coined as a term for women who were unsatisfied with being docile helpless babymakers & housekeepers). You mean to tell me people are actually still debating this? When it takes 2 seconds of thought to realize that women with differing cycles are bound to eventually coincide one month just by chance? If two men fart at the same time, are they synchronized too? Is humanity really this stupid?

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