21 Replies to “Do you have light periods and are trying to get pregnant?”

  1. Talk about Asherman’s Syndrome it’s so misdiagnosed along with PCOS which is sad!information is key 🔐 unlocks doors and educate these nurses and maybe they can reinforce it and maybe these doctors will be curious enough to educate themselves on it

  2. My cycle was April 3rd last 4 days. Had sex that morning period came that afternoon. Sex the 7th & 8th. April 10th that morning had sex went to the bathroom. I think I had implantation or ovulation bleeding. Never happen before. April 10th ovulation test was positive. Spotted April 10th & 11th. Could I be pregnant?

  3. My period stay just 4 days normal periods but now i have low periods and black period, this months, any problem

  4. i got my last depo shot in October last year, and now im spotting, when will my menstrual cycle regulate. I also got the ovacare tablets (hope it will work) but my spotting is what is worring me.

  5. Please sir i use to have my period 4 or 5days before.. But now is only 1day nd is scanty. Doctor said i have candida infection . He precribed drugs for me which i bought after all no avail.. i have taking many drugs to cure this stuborn infection but no avail also…
    Plz sir any home remedy for me .? I discharge white subtance and it itches me alot . Plz help me.. am in Nigeria!!

  6. Hello sir gud evening my period is 22 January when is the right time for me to conceive please i want to get pregnant

  7. Sir i hv light periods in this month ..i hv been married since 1 year above ..i hv no pregnancy still..wat is the reason behind this light periods in this month????

  8. I used to have a regular period but when I started trying to get pregnant removed IUD I had a regular and 5 days long period for the first month but in the second my period was late for two days and saw a light period lasted for two days what is wrong with me ?

  9. Hello sir, i really need ur help. We r trying for our seond baby since last 4 moths. But not yet concieved. I have regular period of 24 to 26 menstrocycle. But my period is short. It comes only for 2days with normal to less flow of blood. The third, forth and the fifth day, i still get period bt its like just spotting brown blood. I really didnt had any problems with my first child. Bcoz than i always had normal length and bleeding period. I need ur suggestions. I dont know the problems. After watching some of ur videos, i was thinking may be estrogen level is low, or the bloodcirculation is nt good. Bt what should i do. Is it ok to start high estrogen diet. Or should go to Dokter? Pls reply😊 Thank u so much!

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  11. I had missed misscarriag in feb2018 , since then i didn't check ovulation, i checked in july which shows my progesterone 57.2 and in August came 22 , normal before misscarriag each month like 36, 34 ,like always 30 plus, why

  12. My period has stop for 5month now and it breaks my heart because I got married and my husband is younger then me and we want to have a baby what can I do to have please tell me what to do I really, really want to have my baby with my husband

  13. I had my hormone levels checked and they're all normal and I'm ovulating. I'm taking vitex pregnitude fertile prep prenatal opk and bbt and still not getting pregnant. I don't have pcos in fact I just had a laparoscopy in October. I'm regular with my menustration

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