Does our Newborn Baby look more like Mom or Dad!?..Or Neither..

welcome to today's vlog I have why man here I'm taking Leo right here I just got off of work so I was like you know what honey I'm gonna take the kids for a bit gonna walk around the neighborhood for a while mom's actually cooking I was like this enjoy some like peace and tranquility honestly she just never gets it I feel like many of you guys are moms and you understand they're like oh my gosh I'm dropping down the stairs you guys just never get that peace and quiet and just to have like a quiet house someone give her a quiet house I came back inside and mom is still cooking he's a wheeze I told Rachel because we're eating healthy as you guys can see I had carrots and oh thanks told me oh i'm karis engraves today and i had a McDonald's cheeseburgers that I got but I didn't eat actually was leftover I was like you know no I'm not going to eat it so I'm proud of myself but I told Rachel it's much easier to eat ten Oreos than ten karats cuz I was like man after like eighth one my protein I'm entering the peanuts meat why man loves this thing by the way it like totally rocks him to sleep look you want to get a shot oh the whole time he's like he's like a little bird he just like had his mouth open like that was by the front door yeah can I was like maybe Randy got the baby and put it in there and he look at him it's so cute man you were just born to be a big brother weren't you are you taking the baby on a ride this baby this baby's not happy that's what I was talking about in the last vlog he looks like put his chica by him why it's looking at me like whoa whoa my neck over here oh my favorite boy right there oh man you keep that in my memory um are you cooking crab for dinner and fish Oh delicious mmm is it good yeah it is gonna be good did you put salt and pepper on it Wow yeah Leo loves to dump the salt over into the next day now I think we only film like maybe what a minute yesterday honey we select big time but we have my dad and Stacy here so gee mom pops they're here and they actually gave Leo what does this thing an aqua magic is it cool buddy hey you say whoa he's been saying whoa all day it's been really cute yeah it's something he says but it's funny because G is like he can say the beginning of the alphabet but he you can't say G and so he's just like I'm doing that much progress done no this guy is looking like he's hungry corn on the cob in it here so right now man yeah yeah he does this thing I say that he good it turns into like the walking of the dead people because he's just like well you know like crazy like another news we brought Leo down to where I work and he likes all like our you know sentinels and soldiers and he was just like whoa when we were there the other day somewhere guys like there and they were wearing the same stuff that Harold was and so and I grab someone's leg wraps his arms around someone's leg it was me like to give my telling you and he was like whoa this is like Randy was really funny behind me when I was a little kid and I did that one time to someone who wasn't my dad you know I told in a story you like walk up and I think I've done as a grown-up like I thought they you or like someone else was you talking cause like they're you feel like someone's presence behind you you know are you you go so his presence behind you show up like hey honey I'm like oh you're not my honey I'm so sorry random girl or something Wow cool man and it's like kind of nice because you can't color on the walls with it right it's not actually a marker it's just a wet thing yeah it's water and I think he's been wearing a shirt for two days now honey he wore that shirt yesterday Brad like that yeah he did I promise you were good parents we change his clothes occasionally I was just telling Rachel this that we're starting my dad got Leo like oh it's like a potty training type book and I'm teaching Leo how to like pee so whenever like I go he I like open up the toilet seat and then I'm a teacher of aim so now whenever I open the toilet seat he'll be like Amy which is really cute look honey this guy's holding his head up all by himself do you see this sort of weight do it again no no no wait we're kind of following now look that's kind of cool look he's like almost like sitting up honey so cool good job dude and timber I heard you were actually good today for jima and mommy yeah I heard you actually weren't crying or throwing up so proud of you you're growing up already one month I love you and by the way honey I can't tell who he looks like more you know it Emily what I I told you that Leo looks like me what do you guys think let us know I wish the comments were a lot whatever all semester and let us know if I'm curious does Leo look more like me or Rachel and who does why man look like cuz I can't figure out that's blurry cuz I can't figure out which one he looks like more and for a close-up so you can see even a closer up don't eat it okay come on let's come this way come on we're gonna be the doggies come on hurry holy can you say Ranger can you please back up sort of yeah oh it's raining that's what you're saying I'm gonna step outside okay good job okay now come right here all right now Leo look to your right and you don't know what right is okay look over here over here over here here's the bowl this way hey Leo can you pour it in their bowl look pour it pour it in it maybe not all of it okay you gots a good job good job boys if you want to get in water okay we're gonna get water smart what's going on mama like all the way around is like my ribs and I was like in my chest like boobies chest like chest chest you guys can hear gimon pops it is nice having grandparents hunting because they like play with Leo keep you entertained good morning guys holy moly I don't know what happened yesterday but I felt so bizarre I think Harold kind of filmed it a little bit but my back started randomly hurting like out of nowhere then it went around through like my rib pain and then like in my chest I'm feeling a little bit better but my back still is like sore which is kind of weird but obviously still because you know I haven't been able to strengthen my core to support my back yet so all going through pregnancy that whole time carrying a baby really put a lot of strain on my back so I'm really ready to start strengthening my core so that I can start feeling better my body can just be better and got Wyatt on a swing he's finally being chill here's a little wild this morning hey can you tell me some of your new favorite words what words are you saying yeah not sure what that was what are you doing dude are you trying to bring the stroller over to baby so baby can get in the stroller be gentle be gentle Baba oh you can't get behavior out he's trying to get baby out of the swing oh you giving him a kissy Oh be gentle that is sweet bud give them a little hug okay let's let him be okay oh you got baby are you putting baby in the stroller okay go put baby in the stroller oh are you gonna buckle baby up it's your baby safe gotta put them in the straps I don't know if he knows how to do this and this will be really interesting it's like how do you do this I'm gonna put the straps on him Wow but mom you got to show me how okay ready baby up here put the straps on straps there we go oh there you go now baby's all tucked in Wow you're gonna take baby outside baby's gonna go on a stroll well we'll just officially opened the front door by himself that is terrifying so doors gotta be locked at all times until he figures out how to also unlock it oh gosh that is a baby that's your baby brother your baby brother can you tell him that you love him can you say I love you you guys having brother talk

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