Does The Soul Enter the Body at Birth? A Personal Experience – Carol Anne Chapman

Don’t you think it’s strange that even
though we know we’re going to die, we live as if we’re going to live forever?
Well, I actually don’t think it’s that strange, and I actually don’t think it’s
an either die or live forever. I think it’s both. And I have number of reasons
why I believe that. And today I want to talk to you about an experience I had at
the birth of my daughter that illustrated this for me. It’s Carol
A.P. Chapman, author of The Golden Ones: From Atlantis to a New World. And I’m going to
tell you this story after the break. Oh, please do Like, Comment, and Subscribe.
See you soon. Normally when people talk about life
after life, they are talking about near-death experiences–an experience
they have after someone..they die and then come alive. In other words, while
they’re being operated on, they die and come alive, and during that time they
have a memory of going out of their body, and seeing themselves down on the
operating table, and knowing that they live even if they’re separate from their
body. Well, that is a wonderful experience and I have…during my speaking events,
I have numerous people in the audience who have described having
experiences like that. And of course, then, that’s what draws them to an event like
mine. Now, I have not had a near-death experience, but I did have a wonderful
“before life experience,” and it was at the birth of my daughter. Now, the baby was
born and the doctor was holding her in his big hand, with her little head was down
here, and her little blue feet – you know, when a baby is born, it’s blue, because it
hasn’t breathed yet. Her little blue feet were sticking up like this, and
we’re all waiting for her to breathe, and she wasn’t breathing yet. Of course, it
seemed like this was taking minutes but it was probably just a second or two, and suddenly, the room was filled with this golden, peachy glow. And I, who had
just birthed her, was in sort of an altered state, and I realized that it was
her soul in the room with us. So, the doctor, then, lifted her up by the feet,
and he just tapped her feet and she, right away, started to cry. You know, it’s the
greatest sound on earth to hear a baby’s first cry. And at the instant she took
her first breath, that amazing glow in the room was gone. And her body went from
blue to pink with that first breath. And I realized, “Oh my God, I just saw her
soul enter her body.” And that has been a wonderful experience, and I wanted to
share it with you, because there are many, many signs that we do – yes, the body will
die – and then there is that other part of us that lives forever. This is Carol A.P.
Chapman, author of The Golden Ones: From Atlantis to a New World. Please Like,
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