13 Replies to “Dog Finds Newborn Baby Girl In Storm Drain”

  1. Now I see why some people like animals more than people, some people are absolute trash, there’s so many places to leave unwanted babies, hospitals, churches, adoption agencies, police department, fire department so why on earth would they throw a baby away like this, it’s despicable it’s disgusting and absolutely no excuse for it

  2. Wow makes me cry i hope she's doing well.. the monster who do this to this poor little girl should be sentenced to death.

  3. I'll probably burn in Hell for saying this, but whoever did this to the child should put on a helicopter and dropped in Shark infested water.

  4. Right… if the worthless mother does come forward the stinking system will only hand her over for more abuse. The punishments for ALL CHILD ABUSERS is only a slap on the fingers, and thats why there is so much. Make a horrifying example of what will happen if you do this.

  5. I would thumb down this too. No video and computer narrative. It fake. Should be demonetised. Shame on you sheep.

  6. And all those 5 people who out thumbs down it better be cause you are too sad too watch it cause I would be mad if y'all did it

  7. Forget them people who dropped her they should go too hell by the way thank that sweet dog that saved her😊😊

  8. How cruel can you be if you can't take care of your child then give it up for adoption don't drop it in a drain or a dumpster or wherever so it will die lots of people can't have kids and would love to have her I hope Grace finds a loving home😇great job for the doggy and the 2 people that rescued her

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