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the airport in Peoria Illinois is not what you would call a big airport it's the general wayne-abe downing Peoria International Airport which is a lot of words and it sounds big but that Airport is only served by four passenger airlines I can't tell what their international flights are I'm sorry I know there must be some but I couldn't find them still though if you live near Peoria Illinois there is a reasonable chance that this lovely piece of infrastructure is your local Airport and today it shut down and it wasn't just like a temporary weather shutdown or something routine like that no they actually stopped two all flights into the airport and out of the airport and then they evacuated the entire Airport they made all human beings leave they pushed everybody all the way out there was a big long line of cars on the Parkway leading into the air into the airport which was stopped for so long people ended up getting out of their cars and they were just stuck there hanging out couldn't get in or out couldn't leave or arrive that evacuation lasted four hours today the reason for the shutdown was in part really super-shady national politics and the other part of it was suspicious dog toys and continuing coverage now of a story we first broke on WM Edie this morning here's what we know about the transpired what transpired this morning at Peoria International Airport the airport was evacuated after authorities found what they called a suspicious package at TSA that was at 6:30 this morning here's a look at the x-ray of the device as it went through TSA in a bag this has been released from the Peoria County Sheriff's Office according to Sheriff Mike McCoy a TSA officer handled the package and after opening it discovered two bottles containing liquid a timing device wires and sticks that were labeled dynamite turns out those sticks actually were dog toys sticks that were labeled dynamite turns out those sticks actually were dog toys the dog toys which sat down Peoria International Airport this morning for hours were apparently meant to be Stacia Slee fake-looking sticks of dynamite and since they were dog toys I'm guessing they squeaked or there was something else about them that was otherwise going to be fun for your dog to play with but they really did cause quite a mess the County Sheriff later explained it looks like three sticks of dynamite in there yeah three sticks of dynamite with the jar of liquid and so that's that's what it looks like I wish I would have some other pictures our detective has a picture there red sticks and on one side of them in big white letters it says dynamite so I mean I can't get any clearer now we don't know exactly what the dog toys looked like all we've seen in terms of a picture are the pictures from the x-ray and that doesn't help but based on the description from the sheriff there we are guessing it was probably something like one of these which you can get at all sorts of dog stores alongside other HIGHlarious dark humor dog toys that look like grenades or bombs or even severed feet for the schnauzer in your life who has an inappropriate sense of humor this airport security incident though which shut down this Airport today for hours this was not a joke it was not a prank it was turns out it wasn't even dog related even though it was dog toys that shut down the airport the reason this happened today in Peoria Illinois was because of the politics of abortion the airport was evacuated and authorities isolated a woman in connection to the package she's being detained there's no word on any charges right now she was headed to Washington DC connecting in Dallas she's described as a white woman in her 30s we don't know her name at this time authorities say the woman is claiming that the package is a training device for abortion clinics training device a pure County government later released a statement explaining what happened here explaining specifically that no charges are going to be filed against this woman who had this device turns out she is an employee of the National Abortion Federation she travels the country as part of her job working with abortion providers to train them on how to identify suspicious items things like bombs which people might try to smuggle into a clinic or otherwise used to target an abortion clinic doctor or other clinic personnel the National Abortion Federation says this training device this supposed bomb is is so obviously fake including the squeaky vinyl dog toy sticks of Dynamite's that say dynamite on the side of them in big white letters they say it's so ostentatiously obviously fake that they have routinely traveled with this training device all over the country and they've never really had a problem but in Peoria Illinois today at TSA they spotted this thing in check baggage and the whole Airport had to be evacuated for hours and the reason this sort of thing happens in the United States is because somebody really does have to go around the country training abortion doctors an abortion clinic staff on how to spot bombs how to protect themselves from assassination attempts because abortion providers an abortion clinic personnel do get targeted for assassination by anti-abortion activists in this country on a scarily regular basis I mean when these things have happened they're not random unconnected attacks one of the uglier features of the extreme anti-abortion movement in this country is that they they have spawned support networks for people who have shot abortion providers other radical anti-abortion activists will visit those folks in prison and create online tributes to them and organize legal support efforts on behalf of this particular variety of murderer for example in 2003 Florida executed a double murderer this man who had assassinated an abortion doctor in Pensacola Florida as well as the security guard he had with him at the time the head of a group called Operation Rescue put out a statement when the state of Florida carried out the execution of this murderer the operation rescue statement said that there was no justice in that execution because the man who had shot and killed the abortion doctor and the security guard he wasn't allowed to present a legal defense that his conduct was quote justifiable defensive action Operation Rescue said when he was executed by the state of Florida that the man never should have faced execution because he wasn't allowed to present his defense quote that the killing of the abortionist was necessary necessary to save the lives of preborn babies lots of people are murdered in this country for all sorts of different reasons but as far as I know there's only one group of people in this country that gets targeted for murder by an organized American movement that says it is not only justified but it should be legal to kill those people because of what they do for a living and anybody who does murder one of those people should be supported and indeed legally excused for their action because it's necessary to kill these people only abortion providers face that in this country in an organized and ongoing way and so employees of the National Abortion Federation have to travel around the country teaching people who work at clinics the best practices for how to avoid getting murdered by anti-abortion extremists and that's why nobody could fly into or out of Peoria Illinois today the guy who wrote that statement in 2003 saying it was justifiable homicide to murder an abortion doctor and the guy who murdered the abortion doctor therefore shouldn't be executed this that's him there his name's Troy Newman he's from Operation Rescue he has also over the years put out statements praising the Lord and thanking God when other abortion doctors have died from natural causes including this doctor who he praised for dying of leukemia he also once claimed in a book that the only just punishment for any doctor who doesn't abortion in the United States should be execution any doctor who doesn't abortion in the US should be treated like a convicted murderer and executed he made that case in a book called their blood cries out which I learned about from Ted Cruz the head of Operation Rescue who has argued it's justifiable homicide to kill abortion doctors who said any doctor who does an abortion in this country should be executed for it the man who has praised the cancer deaths of abortion providers he is the co-chair of pro-life for Cruz Ted Cruz put out a press release bragging about the operation rescue guy coming on board his campaign published a little biography of him on the Ted Cruz official campaign website bragging about how this guy who's now on Team Cruz pro-life for Cruz he had authored this interesting book their blood cries out which is the book that calls for the execution of doctors who do abortion in this country it's also a book that says women who have abortions in this country are murderers and contract killers and should be treated that way in the United States any woman who has an abortion is a murderer and a contract killer it says the co-chair of pro-life for Cruz Ted Cruz has a lot of these sort of affinity groups these coalition groups supporting his campaign it's a big part of how he organizes around the country he's also for example touted a group of faith leaders for Cruz which includes a famous radical anti-abortion activist who incidentally has been found guilty of stalking an abortion provider including distributed wanted posters of several doctors which listed their names and home addresses go get them distributing pictures and names and addresses of abortion doctors is one away the one of the ways the abortion movement anti-abortion movement has has continually contributed to the intimidation of and violence against abortion doctors and clinic personnel in this country Ted Cruz's pro-life co-chair Troy Newman to this day maintains a website that includes addresses and photos of individual abortion providers radical anti-abortion activists like this tend to get convicted now when they go so far as to put wanted dead or alive on these these posters and these websites so they have toned that part of it down these days but they do happily still distribute individual doctors photos and addresses go get them so we're in this moment of really profound hypocrisy in the Republican presidential race and professed ignorance in national media coverage of the Republican presidential race and I don't know if the Beltway media sort of doesn't get this yet or if they don't feel like reporting on it or if it's uncomfortable or if it earns you too many enemies from people you want to be sources and friends in the future but what we are having right now in terms of the focus of the Republican presidential race in national media coverage right now is a farce because what's going on here is not that hard to understand and it's really different from the way this is being described in most national media and here's what I mean just just look at a snapshot in time a yesterday midday simultaneously yesterday there was Ted Cruz doing an event in Wisconsin it was one of these coalition events in this place it this case it wasn't pro-lifers for Cruz or faith leaders for Cruz yesterday midday he did a women for Cruz event he had his wife there yet his mother there also Carly Fiorina was there he was touting all the support that he gets from women it's one of these support groups coalition groups affinity groups for Ted Cruz that was happening in Wisconsin at the same time Donald Trump was also in Wisconsin taping his now infamous town hall with my friend Chris Matthews and Chris was fairly masterfully pinning down Donald Trump on how exactly it's gonna work when as president self-proclaimed pro-life Republican Donald Trump will make abortion illegal Chris pinned him down how will you enforce that what will be the consequences who will be punished for that how will women be punished if they seek an abortion once you're president and you figured out how to make abortion illegal do you say you want to ban it I am against I am pro-life yes well how do you ban abortion how do you actually do it well you know you'll go back to a a position like they had where people will perhaps go to illegal places yeah but you have to ban it I'm the Amana make do you believe but you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle the answer is that it has to be some form of punishment for the woman yeah it has to be some form 10 years doing that I don't know I don't know I don't everything else I frankly I do take positions and everything else it's a very complicated position you tell me what the law should be just tell me what the heaven you save her life I haven't I am pro-life but some of the exemptions I am pro-life I have not determined what the punishment why not because I haven't determined it by saying you're pro-life you mean you want to ban abortion how do you ban abortion without some kind of sanction then you get in a very tricky question of a sanction on human life which you call murder it'll have to be a fine prison for a young woman who finds herself to have to be determined Donald Trump several hours later tried to take that back he put out a statement saying he didn't mean that women should be punished for getting an abortion even though that is what he said he now said he wants doctors to be punished not women themselves who seek abortions now Ted Cruz the guy who's got the convicted abortion doctor stalker on his faith leaders for Cruz list and and he's got the guy who says that women who have abortion are murderers and contract killers and should be treated as such he's got him as a co-chair of his pro-life for Cruz group Ted Cruz that candidate wasted no time in criticizing Donald Trump for mr. Trump's remarks to Chris Matthews yesterday Ted Cruz after those remarks put out a statement saying this quote of course we shouldn't be talking about punishing women we should affirm their dignity and the incredible gift they have to bring life into the world of course we shouldn't be talking about punishing women we shouldn't be talking about that Ted Cruz is right that the anti-abortion movement in general has learned to stop talking about that they don't like to talk about that they like to say that they'll never talk about that but it is if we're being honest here an unavoidable consequence of what it would mean if they get their way what it would mean if they get their way which means what it would mean if they make abortion illegal that is what the anti-abortion movement wants to do and and yes the anti-abortion movement has mostly learned to stop talking about punishing women mostly but not all of them have as interesting what Trump says it's shocks people but at the same time the old adage was that abortion was illegal that it was murder and consequently if it's illegal it's murder then there had to be some penalty attached to it if somebody says abortion is murder then what do you do to somebody who commits martyr I mean so it's the dilemma that people have been wrestling with and I'm certain we get into it too late you just got into it the media narrative and the political narrative that come come up in the last 24 hours in response to what Donald Trump said yesterday about abortion and what it means to be anti-abortion what it means to want to ban abortion in this country it is so out of touch and so facile right now it is mind-bending I mean reporting on what the anti-abortion movement is reporting on that movement Ames reporting on what it means to be a pro-life politician doesn't just mean writing down what they want you to say about them you don't have to use the antiseptic language and chosen phrases they choose to use themselves when they describe their own position you don't have to talk about them only the way they like to be talked about when you talk about them in terms of their actual policy goals in an objective way you very quickly realized that what Donald Trump did yesterday it may be viewed as a gaffe but it wasn't a gaffe right he just used blunter language than the anti-abortion movement likes to use in public and let's just get real about this for a second if you are pro-life that means you don't think a woman has a right to have an abortion if she wants one if you're pro-life you mean that you think that means you you think there isn't a right to get an abortion it means you are anti-abortion you're anti-abortion doesn't just mean that you don't get an abortion in your own life it means that you believe nobody else should be able to get an abortion either when a politician says that he or she is pro-life and will govern as such what that means is that they would like abortion to be outlawed it means they want the United States of America to be a country in which getting an abortion is a crime if getting an abortion is a crime that means anybody who gets an abortion is a criminal follow me here that is what Chris Matthews was getting at with Donald Trump and this is what he admitted to that has so upset everybody that he said it out loud but it's true if we become a pro-life country where abortion is illegal then every time any woman becomes pregnant in the United States she will face a government mandate which says that she must bring that pregnancy to term and she must give birth by order of the government the government will use the criminal law to monitor every pregnancy in this country and to force every woman in America who gets pregnant to take that pregnancy to term and give birth even if it is against her will that's what it means in brasstacks it means if you are a woman in America and we become a pro-life country because the anti-abortion side wins that means your pregnancy test is potentially criminal evidence if you have a miscarriage god forbid every physical aspect of your miscarriage is potentially criminal evidence the sight of your miscarriage is potentially going to be treated and investigated as a crime scene in a pro-life country if the government knows you to be pregnant and you do not give birth nine months later that will be a matter for the police to investigate Donald Trump says he is pro-life the Republican Party has generally viewed him as a squish on the subject has not hardline enough on abortion as an example of how he's not hardline enough in contrast Ted Cruz is not only anti-abortion he is anti-abortion in every instance under a president Ted Cruz he would go further than Donald Trump and impose the same criminal regime not just on women broadly but on specifically women who became pregnant because they were raped or because they were the victim of incest so some you know god forbid right some thirteen-year-old girl somewhere in America gets raped by her evil uncle and gets impregnated under a Ted Cruz presidency if he gets his way that 13 year old girl's pregnancy would become a matter for the state the government to monitor and the criminal law would be used to force that thirteen-year-old girl to bring that pregnancy to term and it would force her to give birth to her rapists child against her will under penalty of criminal law so it sort of feels like a parallel universe right in which these comments by Donald Trump yesterday are seen as somehow outrageous while Ted Cruz is the the reasonable one it has to be some form of punishment for the woman yeah it has to be some form 10 years doing that I don't know the anti-abortion movement in this country does not like to talk about that part of what their agenda would mean for our country the anti-abortion movement in this country does not like any public reminders of the links between their movement and the part of their movement that shoots doctors and says it's justified to do so but presidential candidate Ted Cruz has not been particularly diligent about keeping a bright line between his own anti-abortion politics his own anti-abortion campaign and the radical violent anti-abortion politics that have brought us the operation save America and operation rescues of this world his opponent Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump he has not been particularly good at keeping a bright line between what he wants to see seen as mainstream anti-abortion Republican politics and the politically awkward but true fact of what it would mean for American women if the Republicans get their way the anti-abortion movement gets their way and they succeed in making abortion a crime and every American woman who seeks one into a criminal so just a note to the national media and to the Beltway media on this subject I know everybody is all over Donald Trump on this what will this mean for his campaign but covering a story like this does not mean just writing down what people want you to say about them in the terms they want you to use and the idea that there is any distance at all between what Donald Trump said yesterday on this subject and the aims of the anti-abortion movement in this country that is a fallacy and one that no responsible person should repeat hey they're armed Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. Once the commiCrat women gives Doc permission to murder the baby, the Doc should go ahead a tie her tubes, or better yet , you DemoncRats go have your tubes tied before the trains start.

  2. they were right to protect the people. people need to be more aware. this was a rediculous knee jerk response

  3. I would stake a very large amount of money on guessing that at least one of Trump's sexual partners has had an abortion.
    And that he was relieved about the fact.


  5. Abortion is a private medical decision that should only be discussed between the woman& her doctor and whomever else she chooses to discuss it with. Men should not even be part of the discussion or politics of abortions because men cannot get pregnant. Doctors should never be mur😢ered especially for providing medical services such as abortions‼

  6. I made an earlier comment which was very brief. The way RM masterly unfolded this story from a seemingly unrelated comedic airport incident to a profound existential global concern. Please give the woman an Emmy.

  7. This reminds me of a story I read this morning. A child, after listening to a bedtime story, asks her mother, "do all Fairy Tales start with the words, Once Upon a Time? The mother answered, no . . . most of them begin with the words, "If Elected, I promise to . . ."

  8. ter·ror·ist
    noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists:
    a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    adjective: terrorist:
    unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
    "a terrorist organization"

  9. With the possible changes regarding abortion, maybe we should start talking about the "New Great Dad" supporting women in all the phases from conception to birth responsibility of the women they love? This would also mean child care and ongoing support. Would these loving men want to be the "New Great Dad". This support could keep women in fear out of jail in the future. Could this change the vote for abortion?? In my 80s now I hate to see women lose their rights.

  10. There should be some form of punishment for that he keeps saying, asshat!!! He has not determined it, what right does he have to determine a woman's rights he is not god. He has no right to determine anything but what he puts on his hamburger at night . How did this man became the leader of any country. Someone needs to punish him and his. Wake up America before its to late. He is putting your country back 100 years every time he speaks, soon there will be slaves again and woman wont be able to vote if these people have anything to say about it. They will ruin what many have died for to uphold.

  11. Why protect the unborn when you should protect the unconceived? Sperms are people too. Masturbation is mass murder. Men who murder Sperms should face execution.

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