Don't Shoot the Messenger Podcast: Heartfelt story about miscarriage and bouncing back

you know I was in an abusive relationship and I'm sure that that played a part in you know my daughter passing because distressed abuse whatever um she actually passed away a week before my due date so I already had my baby shower you know her rooms already set up and I carried this child for nine months you're the whole time so by time I got to the hospital there was no heartbeat too short version of the story there's no heartbeat um I asked for a c-section and if you don't know what that is that's when they cut and pull the baby out instead are you actually birthing the baby vaginally so they cannot do that so I had to dilate 10 centimeters late labor everything before I was able to push so I'm going through all of that while still trying to understand when I birth this baby she's already dead and I can't take her home so it was like trying it was a lot to process all at one time so I didn't your life yeah and then life after that falling into depression and and still being in that relationship um so yeah I share that truth in my book yeah don't block your room I don't have nerves though you don't block your boobs calm you're very powerful definitely so I understand you which you said you know makes sense you know deep these stories are life life-changing so I mean does it make you feel this does it make me feel is there are these that's a good question is yeah when I think about it yes I'm I said I never had to think about that question but when I was in here to think about it now that I've gone through that journey and I've come out I feel powerful yeah um I feel like I've gained a certain level level of power internally like when people think of power they think of power over something or someone yeah and that's to me just surface power but the real power is the shrimp that you gain I say owning your mess um healing from past traumas breaking generational curses owning your truth and walking in your truth and not being ashamed of your truth because then your truth comes healing and your truth comes freedom and and your truth comes power you know so now that you've asked me that question I can say yes no definitely definitely this time yeah

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