Doraemon New Movie Nobita and the Birth of Japan Eng sub

Nobita! How many times the mother said, why still you repeat that ?! Did the teacher came to see mother, saw the value of ulanganmu. Then, what is this? Why scrawled like this? I draw a Pegasus. Pegasus? Anyway you should not go anywhere. You must study. Non-play, watch TV, read komikpun can not. No…. Understand! I can not stand it anymore! Both at school and at home I always scolded. Enough already. I want to run away from home! Emm .. What is “er …”? Do not stop me. I’m not going back to the house. It will not stop them. Every time you said you’d run away from home, she’ll be coming back. This time is different from the first, I already have a mature plan. Plan? True, I would not rely on anyone. Living with my own power. If you want to be able to survive on its own, what is needed is; Clothing, food and shelter. You say really makes sense. Right … Therefore remove dong tools. I thought, I’m not sure you want to go. We’re friends, right? Real friends, right? What makes you like this? I alone decide. Now I want to go. This is the first step toward a free and independent life. A first step has failed … Do…Do… DORAEMOOOOOONNN !!! Dildalam my heart, I always sketched. (Sketching) Sketches will dream world filled. (Propeller bamboo!) Flying across the sky, leaping over time, even to a distant country. Just open the door only, and until it was. (Door Anywhere!) When so grown up, what we’ll forget the whole thing? When that time comes, let us remember again. Syalalalala. In this heart. There was always a dream that continues to shine. Doraemon. Make it happen with the pocket. Syalalalala. Let sang a song. All of them holding hands. Doraemon. Make the whole world so full of dreams. What’s the fuss? Do not bother me, I’m going home. What do you want to go? Quick return before dinner. I will not go home again. Nobita! What is this? I do not know. The …… Nobita! Take a look at my new house. Nobody will interrupt here. Can relax and view the beautiful scenery, you know … Do so, not well know. In the past you also never run away from home. But it never lasted long. Wait…! Everything was laughing at me. Let, mending I sleep alone. Rude! Do not ruin my dong! Carelessly build houses on the land of others! This land of Uncle? Yes, of course. Shizuka’chan, finally I start my new life full of freedom in the hills behind. Shizuka’chan, if there is time ……. Aduuh …. This is a free area of ​​the building, if not get a building permit is prohibited here. No…. Welcome back. I have not come home. Doraemon lend door where sajanya. But you said it was not going to rely on anyone else? Please, this is the last time! Yes this is true the last time. I promise. Strive earnestly. Because it is remote, the village is deserted. I’ll stay here alone. I am not kidding! Keep the store, deliver goods, weeding, I’m not a slave mother! If the truth be your slave, you will know just what this word! Mrs. stupid …! Takeshi! Enough already, I’m definitely not going back to the house! Hall! -Suneo! I want to find Nobita! Lest … You want to run away, too? -Gian ….. -personal friend of mine ….. Mama told me les all subjects, from morning to night were told to learn continuously. So you also run away from home. I want Nobita let me stay with him. Anybody see Nobita’san? Shizuka’chan. Shizuka past also run away from home? Not run away from home anyway … Mom forced me to learn to play the piano every day. It is most unfortunate. Importantly, we have to live with Nobita! What is this? I lived in the village turned out to be a dam, so drowning! “Circles penetrator”! Geez, why might this be? In Japan if there were no occupants ground? Where there may be. In addition to private land, the rest are government-owned land. Do not want! Anyway, I want to run away from home! You’re really stubborn! Surrender alone, it is impossible for you to run away from home. Better you improve your test score. Do not want! anyway I want to run away from home. You’re really stubborn! Already! Doraemon is not reliable anymore! Geez, what’s really great is he? Dora’chan… See. Mouse! This is not a mouse, but the hamster. Whatever it is, quickly get rid of it! Not scary anyway, the animal is cute and obedient. No way … Quick expelled from here! Which can be so. Ah, there! Oy Nobita! Friends? Nobita, we have long been looking for. Let us also go with you running away from home. That … that … What? You want to be stingy stingy huh? Our true friends, right? You mean Nobita’san. -Not! -Awas you! Wait! You misunderstood! Doraemon! I also want to run away! If so, the problem is getting worse place to stay so. In every corner of Japan, are already taken. Really sucks! Do not you think this is strange, since hundreds of years ago when the earth, the land is also already there. Since the emergence of direct human to arbitrarily take the land for himself! Really sucks, none of the empty land! Since the appearance of man? Oh yes! Then we come to the time where there are no human beings! Really! we come to the time where there are no humans. In those days, Japan of course can be ours. There he is! Then we immediately go …. Come quickly enter! Yes yes we’re off! We made history furthest left home throughout history. Geez, do not excessively so dong. Would you like to go? I told you to an age where there are no people in Japan. Please give a more detailed explanation. Doraemon, how this term future robots could not do anything about it? It’s up to me dong. Never mind, forget it. Based on the distribution of prehistoric times, seemed to have no man 30 thousand years ago. Then go to 1 year prior to 30 thousand years ago. Then two years before 30 thousand years … What smell is this? What is wrong?! Hold on tight! Help me! Attention, attention. Collision passage of time. Conflicts? Collision in space time, please hold on tight! If it falls, you will be back again! Stop! Not strong anymore! Bad! Everything tight grip! This seems to be safe. Up !! Please immediately specify the place and time in question. Then we go 2x than 30 thousand years ie 60 thousand years how? As a precaution we add 10 thousand years It’s decided, went to Japan to 70 thousand years ago. Yay already up. Great! World of green, the air is fresh. Fresh air! Great. We are in Japan to 70 thousand years ago. What if we build our heaven here? Come on! What are you doing? I’m saving this Time Machine into the soil. Then it? Donbura powder. This powder sprinkled objects will sink to the ground. See. You do not feel cold? True is also yes. As dingan season only. 70 thousand years ago the 4th stage of the ice age. Of course the weather was cold. What does that mean ice age? Era where the sea ice expands and becomes very cold earth. If the weather is cold heaven, what he liked? Relax, we take care of it later. Better you give an opinion, want to create a world that how? Please express your wishes and ideas. -I want a hotel! -The play the game! -Karaoke place! You really do not have a dream. I want next to the lake there is a garden of flowers, approx could not ya? Of course, I can. There pegasus, mermaids playing happily. Tch, female tastes. Let’s go. Wait! Suneo, we make any sense of her. Yes, the place is full of wild adventure. Gian, how kalu first photo. All right, I’m a quick photo. Wait a minute I grab his camera. Let’s get ready … What? Gian, no bull! Bull? Help us! Please! Gosh! Take out only. “Toreador”! -Great! As the show a real matador. He will bring the bull to distant places. “Fashion Ancient Man”. We use this equipment for thermal protection and adaptation in this age. I understand. If it rocks, it’s unlikely this light. It did not hurt really. What’s this button? If the button is pressed, can emit an electric shock. Oh, I see. Well, starting today we are staying here. First we will create a place to stay. Residence? OK! From here is my land! -Awas you Suneo! -Licik! That this line is my land! The ground here! Their actions disappoint at all. The whole land in Japan is still empty. That is why we came to this era. Yaahh embarrassment … If there any how, toward the southeast, the landscape is beautiful, exposed to the sun again. We woke up this place first cave here, if we could not attacked by wild animals. How can we build a cave? “Practical hoe”. Try hoe this life. If using the hoe, hoe hoe rock like pudding. Still there is also a similar tool. I’m just working. Sly, it’s mine! I’m just here. Fighting again, anywhere always fighting. Jobs that require energy leave it to me! Then you become a minister fights, eh Minister of Development. Leave it to me. Then, “Spray Cans Garden Flowers”. In it there are seeds of plants such gas to create a flower garden. I’m just working. Shizuka’chan become Minister for Environment. -I also! -I also want to be a minister! If the Minister of Agriculture … “Restaurant Farm”. It did not fit with Nobita. Planting plants that you’re always wilted. I also want to be a minister! I wonder how? Nobita’kun things you can do … Better you make a pet. Pets? “Sample Animal Genetics and Eggs Cloning”. In this vast world, apart from our friends, nothing else so lonesome. We create a pet only. So Nobita certainly can. Then I became minister of what? Minister Pets, how? Minister Pets? Very weird… River. It seems this riverside spot from which to incubate the eggs. “So Nobita certainly can”? Always underestimate and act stupid-fooling me. Only animals genetic sample injected into the eggs alone? Oh yes! this use. I’ll leave it all shocked! Relax, they’ll be fine. Dear. Do not worry. Let them explore the world. Someday they will definitely be back. They, bagaimana? Dora’chan. Work Environment Minister seems to run smoothly yes. The seeds were planted seems to have started to grow. If only this time there was rain … Leave it to me. “Rain Cloud Radio Control”. Rain water will go down alone and can you control over where the clouds move. Great! In the rain already contains fertilizer. Thank you, once practical appliance. Happy gardening Shizuka’chan. Doraemon! Ah, why did he? Suneo’kun great, really good ramen farm. Doraemon, we are all not a rabbit, you know. Everything just leaves alone. Now this is good enough, then you will know the result. Let me briefly to dish dinner … “Sun Radio Control”. I’m going to the cave first. Ok. It looks like the work goes smoothly Development Minister. Sorry sorry. Most are already nearing completion. What about the kitchen and the toilets? “Hose Air Aft”. If it plugs the hose can be elongated own search for water sources. If that can elongate his own search for the source of the gas. All right, then will I put. Now the problem might Minister Pets. No! Stop! The eggs flying. Hore! Hore! Pegasus lahir! I add a drop of sample goose on a horse. I’m smart. The combination of eagle and lion, be Griffin. The combination of crocodile, deer and bats into a dragon. Pega, Griffin, Dorako, now I am your father. Nobita’kun …! Doraemon! Quickly everything hidden. Do not have an exit yes. Animal what you do? Dogs or cats? Sorry, I fell asleep anyway. So you have not created anything? You were always lazy to work. Dong little patient. Do not! Do not! Do what? I really did not do anything. When it was born quickly fed it. “Food Pets Growth”. Love to eat a lot so that the animal will be a big fast. Understand. If it is completed quickly back, we want to eat. Do not be nosy so dong. Let’s eat a lot of fast though large. You do not eat in a hurry later choked. It’s time I got back. Katsudon life is now ready to be eaten. Apparently it’s not rape! Come on .. come on … -Wanginya -Shizuka’chan! It was time to eat. Yes, I’ll be right there. Please see the inside. Cool. That over there the toilet, which was next to the kitchen here. Gian was great. Rooms were beautifully manicured. The food was prepared. There is only turnips. Aku ingin makan katsudon … And I want to eat spaghetti. The exterior does indeed radish, but in fact can be opened. It looks delicious. Delish mine. Happy eating! Suneo, tanamanmu delicious! Really? I was very clever. The scent. It smells so good. You are late once. So the animals what you do? Uh, it’s … Surely she could not make. No way! See tomorrow you’d be surprised. Then what are you doing? I do not know. Happy eating. Tasty. Once beautiful rainbow. Once beautiful rainbow. This place is truly a paradise, with beautiful natural conditions, anxiety in heart feels lost all ya … We occasionally let’s try to go home. Times like these we might have would not be too scolded again. Well, anyways we can come here anytime. I do not want to go home. We had the same parents hated us, why do we have to go home again? Anyway, I want to stay here. But our mother must be worried too. Right, so we have to go home. Noisy! I also do not want to. I do not want to, we can play around here a while longer. And we can come here again tomorrow. Okay, then I agree. Listen, let’s go home now, then tomorrow after school we went straight here. Enthusiasm for the next day. But anyway, why I can also run away from home right? -See you later. -See you tomorrow. -Good night. -Good night. Doraemon, open the door. -Don’t, do not open it. -It is okay! Do not! Round middle of the night wherever you ?! Anyway, a quick supper. -Fast eat or would I throw the food! -Fine! Strange, the mother was not angry at all. Wolf? How could it be. Yesterday surprisingly, Jaiko know when I get home and then she told my mother. Oh, I see. If I, he said why do you go home again? If you Nobita? I? If I… What if one day we went 3 hours? Every day a little fuzzy. Is that his name ran away from home? Do not exaggerate. So true. I am home. What is wrong? There are others who eat dorayakiku. Anyone else? I can not forgive, and I will give lessons in people who have eaten dorayakiku. I’ll find you’re a thief! Calm down! Where they both go? -Electric what is it? -Sorry to interrupt. Let, mending we change clothes first. That is true. Do not! Do not change clothes here! Why, why not here? Embarrassing! Though only just change clothes. There are people behind the wardrobe! -What?! -Impossible! Maybe Doraemon. Fast Suneo open. No! Fuck, look out you! Wait! Continue, Gian! The person who stole the robot cat food … What is this? Nobita, why do you keep this man in the closet? Where I know! Is he a robot? -I do not know! -There what is really noisy? -Mother! -Fast into the hallway of time before getting caught mom! Damn, who the hell is he? Nobita? I told you I do not know! You are lying! I myself find it. Do not lie to you! Sick. Or perhaps this child really early humans? Ancient human? If it’s true primordial man, why get to Tokyo in the 20th century? Maybe because of it! It was what? Conflicts passage of time. Last time when we came into this century a clash at the passage of time, right? When the storm may form the flow space of time and there are people who accidentally sucked into it. People are sucked? I’ve never heard of this! “Hidden by the gods”. In Japan, there is a term like that. In other countries in the world are also stories like that. So the child is also derived from ancient times? It seems so… Disappointing once, then in Japan 70,000 years ago had no human dong. If it is still not certain. I will try to investigate these children come from any era. To ascertain whether there people who live in this age, will you please investigate the area around here. Leave it to me. Ok. Shizuka’chan help you keep an eye on this kid. Understand. “Counter Space Time Machine”. We enter this observation balloon, let it float in the flow space of time. Balloon? He will check the condition of the hall. See the graph on this machine. Meet. We follow the movement of the graph. Are already known? When? Where? I do not understand what you mean. Where ya pet? Pega, Guri, Dorako, dimana mereka? I came, you know. Who? Who are you?! All! Everything is grown. You all remember me, right? You want to take me to play? Oh yes, I understand! Cool! You’re great. See Gian, a group of bird Toki. Cool! Toki bird in the 20th century was almost extinct. Poor O … I thought, yet there are people who live here. Thankfully already aware. Do not move yet. I do not know, here there will be no person who hurt you. The wound still has not healed, rest first. Wait a minute. Here, you must be hungry. Soup is still warm, bad you know. Finished drinking soup, you go to sleep again let a speedy recovery. Stop, Gian. Let us take a long dive. Come on, start. Do not joke dong! Did what? Gi Gi Gian … I win! Not the time to win! -This .. this .. this .. this .. this .. .. -This? There is a crocodile! Please! Tidaaaaakk ….! Griffin, naga? What is that?? Nobita! All, bad! Dora’chan. Look, he’s been healthy. Thank God. A great discovery .. big discovery … Based on the results penyelid … Doraemon! What is that? I am home! It is an animal that I made. How? My animal is cool is not it? Ya … ya .. itu …. Cool. Oh, yes! Now I know you come from! This boy comes from latitude 31.7 degrees north 118.2 degrees east longitude. In other words, it comes from the Chinese children in this age! Really? I do not understand. So it is true instead of Japan. Huh from China? Then, “Sate konyaku Translators”. Yes, now tell me everything about you. Can you understand me? Namaku Kukuru. Boy from the tribe of light. Done fishing, going back to the village when suddenly sucked into the sky. It was stormy space of time. Are the other villagers also exploited? No, all the people in my village seems captured by a tribe of darkness. Tribe darkness? They have always attacked us. We have repeatedly move. Those who were arrested will be what to do with? I do not know, it seemed like they were taken to the north, other than that I do not know … Why do not you ?! jet black melawansuku Giant, tribal darkness .. Which could possibly win! They have a great ally, could create a storm and lightning. Lord of spirits … Gigazombie! -Gigazombie? -Who is he? A type of Ghost huh? He is the kind of shaman. In ancient times, people thought that all things in the world have the spirit. In those primitive times, everyone is very afraid of the shaman. What the hell, nonsense. Here there’s not anyone. Do not be afraid Kukuru. Scammers like it not to be feared, we are all bi .. He’s not a crook! Nobody can beat Gigazombie! So you do not want to take any action? Do you not want to help his father, mother and residents of your village? Of course! I want to help them. Then leave it to us. We are young people who like adventure and danger. We are very strong. Well, it’s been decided. Tomorrow we go to China. The … This is me! Still awake? I’m afraid Gigazombie will come. Not forthcoming, from China to here the distance is very far. Tomorrow we will go far. If fear, sleep with me alone. Do not want to, I’m here alone. Well, I’m going to bed. Gigazombie ya? Wait, do not push yourself. What is wrong? Kukuru will go to China alone. Idiot, you still do not believe in us huh? I will come back against them and seek Gigazombie. You are all good people, because I did not want … Try using it in your head. What is that? Relax, try to use first. I fly? I’m the one who sent the spirit of wind to fly. Telling the truth, Dorazombie is a very powerful shaman. True, Dorazombie willing to use its power to help you. Now you have to believe is not it? -Tuan Dorazombie. -Stop, I’m so embarrassed. What’s up? Everything is ready? Let’s go to China! Yahuui … immediately headed to China. Nobita artificial ugly animal. What can we do, all the animals that make it Nobita. Do not, amused. Guri’chan, please help. The trip to China is 2000 Km again. At this rate, will be up tonight. But, if that’s okay? Japan and China right is limited by the sea. If Pega et al middle of the road fell exhausted, how? No need to worry, as a precaution before leaving I had taken photos of the satellite. Why is Japan? Kok is connected with mainland China. Now is the age of the ice, the water on the earth is still much in the form of ice. Because of the volume of sea water is still a little bit, so it is essentially invisible. Then we could break anytime kan yes. In this way, we need not fear falling into the sea. Of course. Well, there’s a volcano. Lest it … -Fuji mountain! -Keren! Mount Fuji was born 10 years ago. We are going to rest on the side of the mountain. I can be a hamburger and fries. Happy eating. Delicious! Ancients now become like hamburger yes. I know! Our ancestors the Japanese people, in this ice age, from other places came to Japan through this place. Is it true? Yes, true. In addition, from Siberia, the Korean peninsula, and the islands in the south seems to also come here. First from the African continent to continent united all the islands were still joined. How many tens of thousands of years of so, so many people who live in this year. Then, Kukuru is the great-grandfather of the great-grandfather of the great-grandfather of the great-grandfather of her great-grandfather of … Do not be so dong, I say great-grandfather’s time. Great grandfather was strong. You is not nothing? As far as the eye could see, were not any grass or trees. Over there also. Ancient times is the seabed. In addition there is still no border. It was getting dark, we needed to get. Ah the river where I caught a fish! Overall, we are down. -This is Kukuru village? -Kejam all. Calm Kukuru. We will definitely save your parents. Well, tonight we are camping here. Games with tribal darkness we start tomorrow. Done. Never mind. Good night. So you asked me to sleep with you. Well, tonight I will sleep here. Good night. “Stick Direction Finder”. This wand will show the direction in which the dark parts are. There! Leads between the north and northwest. -Let us get going. -Wait Start here we use only bamboo propellers. Why? Animals that are too flashy. If they are seen by the tribe darkness will hide so they may be difficult to find. That is true. Hopefully this much food is enough until we got home. You wait here, we’ll be right back. Do not follow us, you just wait there. You are all good children, good wait here yes. They had come to where ya? They attacked four days ago, when running for 4 days was probably too far away. It seems they passed this mountain. What is wrong? What is this? This spear belonging to the tribe of darkness. It looks like they hunt and eat here. Even this tinggaltersisa carcass bones. We find again the former in their footsteps. Meet, former campfire. They camped here. Means the direction we are heading is not wrong, come one after another. The old man … I can not stand the way again. What are you doing! Please, allow us a short break. Can not be. Damn you! All! Tuan Tsuchidama, ada petunjuk apa? Rebellious and who could not walk were killed only. We have to hurry, the trip to the temple Tokoyami still long. All right! If you want to kill, kill me first. Die you. Everything stops! My name Majesty Dorazombie. I told you to let go of people who you catch. Otherwise I would have commanded the lightning to bake you into a barbeque! -What … god? -Dorazombie? Do it now! If you do not obey Dorazombie, feel this! Tribe darkness blurred all. Doraemon style as it was really cool. I also want to help. Come on. -He … -Kukuru! Come away! -We won! -They lost. -Kukuru! -Kukuru! Daddy! Mom! Great. Thank God you’re safe. I do not want to leave you again. The important thing is you survived. They seem very happy. I did not see her strong. What? Is there anybody in there? Clay dolls could talk ?! I’m not a puppet of clay. I was the representative of the host Gigazombie, Tsuchidama my name. Gigazombie? Doll clay arrogant! Pemental wave. -He strong. -If so, we unite the strength! You still have not realized my strength? Hiding behind a rock! Nobita! -Please! -Nobita! Great. -Doraemon! -Do something! It’s … it’s … Meet. Die you! “Inverting coat”! Success! Masterful Doraemon! I wonder why this clay doll can move and speak? Doraemon! Nobita’san. They are tribal light. Mr. Dorazombie, we are grateful to Thee. No, actually I Doraemon … It’s okay, you’re right Dorazombie. What if they were brought to Japan only? A good idea, there are more secure. “Anywhere Door”! Are doors Sajanya Where can work at this age? Throughout Japan and around the world from today to the future have been recorded in this door. To Japan! Wait. we must pick Pega and friends first. Oh yes sorry. Before we go to the first light tribe village. The village we’ve been flattened. Nothing to miss, right? How dare ghost blue raccoon that did this to me, this insult will surely repay. Catch! Stone! Dorako! We want to return to Japan. Hurry guys out. All! Where the hell are they? Wanted not found anywhere else, they go where ya? Not to worry, they are powerful animals anyway. True, maybe they were playing somewhere. Then we return to Japan yuk. Unwilling !, before I found them I was not coming home! I understand how you feel, but we still have the responsibility to deliver parts to safety light. It was a beautiful sight. Do we really can live here? Of course, after all here yet another human habitation. Absolutely unbelievable, we will build our new village here. What are you doing? Cut trees to make a house foundation. They are still made using wood foundation. Oh iya. Dorazombie, please eat a simple dish, may host like cooking. Happy eating! -Delicious. -Doraemon. Remove the tool-your devices to help them. Can not be. In this age there is no primitive man using advanced tools, so let them put sophisticated tools. They still make their own equipment and weapons. So let them work with the equipment. Tch, you’re so stingy. Tuan games. Impolite! Shizuka’chan! Where the grass is collected? Collected there alone. They really work with makeshift equipment. We have to help them. Uncle, we help move the grass. Well thank you. At a time like this, Nobita instead go. Maybe he was looking for his pet. Catch! This whistle, can recall our pets. As a child, I never kept Ro. Ro? Similar animals wolves. She is very obedient, totally sweet wolf. At that time, we traveled to the south. That’s because we’ve run out of game animals. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise again, lost again … Really long journey. One day we met a bunch of mammoths, we tried to expel a bunch of mammoth it. And there was war between us and a bunch of mammoth. Then Ro suddenly disappeared. Either he was injured because the mammoth attack or flee. Maybe he ran away! He does not go back home. Then I make this whistle. Then not long before she came. He ran with his tail waving. Jumped into my arms. Animals have the instinct to return to the nest. So, Nobita do not be discouraged. Okay. Let’s go home before dark. Of course. I was not strong anymore. You’re so weak. My hands are a little bit sore. My skin also become more coarse. Thus did the job at this age, is wearing a makeshift equipment. I was not strong anymore. I so wanted to shower. I just wanted to go home. Correct. But surely the mother would be angry. It’s okay, we’ll go home on the same day when we come here. That is true. You are smart host stingy. I’m not stingy! This, if Pega and his friends came to this feed ya. Take it easy. Mr. Dorazombie want to go, we were a little bit worried … It is okay. I can assure kegelapa Gigazombie and tribal forces would not be here. -We go first. -See you later! What does this mean? Because we are so short of people to build a temple Tokoyami. Painstakingly get slaves, deprived even more! This is unexpected things Gigazombie host. They have a powerful ally. The king of the spirits, the name Dorazombie. It looked like a weasel. What? Dorazombie? How dare he. In this world there is nothing more powerful than me. He is very strong master! Shut up! Up to the end of the skies I’ll find him. Let him feel kehebatanku. Wherever he is, must be found. I’m afraid I do not want to come back here. Return to this world it’s really troublesome. What are you doing? Look at this. -What is this? -Tangannya Tsuchidama. Because I was curious, so I took parts of her body. Ouch! Do not startle so dong, rude! One again! It is made using a “memory ceramics”. So I asked Dorami for further explanation. Hello? Sister? According to information, ceramics sold very limited memory. One person can only have one memory ceramics. Only important people who can have it. I will look for additional information again. So what is the meaning of all this? I do not know. But there is one possibility. We had to go into hiding Gigazombie. Wretched. We’re too late. Great. What is that? Whether it Gigazombie? I knew you would come. I invite the new boy. Do not underestimate us! If you do not like it, please come to the temple Tokoyami. But do not hope you can come out alive. What an asshole! It was just a message delivered through the illusion. Here, we will explore this path and save the tribal light. We had to go to the temple Tokoyami. Gigazombie place to be. True, because Kukuru is my friend. We have to save our friends! I was a little scared! So let’s save the tribal light! We already fly away, definitely a bit longer. Passing through the desert like this, how Gigazombie and its allies can pass through this desert? I do not know, the important thing we have to be quick to Tokoyami temple before it’s too late. But strange is also yes. Which one? Gigazombie and his friends can pass along this desert. Which one? They are weak! You do not know anything about him. I’m just asking. Huge ice desert. -Rasanya cold. -I also. Very weird. Is penghangatnya shirt machine does not work? Let’s see, minus 50 degrees. If we do not wear this dress, in an instant instantly transformed into an ice sculpture. It looks like the battery is running out. Everything is coming with me. The problem again. Baling Baling bamboo battery has run out. Then we have to do? What else can we do. While waiting for the battery is full, we wear this. “Tali Human Locomotive”. No one else sees us, right? This is very embarrassing to wear once. Not have a lot of the way, let’s go. Waaaahh … Stop this! I can not stand! Caution Caution Caution! Speed ​​is 400km / h. Stop this! You can not, can no longer fast. There, there is a cave. Come on we go. Thankfully we survived. It feels so cold. Everything is fine right. Nobita disappear! Where is he? He did not appear. I’ll find it! Do not! Do not force yourself Gian! Why? If you do not look for him to die! If we find it impossible in these circumstances. So. “Bottle Rescue”. There is in this bottle drink vitamins and minerals. He will seek Nobita Nobita and drove safely to get here. How to bottle the dog can track the whereabouts of Nobita? Is there anything that smells Nobita? This is it! “Paper Replay Zero”. The paper’s owner and bring him here. Excercise caution! -Semangatlah! Doraemon! Friends! Evil once, I was left alone. Ouch … Cold … cold … Father! Wait dad I wanted to be. Nobita. Nothing anyone memperdulikanmu again. Wait! Mother! I want to eat ramen! What are you doing in a place like this? Meaning? Do not! No… No… I can not take it anymore. Ah … overslept again. Why are you up to run away from home like this? Is it because the mother and the teacher scolded continue? But it is also for the good of you. Not. I do not want to go home. You do not impose themselves. Do not do that, you have to go home. Kukuru, I had to help. Fine, then do it yourself there. Kukuru … Kukuru … What is this, suspicious once. I hope he is okay, we can only wait. Looks like he will not survive. Calm down, he would have survived. This is all wrong Nobita, why in times like this … -Suneo! -Suneo’san! Stairs what’s this? I knew it would come. Interesting, would not let him go. Actually what direction this ladder? In all these stairs. See, there is a light there. -What? -Let’s see. They are the tribal population of light! Lest this is Tokoyami temple. Ah, it Kukuru! Fuck! I’ll punch you! “Time Clock Stopper”. Everything stopped moving! “Time Clock Stopper”. Besides us, while elsewhere it all stopped. If the clock is touched to a person other than us, the time he would walk again. Let’s help them all. To save people as much as this, we first have to make an escape path first. “Circles penetrator”. I look around first state. I will be right back. Hurry. Be careful, Dora’chan. Strangely, should have been directly penetrate. Impossible! What is this?! Why is there such a place? The place is like a sophisticated place. There can be no place like this in this day and age. Welcome Dorazombie’kun. This place is inaccessible to anyone. But I salute the attitude and courage. Though time is stop them. The time you stop already kunetralkan. Have been neutralized? I understand. You are criminals space of time. You intend to create your own world, you’re from the future! Exactly guessed. I came here to change the history of the world. Utilizing ancient human just like turning the palm of the hand. Patrol time certainly will not let you go! That’s why I set up the building in the ground. Then the Time Patrol could not trace my whereabouts. Soon tool destroyer this time to be completed. Nobody can come to this age, and I will be king forever immortal. Do not let it happen. I will fight you! Please, maybe you will be defeated. I have the tools to create a storm with plasma power, so do not underestimate me because I have a high IQ. Do not be arrogant, I will not be defeated by you! Ooh .. so you’re going to beat me, Dorazombie’kun? Be prepared, Time Patrol will catch you! Got it, feel it! It turned out that this god is very weak. Who are you calling weak? Electric force! Impossible. Robot 22 century can not be defeated by criminals. Turns out you’re from the 22 century, I’m the strongest comes from the 23 century! Evidently. No wonder you strong. Catch! Stone! Dorako! You’ve come. I will not leave you again. I think I’ve been buried under snow deh. What might you who saved me? Thank you! Thank you to all of you! Doraemon and friends where are ya? What they’ve arrived at the temple Tokomiya? Guri, you find something? This paper ulanganku! Doraemon definitely in danger! Doraemon do something. The man was too strong. The period you can not do anything? I told people it was too strong! Black tiger! -He approaching! -Do something Doraemon! -I can not! -Mama! You think you can get out of here? You could not run again. Gian eat alone, eating alone Gian! Damn you! -Stop! -Tanganku can not be moved! What? That… Lest … Nobita’kun! Friends, I have come to save you! Damn you. Save us. Actually, what is it? Let’s attack! Come save Dorazombie! Come Gigazombie attack! This bastard … Why are you silent? Attack them! Great! -How did you …? -Nobita saved me. -Nobita is great! -Iya. There he is! Attack! Damn you! Doll, hit him! Help me! Then we have to help him! “Pistol Lem Perekat”. Everything, fired upon the fly doll! Gotcha. Up! I survived. Gigazombie escape! I and Suneo will attack the dark, you’re after Gigazombie! Understand. -Ayo, Nobita’kun! -Iya. Wait! Asik all! What has happened. Meet you. Feel this. What is that? Robot? Wait! I will suck them into the time tunnel. Almost! Nobita! It’s fine? Turns out he wears Ceramic Memory. Meaning? They can not be destroyed. We must attack the mammoth statue now. Where possible … Oh iya! Doraemon. That’s it! Pakai “Bubuk Donbura”! If you wear it certainly can. Great! Sprinkle it to the mammoth robot. Shizuka’chan juga. Understand. Damn, the door was closed by collapsed rocks. We’ll just get in the way, follow me. Storm time! Kukuru hole time suck that time. You’re just in time, you will see this event. Stop! You’re going to make the history of this world for the worse! How fun. Well I’ll start the show. Has begun?! How do I stop it? This storm energy derived from the plasma above it. There’s no way we can and above it. Propeller bamboo? The battery is depleted. Great! Great! The little boy, what are you doing? She tried to break up energy. Never lose let, this feeling … Si … who is it? Feel the Home-Run my shots. This handsome man will catch you. Hall! -Suneo’san! We also have to attack! Great! Plasma energy ….! Fuck! Silence there! You can not go anywhere else! Everyone already mengepungmu! I will not be defeated by the weak robot like you! Feel this magic spear! What?! Damn, it was not splitting spear! It was not a sophisticated spear, it is a genuine spearhead of Kukuru! Your power does not work on the original object. Patrol Time? Stop! Up … up … There, Brother! -Dorami -?! -Dorami’chan! Wait! Do not run away! Damn! Plan ultimately failed! Gigazombie, you indicted for vandalism against the flow of time! Dorami’chan, why get here? We then examine the list of purchases of ceramic time in 23 century. Then I found the memory in the rooms ceramic debris sister. -Pintar once Dorami. -More smarter than Doraemon. What?! Gigazombie captured thanks to your help. We thank you all. Soon this place will be destroyed. It all makes. Ya. Gigazombie been arrested, please you rebuild a new village. Thank you very much, Dorazombie have helped us. We will build a better Japan. You guys are like my family. We will not forget you. Great. It peluitmu who fall here the other day. For you alone. With that, I hope you will not forget me. It will not be forgotten. Nobita’kun. Is it yours pet? Yes, this is all my pet. I’m sorry, but the animal will I bring to the zoo of the future. Why? Because there is no such animal in this era. No… Do not want! I was their father! I can not leave them! Nobita’kun, I understand how you feel. But Pega and his friends can not live in the 20th century. Nobita. Nobita’san. Nobita. Dorako … he is like a biological child. Guri … most animals by love. Then … … Pega Pega … I can not be separated from them. I understand. We will take care of him in the future zoo. Sister, goodbye … -Goodbye! -Up Dorami Bye! -Goodbye! -Do not forget us! Catch….! Guri, Dorako …! Wait for us in the future yes! We will definitely see you! I, I will continue to fight! Yes, I go for now. Be careful. Dad went first. Nobita, the mother entered yes. He’s doing his homework. Nobita. Already completed? Maybe. Welcome back, Nobita. Translators: SON FEBRIAN MANGARE Dadaaah … Friends, fun movie right? See you again …! 37th Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Great Adventure in the Antartic Kachi Kochi (Adventure Nobita in the Antarctic) Happy waiting!

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