Dota 2 Hero Lore – Beastmaster & the King of Slom Theory

Dota 2 Hero Lore – Beastmaster & the King of Slom Theory Its foolish to fear a beast that consumes
and destroys. Because that beast only acts on impulse, with no further thought put into
its actions other than getting by. That is why lions, bears, sharks and wasps dont rule
the earth. Thats why the loudest, most muscular guy who thinks hes the shit, will never have
power beyond intimidating those who are smaller in size. The ones who dominate are not the
biggest, meanest, spontaneous barbarians, but rather the sociopathic and silently cunning
with ambition and patience. They are the ones you should fear. Those, and of course, those
who are defending a cause. When the berserking brute directs his strenght to something other
than his own desires, all of a sudden he actually becomes a force to be reckoned with. He sees
other stakes than his own needs, and will much more selflessly than the brooding schemer
do anything he can to protect whatever he is defending. And in karroch the beastmasters
case, the apex predator is in fact not just the master of beasts, but a beast himself,
and body guard of every living creature. Beastmaster was born in the kingdom of Slom.
His mother died in childbirth, and his father when he was five. His father worked as one
of the kings farriers, which means a person who shoes horses, and so beastmaster grew
up among livestock. After his fathers death, he started working at the kings personal collection
of animals – a strange habit the king had picked up. The king of slom was cruel to his
animals, and its suggested in both beastmasters and lycans lore that he was insane in general.
His menagerie, or personal zoo, consisted of lions, apes, fell-deer, very rare unknown
things, and even mythological animals barely believed in. Two years later, when karroch
the beastmaster was seven years old, a strange new beast never seen before was dragged into
the royal court. It spoke to the people in a language they could understand, probably
using some sort of telepathy. Because its mouth didnt move, yet it was perfectly understandable.
But the cruel king only laughed at the beasts plea for freedom, and ordered it to perform
for his amusement. The beast didnt oblige, so the king hit it with his scepter and it
was dragged to the stocks. It was greatly wounded, and would probably have perished
very soon, if it wasnt for the boy karroch who snuck in food and medicine and tended
to the beast. Just like before, it spoke to beastmaster telepathically, and over time
they developed a strong bond. Eventually, their conversations led to beastmaster learning
how to speak to every animal the king owned. But their time together only lasted a few
months before the strange creature died of its injuries, which set karrochs mind aflame
with rage. With his newly learned language, he convinced all the animals to rise up against
the king, and let them out of their cages. Karroch the beastmaster and all the surviving
animals went berserk in the castle, and then found their way out to freedom, to live permanently
in nature where they belong. During the escape, he mounted one of the animals, a wise, white,
regal stag, which would later become his companion in the wilderness. But theres one detail i
havent touched on yet, which the observant lore-expert may have noticed: the king of
sloms death. Because during the mayhem, the king was mauled. Somehow, the last king of
Slom died, and the only details we know about it from beastmasters perspective, is that
he was killed during the animal rebellion. What if the cause of his death wasnt the animals,
but something else. Or rather, someone else… Someone NEVER mentioned in either beastmasters
OR lycans lore… A hero you may recognize… Called Mortred the Phantom assassin. I will
explain everything so you can make up your own mind for yourself, but my headcannon is
that the veiled sisterhood assassinated the king. But before that, lets go over all his
lore across the dotaverse, and save the theory for last. Its timestamped in the description
if you wanna skip ahead. Ok, so first of all – beastmaster doesnt talk
to a lot of heroes. Its probably because since his escape, he has been living in nature completely
secluded from civilization. If we dont count dark willow, pangolier and monkey king, the
only hero who has an ally voiceline for him is legion commander, who compliments him for
his impressive facial hair. “Nice mustache.” Bear in mind she does this to all heroes with
considerable jaw growth. The only voicelines beastmaster has for other heroes, is telling
clockwerk and zeus to calm their beards. “clockwerk n zeus voicelines” Thats it. Though some
heroes do have enemy specific voicelines for him, usually beasty heroes telling him that
hes not a master of them. “I was not your Beast to Master.” “You call yourself a
master of beasts? I think not.” “You were no master of me.” And axe and centaur talking
smack about his tiny equipment. “You call that an axe?” “Your little axes were no
match for mine.” Centaur has 3 entire voicelines talking about
beastmasters axes, and this significant rivalry may be what inspired their extended relationship
and story in artifact. In artifact we know that beastmaster goes to roseleaf to stop
the marrowfell centaurs’ annual ritual. A group is sent from their tribe to go on
“the great hunt”, which is a test of sorts of skill, endurance and tracking ability.
The hunt is for thunderhides, and the ultimate glory they can achieve, is by taking home
the horn of a thunderhide alpha. Beastmaster seeks to stop this, and so he is put in direct
opposition to centaur warrunner, who leads the hunt. We dont know how this ends, but
we know that their drama clashes with the battle of roseleaf featuring the red mist,
bronze legion, and vhoul rebellion, which i have a video on in the top right corner. In underlords beastmaster is a tier 2 brawny
hunter unit, allied with the natures protectors and underlord enno. Or if youre a man of culture,
kessen. In dota 1, his name was rexxar the beastmaster,
instead of karroch, and was a direct copy of the warcraft character of the same name.
He is half orc half ogre, and in dota has joined the sentinel to protect nature. I personally think his concept art with red
beasts look dope as frick and kind of wish they sticked to it, but i also love his current
design with red paint on his face. “basshunter on the hunt” THE KING OF SLOM
This entire incoming section of the video is just my theory, and is not actually canon.
Id just liek to make that clear before we continue. Now: Lets wind back a little, to
right before the strange telepathic beast died, which made karroch set the kings animals
free, which would lead to the kings death. In order to explain why phantom assassin was
in fact the one who killed the king, we must look to artifact again – but not at beastmaster.
And while we do – first of all – have you seen siractionslacks’ loregasm about the
mysteries around the map? You probably have since youre here, and if you havent, spoiler
alert – basically the theory goes that the king of slom has taken bear cubs from ursas
kind and turned them into slaves, using similar magic to how he turned lycan into, well, a
lyantrope. The item from dota 2, the iron talon, looks similar to the weapons lycan
uses, and he is from a noble family of slom, and this item is directly related to the hellbear
uprising. The helbears has since rebelled and escaped, probably during beastmasters
uprising, and so you can find them in the hellbear camps in dota 2. But, we also see
them in artifact. And we see them not just on a rampage, but specifically, after a king’s
menagerie was set loose… sound familiar? Ok. So in dota 2, theres the unnamed king
of slom, who was obsessed with sorcery and animal enslavement, and those animals breaking
free was part of his death. And then in artifact, theres kwerthias, the king of an unnamed kingdom,
who had a personal zoo which was a big part of his death. The ONLY thing that seperates
them, is that in beastmasters lore, the king was apparently mauled to death, while according
to the brass herald, it was phantom assassin who set the animals free and assassinated
the king, kwerthias. But, why should we trust that the brass herald knows exactly what happened?
What if he has been misinformed, and it was in fact beastmaster who set the animals free,
and then phantom assassin took the chaotic opportunity to assassinate the king? If they
are the same, then the unnamed king of slom gets a name, and kwerthias’ unnamed kingdom
gets one too. Because in my theory, kwerthias is the king of slom, and slom is the third
merchant kingdom of revtel, along side iron fog and the fairy kingdom. The human merchant
kingdom of slom, where maybe, the last son of ambry, lycan, will rise to take the throne,
as the last of his noble house? I mean, why esle would lycn and beastmaster BOTH be in
artifact, if them being from slom wasnt important? But, theres 1 big problem with this theory,
which is timing. Beastmaster was a kid when the king died, but in artifact hes clearly
an adult. This could mean that kwerthias’ death was in the past, and then beastmaster
tryna stop the thunderhide hunt is after a time skip. But… Kwerthias was supposed to
be a part of assassinating sorla before she could target stonehall. Since he died, she
didnt, and now the whole call to arms roseleaf war is happening between sorla, legion commander
and rix. This means that sorla khan and the roseleaf batle is at the same time as when
beastmaster was a kid, since kwerthiases death and sorla khans march towards stonehall is
at the same time. but we know fro spot weakness that the centaur hunt takes place during the
roseleaf battle too. So if we assume this hunt is the same one beastmaster is trying
to stop, then it makes no sense that hes an adult. That leaves us with 4 options. The time skip did happen, because beastmaster
is not in any of the artworks about the roseleaf battle. The hunt of teh centaurs happens every
year, so the one hes trying to stop is uch later than when we see centaurs hitting bronze
legion soldiers. They did an oopsie while writing, and didnt
notice this small detail of inconsistency. Honestly, this makes the most sense to me. Im completely wrong, and theres 2 seperate
human kings of 2 seperate huge kingdoms who are both obsessed with keeping animals, and
both of them died while the animals were escaping. We are missing crucial information that woud
fill the plothole. Some people believe me, some deny it, for
me, i personally believe that its a mix of option 1 and 2. There is a timeskip, but they
also messed up accounting for it. If you know something i dont, please let me know and i
will pin your comment. Make sure to check out slacks’ video about the hellbear uprising,
and my human anthropology video if you wanna hear the rest of the stories about other significant
humans in the dotaverse. I also make hero specific lore videos every week, so check
them out if youre intrerested in more. Until next time, PEACE beauty of nature must b preserved

17 Replies to “Dota 2 Hero Lore – Beastmaster & the King of Slom Theory”

  1. 8:23 This graph got me thinking of an old theory that Shadow Demon corrupted the Slom king which plays both into Dark Willow's distrust of demons and Monkey King's high skill versus them telling Lycan he'll help him. The problems would be timing and Legion Commander being friendly to both sides.

  2. I’m very glad you mentioned all the points of view and even the possible weaknesses; it led to a very balanced watch.
    I feel too much the word “menagerie” is such a key link when it could just likely be both were written by the same person or even just another person who both wanted to use a more elegant word for “personal zoo”. So I’m option 3, but as always you do a fantastic job at drawing the possible ties that are there xxx

  3. Bruh I just found your channel. I've been looking for someone else besides slacks talking about the lore of dota 2. Imma watch all ur vids

  4. The big flaw I see in your theory is your assumption that Revtel is a big kingdom. One of Dark Willow's voice lines in Dota 2 says, "Revtel was a city of riches and delights. And if my father wasn't one of the merchant kings perhaps I would have stayed." What does this tell us? That Revtel isn't a big kingdom, it's a city. A CITY.
    Okay, I'll admit there's a possibility that it could be both a city and a big kingdom. After all, Stonehall is both a city and an empire. But it seems more likely to me that Revtel is a city-state or small kingdom.
    There's more that still doesn't add up. Kwerthias is referred to as "Kwerthias, the merchant king of Revtel". Not of Slom, of Revtel. Could Slom be part of Revtel? Looking back at the second part of Mireska's voice line that I quoted, it seems to imply that's Revtel's three merchant kings have enough cooperation between them or enough overlap in their jurisdictions that by offending one of them (her father) she wouldn't be safe anywhere in the city anymore. The King of Slom on the other hand, seems like he's a one-man show. And if Slom was part of Revtel, where were the other two kings when Ambry rebelled?

    As a side note, while I was checking my sources, I came across this alternate theory—that the King of Slom is King Goff, who was killed by Gondar the Bounty Hunter. It's based on this line from Gondar's lore: "they say it was he who tracked down the tyrant King Goff years after the mad regent went into hiding, delivering his head and scepter as proof." This ones a bit of a stretch too, since there's no indication that the King of Slom ever went into hiding, but he does have a notable scepter.

    I hope you don't mind me poking holes in your theory. I just love talking about Dota 2.

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