25 Replies to “Doug Stanhope: Voice of America – ABORTION IS GREEN”

  1. Listen to everything. Believe nothing. Think about everything. Evaluate what you do NOT believe. Because nothing is KNOWN. Opinions are for influence. Otherwise they would not be given.
    Too many humans on Earth? There would be too many humans in a family home, if they all stayed there. But they spread their wings as they (the children) grow. You should have been back on Mars eons ago. Venus also (believe it or not), and elsewhere in your solar system alone.
    Look what's outside your door. The absolute vastness. Your home has so many rooms and most, unoccupied. Occupy them. Decorate them yourselves.
    The trouble is, some of you are like cancer cells. Hoarding the wealths, which could do this, for themselves. Not sharing with the whole. Eventually killing the whole. The body OF mankind.
    Do the nicest of you rule the rest?

  2. I have the "Abortion is Green" shirt based on this. I have to choose "appropriate" places to wear it, though.

  3. Shame his parents couldn't hear this before they decided to fill each other's holes behind that Circle K dumpster 60 years ago.

  4. There should be a separate set of laws for people who'll never have kids. Non-parents should get to drive tanks to work if we want, and should be the only ones who aren't required to recycle everything.

  5. Try telling a woman not to have sex if she doesn’t want kids and watch the mushroom cloud form. However, them saying the same thing to a man is perfectly acceptable.

    I fucking hate stupid feminists… I know that’s redundant

  6. Fuck off, Doug, you child-torturing Satanist, just like your bum-chum, Marilyn Manson….no wonder you hate babies so much, you sick bastard

  7. No one wants to hear you can't fuck in the front hole after a hard days work. hahaha Doug is the greatest

  8. This is priceless. It also makes me think that the current Millennial trendies retreading 1950s puritanical mores shouldn't have been front-holed into existence.

  9. That was fun to watch. Besides, why do you care then? Why are you so worried about the faith of this planet? You do it for my baby's future? 😉

  10. He is absolutly right.

    And… Not only is fucking bad for the planet in

    terms of airpollution and waterpollution.

    NoNoNo.. 98% of them are fucking stupid-in-the-way-asshole-people.

    People that can´t even point out the continents on a world map.

    Their entire lives revolves around fucking, Consuming and getting as

    mutch shit they can before they die.

    They will invent NOTHING. They will accomplish NOTHING.

    They will just be in the way consuming resources for NOTHING.

    Utterly pointless lives.

    Why ? Why don´t we say STOP.. HEY.. This isn´t right.

    Because the Banksters need more. More people to take loans to

    buy a house or a car or a 75" QLED TV.

    It´s a pyramid scam on a global scale.

    It´s going to be fun to watch how this works in the next 20-30 years.

    Oh! And if U get the chance… Spay or neuter your neighbour 🙂

  11. Socialized Insanity

    I’m a transistorized, transgenederized, transmogrified trans-human
    A corporatized, commercialized, industrial-strength consumer
    A goal setting, gym sweating, debt fretting freak
    A social climbing networker that’s always on heat
    I got my education, majoring in indoctrination
    Where they taught me to comply, to never question why
    And so I’m chasing an illusion, of success that’s a delusion
    That is sending me insane, exploding my brain
    And as we teeter on the brink, soon to be extinct
    I always have a smile, cos' I'm living in denial.

  12. It takes 7-8 years to add another billion to the world population. So the baby that has just been born will probably see the world pop at 10 bill before it's 21. 13 bill at 40 and 16-18 billion in its 60s. Provided science can come up with some solutions along the way. Nuclear Fusion seems the most likely.

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