Doula, Childbirth Classes, and your Medical FSA

If you work for an employer who offers a medical flexible spending account, then this video is for you. Flexible spending accounts will reimburse doula costs at 100%. When an employer offers a flexible spending account, the employee contributes a certain amount of money from each paycheck into that account, reducing taxable income Once you’ve decided how much money to put into your account, your payroll office will calculate the amount of money that needs to come out of each paycheck. Money in your FSA can be use to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses such as deductibles, copays, and doulas! So hiring a doula is a tax advantage! Oh, and also childbirth classes! There’s an open enrollment period for deciding this, and it’s usually the months of October through the end of November. That means now! For example, if you decide to set aside $2,000 for your out-of-pocket medical expenses in 2016, you will have 12 months to spend that money, and in many cases, an additional 2.5 month grace period. How do you plan for exactly how much to put in your spending account? Well, if you’re having a new baby, you want to include the fees to pay your doula, and the additional out-of-pocket copays and expenses for visiting the pediatrician in the first year. You can contribute up to $2,550 per calendar year into your spending account. And often times, your employer will kick in some money, too. If you’re planning on having a baby in 2016, don’t wait! Sign up for your flexible spending account today.

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