Dr. Jeanne Sheffield | Maternal Fetal Medicine

My name is Jeanne Sheffield. I am the Division Director of
Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics, here
at Johns Hopkins. My role is to continue the
excellent care that has always been available at
Johns Hopkins Hospital for all pregnant women, whether
they be complicated or not, and excellent care of delivery and
their babies. I am a maternal fetal
medicines specialist. We are obstetrician
gynecologists that have been specifically trained in
high risk obstetrics. And so, what we do is we take
care of any pregnant woman that may have a complication,
whether it be with her baby. Or whether it be with
the pregnancy itself, any medical conditions
the mother may have, or we get called in for
any problems at delivery. And then, we help co-manage
the patient with the primary physician, us, and
of course any other specialist. I went into maternal
fetal medicine because I love the rush. I’m an adrenaline junkie, so
I love the rush of the delivery and the excitement
of a delivery. It is a amazing feeling
to be able to give a healthy baby to a family. It’s one of the biggest joys
in this family’s life, and I’m able to participate
in it in a small way. I also like the fact
that I’m able to be there in case there is
a complication in the pregnancy, or the pregnancy didn’t turn
out as they initially expected. I can be there for the family,
and help walk them through the different steps that we have
to do to get the best outcome. My areas of research interest. I am interested in medical and surgical complications
in pregnancy. My primary subspeciality
is infectious diseases in pregnancy. I deal with patients with
sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. I also am very interested
in vaccination research in pregnancy. My philosophy towards
patient care. Regardless of your race,
ethnicity, religion, I will provide the same
level of excellent care for everyone who walks
through my door. So if you’re in need of
a maternal fetal medicine specialist, I will be
glad to take care of you. [MUSIC]

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