Dr. Kathryn Eraso on Family Planning

(bright music) – If you’re thinking
about starting a family, it’s important to get in with your doctor before you become pregnant. This way you can go over
ways to improve your health prior to pregnancy, get
started on a prenatal vitamin, and ensure your health is
in the best health it can be to support you and baby
for a healthy pregnancy. The most important thing when discussing about starting a family with your partner or expanding your family with
your partner and your children is to decide is this time right for us. Whether it’s financially, emotionally or just do you have enough support to help bring in another
child into the world. So it’s important to ensure that you are planning for pregnancy, that you have your
health in good condition, and that you’re established
with a provider, so that you can have the
healthiest pregnancy, and the healthiest mom and baby. (bright music)

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