Dr. Lee Removes Paul’s Giant Hump | Dr. Pimple Popper

– All right, let’s see
what you’ve got under here. Let’s reveal the secret. Paul came in to
see me because he has this giant bump on his back. He’s pretty sure that it’s
due to his sciatic nerve injections. I’m not really
convinced about that, but I don’t know whether this
is a buffalo hump or a lipoma. I’m always hoping for a
lipoma that pops up nicely. OK. It is a lipoma, for sure. Good deal. But I’m just trying to
get it out of its little– Pocket? The little pockets. Exactly. I can now tell this is a lipoma
because I can see that there is this fat pocket area
that looks like it’s separate from the
rest of the body. If this was a dorsal
cervical fat pad, you would just see regular fat. I feel some fibrous bands
keeping it in place. Being? Stubborn You gotta romance it
a little bit, you know? Yeah. You gotta wine and dine it. Yes. The lipoma I had
to wine and dine. There you go. This lipoma has been
there for 10 years, so it’s really made itself
a nice little cozy home, and it doesn’t want to leave. It has really found all
these nooks and crannies, and there’s a lot
of fibrous tissue keeping it bound in place. So I have to really
massage this lipoma out. Thankfully, Paul is
really good natured, and so he makes my
job a lot easier. I can’t even grab
it, because it tears. It’s like I’m scooping his out. Where’s my big serving
spoon when I need it? Look at your hand. You’ve got little
pieces everywhere. Been catching it. This is definitely the messiest. We’re gonna have to check
our clothes after this, make sure we don’t tuck
any lipoma in my pocket, or something. Well, it’s official–
the messiest lipoma ever.

95 Replies to “Dr. Lee Removes Paul’s Giant Hump | Dr. Pimple Popper”

  1. I wish they had the whole video. I wanted to see how it looked before they started the surgery and after

  2. my hump, my hump, my manly ugly lump, check it out, i drive absolutely no one crazy, i do it on the daily….

  3. Also I’m highly offended that the video under this one on my subscription list was someone making strawberry shortcake

  4. I'm glad to see this clip — but like all the TLC clips — I can't watch the show on TLC or YouTube. I wish I could. I live in Canada.

  5. This week is another rerun.. This show isnt good.. Boring cases and staged as hell.. Scripted and terrible scripts.. Just stupid.

  6. Someone help me out, i can't remember what those are called, those yellow big weird things, usually caused by too much sun, that is being extracted with tweezers, leaving these big holes, that heals up fast, and usually covers most of the face? They pop out easily but looks like worms or maggots :S

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