31 Replies to “Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes”

  1. Picking on women and taking their choice away…. what about not picking on babies, taking their choice away, and taking their life?

  2. I'm pro-life but I don't know, I just don't want others controlling what goes on inside my body. I feel like we should focus more on educating than have restricting laws

  3. Soooo, if someone gives others the right to have a automatic gun and goes on a killing spree, you've just affirmed their right to have a gun. Hmm

  4. The most fervent, rabid anti something or other person is someone who's been previously pro and for whatever reason has gone the other way. Ie. You'll find no one more anti drugs than an ex junkie. Once a personal epiphany has been had it can't be un had.

  5. Aloso men are to blame for the sperm give the women that's why abortions bette not give them sperm to women but they like to feel feel good taste in each other
    Also men are to blame for men are to blame no no no bortion no!!!!

  6. The abortion he's describing, deliberately unpleasantly, an abortion performed far too late. That's what happens when medicine is a matter of money, pay the cash and they'll do whatever you want, forget ethics and proper practice.

  7. I have no right to judge this man… But I will say that at least he is shouldering that incredible mountain of sin in a way that is likely preventing further loss of life.

    I'm not saying he's a good person, but I'm saying maybe he could be. That's more than can be said of most murderers.

  8. That's my seed in the woman and she let me put it there so I get to say too…. I don't care if she has to carry it for 9 months she knew that when she opened up her legs and let me nut in her…

  9. I’m crying, how can anyone say this is okay? Who can truly be that selfish and sick? I never want to hear someone say they’re pro choice ever again. I thought I felt strongly before… this is a whole new level.

  10. This drs testimony should be played on national tv every night!! Then let’s see who still wants the choice to kill their child!

  11. Our lovely President Obama made it okay to sell these aborted fetuses to a company in California called Synomyx. They take the kidneys from that tiny innocent baby and make what they call a "flavor additive" for our food! The name of the extractive is HEK293. It's in your kitchen right now. It's in all big name brands and all fast food. It's also in gum, cough drops, sodas and who knows what else. Lots of info online and many videos here if you care to check it out. I have changed the way I shop and eat. I now stay away from "natural flavor". That means I'm mostly down to fresh fruits and vegetables and meat from the back of the store. Every time I shop, there are more and more things I will not buy. I encourage you to check this out. You could be eating dead babies right now!

  12. When I was a teenager, my youth pastor showed us a video on abortion. What this doctor described is precisely what was shown in the video, baby parts laying here and there, little severed arms and legs. But the image that truly stuck with me is the one that showed a baby’s head floating in a jar of liquid, with a look of absolute pain plastered across its face. You see something like that and try to convince people how that poor baby didn’t feel anything as it was being ripped apart? Anyone who can see that and not feel differently about abortion clearly has no soul.

  13. People NEED to hear this. Abortion is not some magical procedure where you walk into a doctors office pregnant then *poof*, you walk out later not pregnant and go have drinks with the girls… Two arms, two legs, skull, heart, lungs, and intestine… A human life and it's infinite possibilities gone forever.
    Pro life or pro choice; take responsibility for your actions.

  14. Most people just don't realise what this actually entails. Yet they oppose the death penalty? Choice always comes with consequences, just in this case they aren't out in the open for everyone to see.

  15. It would seem with the amount of likes vs dislikes this video has that the practice is not a popular one in our society. I will admit that this is not a pure scientific consensus for the subject matter, but with the numbers at two times more likes than dislikes there has to be something to it.

    Be an advocate for a child who can’t speak!

  16. This was the most horrible thing Ive ever heard. The moment he said he pulled out a little leg I got sick and couldnt control my grief. These are CHILDREN being dismembered alive and their mommy is letting them do it. This had got to end right now. We are commiting crimes of the most heinous kind and degrading ourselves more every minute as a people.

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