Dr. Mark Trolice Speaks with FOX35 Orlando | Dealing with Miscarriage

it's 8am from Fox 35 this is good day Orlando are you having trouble getting pregnant how the founder of Facebook is sparking a conversation about the obstacles of starting a family to come Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife start a big conversation with their baby announcement the couple revealed that not only are they expecting but they also struggled through three miscarriages to get where they are now so just how common are miscarriages can they be prevented we're going to talk more about it with the local fertility specialist that's coming up right after this it is 821 right now we're watching the day Orlando welcome back on the HealthWatch over the past week facebook founder mark zuckerberg announcing that he and his wife are expecting the shocking news to many was that his wife Priscilla has already had three miscarriages that news of course has a lot of women talking and many happiness as ducker bursar being open about this topic and joining us this morning is dr. mark hollis with fertility carries a fertility specialist great to see you thanks for coming in all the fun let's talk first about miscarriages because I think there is a lot a lot of women out there believe I've done something wrong when a miscarriage happens how does a miscarriage happen well most of the time with miscarriage is more than two-thirds of the time it's a chromosomal abnormality yeah so it's really nature's way of protecting itself and not wanting to let a pregnancy that's abnormal go on to turn usually women less than age 30 you're gonna have about a ten percent chance of miscarriage okay but but with with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife we they experience three losses and that happens in one percent of the population Wow pretty rare but we of course is a specialty clinic see it a lot and you know what's interesting is that only fifty percent of the time we could determine why the other fifty percent of the time probably should talk about a little bit if we could say that there are genetic causes an atomic something with the uterus autoimmune which is immunologic and hormonal so those are the things that we look at and if we could find a reason there's a good good outcome when you hear something like this that three in a row like that at what point do you say to a couple okay now we're getting into a dangerous area what can we do differently how can we sort of prevent this from happening again excellent question once you do the evaluation when a couple comes to see me I usually say hey let's wait a minute don't continue trying to conceive because you you're able to get pregnant the problem is that we can't sustain it so let's do the full evaluation and you know what's interesting after you do the full evaluation if it's unexplained they have a good chance of conceiving with close monitoring and another study shows that over ten years and you don't want to wait that long of course but over ten years about seventy to eighty percent of the time they're going to conceive you know I really applaud Mark Zuckerberg at his wife for coming out to talk about the devastation but you know the interesting thing is that they didn't talk about it as they were going through it it's a quiet hell right it's so devastating for these patients to go through when they get pregnant with recurrent miscarriage when they get pregnant they don't feel comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy other patients are celebrating every single day and they're walking on eggshells thinking it's going to do they're going to lose it so support system is vital for these patients you know in comments that are made for these patients are well don't worry you could have another one you know I think that's probably as insensitive as saying well you lost one parent at least you have another one oh yeah you know you have to go through the mourning process because they are very vulnerable they feel isolated withdrawn they do feel they did something wrong and they need to grieve and the support system needs to acknowledge that they had that loss and to go through that because they could even have anniversary reactions you know the due date of that baby and to relive that so it's a terrible terrible problem of all the things that I see it's the most difficult psychological can't imagine it dr. trial is it for our viewers who would like to get in touch with you if they would like help how can they reach out to you well thank you my website is my fertility CARICOM and we have a lot of social media on the ivf center.com alright a lot of success stories with this guy a lot thank you so much they're always a pleasure dr. Charlus 828 John

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