Dr Matt Hewitt – HPV Vaccine

My name is Dr Matt Hewitt, I am a cancer surgeon
from Cork. And what we must do in Ireland is keep the
awareness up so people get the vaccine as a young teenager to prevent them getting precancerous
changes of the cervix, stop them getting cancer of the cervix and to stop them getting genital
warts. And potentially other cancers around the body. The thing that were not very happy to talk
about is genital warts, and genital warts obviously disfiguring, embarrassing and can
be prevented using the vaccine. We look at vaccine in Australia which is a
much higher uptake, the genital wart rate has plummeted and its actually quite rare
in Australia to get genital warts. So it is important that we can screen, continue
to screen patients even if they had the vaccine to reduce the numbers of people getting cancer
who are not covered by the vaccination program. And we have to remember that screening is
about picking up precancerous changes before people get cancer, and therefore we can screen
people and stop them getting cancer then obviously that’s a much better outcome for everybody. And i think the important thing is to say
that if i had a teenage daughter or son, would they get the vaccine? and the answer to that
question is yes they would.

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