17 Replies to “Dr. Sebi speaks on women’s menstrual cycles”

  1. I know one thing, I only get my period 2-3 days now that I’m on an Alkaline vegan diet, I kid you not👍🏾Dr Sebi was far from crazy and he definitely was the real deal…

  2. It's funny how many none agrees are here to try and discreated his research. He grew up where people around him healed they damn self and you sitting here trying to convince people to go to a germ feel place and receive medication to stay sick? You folks are delusional. Society really got you believing that NATURE plants is the wrong way to go. This is disturbing of how brainwashed society is by the white man. 🤦🏾‍♀

  3. The one thing I hate is when a man tries to tell me about what my yoni is supposed to be doing. Ridiculous.

  4. The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense. Dr. Sebi was the "TRUTH". Unless you have tried it DON'T KNOCK IT. KNOW THY SELF!

  5. SMH… those that left comments suggesting that what he is saying is some fictional or silly tale, Hasn't even studied real ancient medicine or biology… NATURALLY women are not supposed to have these heavy menstrual periods EVERY MONTH. Change your diet women, and watch your menstrual period, with all it's complications and bleeding everywhere and cramps and pain and headaches, Literally begin to decrease dramatically!! JUST TRY IT. FOR 90 DAYS. If you haven't tried it or know someone that has, THEN SHUT THE F**K UP and get some knowledge you Idiots smh. Y'all found your way here cause of Nipsey. SELF EDUCATE. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS???? NHRFC

  6. I am gratified to see all the sensible comments here. This article is complete nonsense and it is dangerous. None of us should get our medical advice from the internet!

  7. He would say something so misogynistic about female anatomy because he’s a pedophile. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. 1) menstruation is not due to toxicity or infection. Its a natural process that for human females happens every month.
    2) they are probably not menstruating because they are malnourished due to this bs diet.

  9. Oh my GOODNESS!!!! Please if you have problems with your menstrual cycle please do not become a Google Doctor or listen to this guy. Please schedule and appointment with your obstetrician/ gynecologist DOCTOR or primary care DOCTOR. A doctor who has spent 10+ years going to school and is liscenced to practice in America. If your sperm is green then it means that you may have an stid/sti or there maybe some underlying problem with your testes. PLEASE GO TO A DOCTOR WHO IS LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN THE US or YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN!

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