what's up China gang it's your girl China Renee now if you're new to my channel you like what you see go ahead and subscribe join the China gang and if you're not new then you already know what's up but this is technically my first story time video I guess you can say officially I haven't really done a story time but I wanted to go ahead and share this with you all if you follow me on snapchat my snap gang was good I just told you what to look forward to and this happened pretty recently it was a couple weeks ago from the date of this video and I'm just gonna go ahead and get right into what happened from the title as you can see I was v to the emergency room and I am expecting our second child so it was just a normal Friday we had went out to eat my husband my daughter my mother-in-law and I we went to eat and the food wasn't that great so after we left the restaurant we went out to do a little bit of shopping which is what we normally do and because I'm basically changing in sizes and shapes I need to find some tops and pants that fit because everything else is pretty much too tight at this point so we went to t.j.maxx did a little shopping I was out looking for tops so literally I could say right now because my regular clothes are all too tight but I'm not showing but I don't want loose-fitting of tops at least because like I said regular clothes are too tiny and it's just uncomfortable and it looks like it or you're bloated or something KJ she's very looking for toys of course from the Father Knows remind you got me are you margin by her person was based on if the girls are fear and my G that is my mother-in-law short for Mama gangster she was looking for purses or anything else that she could find and then my husband Chris he is behind the camera so we did a little shopping and we went back to the house once we got back to the house I just started feeling a little weird like my stomach was a little irritated so I automatically figured well it's the Asian food and we just I didn't agree with it so I went into the bathroom and I just sat there for a while I'm like okay so I'm hoping that this food just comes right back out because I'm just feeling like a whole lot of discomfort so I'm sitting there and I ended up just peeing basically and when you're pregnant I guess you pretty much tend to just look and see what's going on every single time to go to the bathroom because especially like when you're early in pregnancy like your nerves sometimes get the best of you and I white and I saw nothing but blood so I'm sitting there and I'm instantly saying no like no no no this is not happening because you automatically assume this carriage is about to happen when you see blood and you're pregnant so of course my natural reaction was to go ahead get up tell my husband what was going on and get on the phone with my doctor's office so because it was late it was pretty much after 6 or 7 o'clock on a Friday night and the normal doctor's office is closed at this point so I went ahead and called the nurses hotline and while I'm on the phone with her explaining to her what happened she goes well you need to go to the emergency room right now and make sure you take a towel with you in case there's a huge rush of blood so I didn't want to hear that that was like why would she tell me that you know I mean I understand why she said it because of what I just explained to her but she basically was telling me to go ahead and prepare yourself for miscarriage and I still was just fairly calm but at the same time I'm just thinking a lot about what's about to happen the one thing I did do before I came out of the bathroom was prayed when I got in the car I prayed again and on the way to the hospital she's my husband and I we just said a prayer and they were right there was fairly quiet so we got to the emergency room and I was just really nervous at this point from the minute I walked in like my nerves just really started getting the best of me I wasn't trying to worry as much however like you just had that thought in the back of your head like oh my god I'm about to lose the baby so you know we were waiting in the waiting room for them to call us and I got back in with the nurse she took my vitals and everything asked me a bunch of questions and it was like okay we're gonna get you a room for pregnant women so just hold on for a minute we're gonna get you in here and let you know what's going on so still nothing else like I'm not bleeding or anything at this point like there's like not a lot of blood coming out of me so I'm just like okay we need to just figure this out so finally they get us into the room and I couldn't like use the bathroom or anything just I guess I was just so nervous and then finally I kind of realized for a second and was able to go to the bathroom to give them a urine sample which they need it and I saw blood again I'm like what is happening so the doctor comes in and she's like we need to give you a pelvic exam I'm like and I automatically was like well gosh soon as they give me a pelvic exam I'm just expecting like something to happen at this point so they took the urine sample they came in gave me a pelvic exam and my jus before I got back into the hospital room like I was in the bathroom praying again like literally laying hands on my stomach like lord please let everything be okay with this child and I don't care what's gonna happen with me just let this baby be okay so yeah we went in and they did a pelvic exam and the doctor she's like this is weird because I don't see any blood she's like I don't see any blood in your vagina or in the cervix she's like I don't see any so I looked at my husband like what like I literally just came up a bathroom like and it's bright red so she's like ya don't see me pain so I'm just like okay so I just get a miracle performed like within the last 30 seconds cuz this is just it's kind of freaking me out and she was like okay well we're gonna come draw your blood and do some blood work start your IV and everything so they came in they took my blood and they started me on the IV and I was kind of just sitting there like what the hell is going on and at this time we still haven't heard the baby's heartbeat or anything they were like you know we're gonna come back in with the Doppler and check the heart rate and heart beating see what's going on with the baby so the nurse came back in and she's like okay let's you know listen for this baby and she's looking around and looking around trying to find the heartbeat and then finally she found it and I'm like thank you Jesus she's like yep it's very strong and it was like 180 I think that night in the hospital like like 182 or something so baby's heart rate was really high and I probably just had to do it my stress and then finally you know after sitting there and freezing my butt off in the hospital they came back with some results and she was like um we found blood in your urine and that's where the bloat was coming from you have a urinary tract infection which is fairly common and pregnancies so my mind I'm just thinking like thank you Jesus because I just like spoke in tongues and Lady Anne's like oh my stomach it just and just pray for our baby so now I'm just like anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat to make sure like everything is seriously okay because I was a little bit nervous but I believe in God and we just prayed on the way here I had my mom pray for us and you know she just said believing bad and you couldn't be all right how you go Daddy I'm good I'm not worried no you still not down we gotta wait till I come back to tell us what did she say she what to do um check the heartbeat check the heartbeat yeah we just had an ultrasound there days ago so I just saw this little monster just getting mommy problems gonna be safe maybe I was just working out so much like not filling the food at all when I was there anyways but I just kept feeling like I was like okay gas or something like I have to go to the bathroom I don't feel right but here we are guys look I'm bloated now so you guys can see my bunk only at night though it gets really bloated so I was like like literally a sigh of relief like I will take that any day over anything but oh my gosh it was a very scary moment like I'm all getting shaking up right now like I'm a little bit teary-eyed at this point because I'm just thinking about it but it was definitely scary and for any woman that has ever been pregnant or if you're pregnant now you know like blood is the last thing you ever want to see but like the best thing to do is just stay calm and you know do what you're supposed to do get help immediately like I did like we went straight to the hospital and they put me on antibiotics for 10 days because especially a woman that's pregnant you get a UTI then you're really like subjected to getting a kidney infection so those are the things you have to take care of right away but to end the story I'm fine now the baby is doing fine we did you know we saw the baby literally we had saw the baby like three days before we were in the hospital and then we ended up seeing the baby again a couple of days later so everything was fine healthy baby thank you Jesus and yeah that is what sent me to the emergency room if you guys want more story time videos let me know make sure you like subscribe comment and if you've ever been through anything like this let me know down in the comments below I would love to read your story and just to see you know who else has been through this thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys for new video soon hey have you seen my last video yeah this one right here have you seen that video yet no well go ahead and click the box or the link below and make sure you follow me on my social network and don't forget to subscribe see you guys for the next warm


  1. Just this past week I went through this started seeing blood on Monday had a ultrasound on Tuesday the baby was fine. Went to the emergency room Thursday morning and my baby no longer had a heartbeat. πŸ’”.. I'm glad everything worked out for you though. Just waiting on my 🌈🌈 #peaceandBlessings

  2. I have I missed Carrie at 16 weeks she would be 8 now I have a 5 year old and a lol boy on the way I'm 39 weeks

  3. I had UTIs with my first & second… Once healed, then came those lovely yeast infections EVERY OTHER MONTH !!! learned my lesson so with my 3rd & 4th (last) pregnancies, i drank a LOT more water and ate yogurt EVERY DAY….no UTIs or yeast infections with last 2 kids…. I'm glad you're ok

  4. omg…your story sounds a lot like mine with my 1st child. only difference is they sent me home with a butter container and told me if I start gett blood clots and if its bigger than a golf ball that I'm having a miscarriage. At the end I had a healthy 9lb 4.4oz baby girl (to God be the glory). Never knew why I was bleeding but believe that it was my daughter's twin because my mom says she saw another baby on the ultrasound. I can tell you from experience that this is very scary.

  5. thank God everything ok.. prayer is power. gurl I tell you. I lost mine.. a month ago it was a ectopic pregnancy. I was so hard for us. I see everyone pregnant I start crying but God is good God know what he is doing and he does thinks for a reason. God bless

  6. in tears, I miscarried 10yrs ago while at work. When I called the doctor office the PA told me the same thing to get a towel and get to emergency….I lost my baby but 3yrs later God blessed me with twins….very brave for sharing especially so soon after. praying for a healthy baby

  7. hey china. i absolutely adore you beautiful ppl.. lol. im apart of the china gang ofcourse. i had an miscarriage with my first pregnancy ever, at around 7 weeks. so devastating. it started with just a little spotting.. but then i got pregnant again 2 months after. i bled heavy off and on for 12 weeks with this pregnancy 😩 talk about a nervous wreck i was in and out of the E.R. but turns out i was completely fine and have a healthy busy body 1 yr old son.. god bless. 😘πŸ’ͺ thanks for always encouraging.

  8. I had a similar experience. it was the scariest experience ever I ended up having a hematoma. Now I have a healthy two year old boy. my heart goes out to women who are not as fortunate.

  9. Prayers for you and your little angel… I am actually 7mos pregnant and around 19 wks I had gushing of blood found out I had placenta previa causing my to gush my placenta begin covering my cervix and leaking out as well as leaking in with my baby I've heard many stories 1 of which gave me hope many don't make it to give birth but with prayer anything is possible my husband and I strongly believe and with every kick reminds me of God's work…keep going strong for baby and continue to pray he would truly give you a testimony

  10. Sort of the same thing happened to me I got to work wiped and seen brown continued to wipe and it got more red but I wasn't in pain freaked the hell out called my mom basically baby is all good! 26 weeks today

  11. God is good in so many ways you are blessed! I was 8 weeks pregnant when i was told my baby's heartbeat was dropping and went in the following week for a check up and there was no heartbeat… I was and still am devastated this is my first time talking about it publicly but it feels good to share knowing im not alone and many women go threw these things. Its been 3 months now still fresh but im happy to say im in a better place and i know god will make things possible when its time.

  12. God is always on the throne waiting to hear from us, the prayers were heard and God stepped in to turn the situation around. May God continue to bless your pregnancy and family.
    Blessings XO

  13. I had this happen to me two separate times in my pregnancy and both times they couldn't tell me what was wrong few weeks later found out my cervix was incompetent n had to have a cerclage done

  14. You are very very blessed. I experienced the same thing except mine DID end up a miscarriage. God is an awesome God and you deserve this amazing blessing. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE NEW ADDITION!!

  15. so happy things turned out well for you. I experienced a miscarriage and would not wish that on anyone. Take care of yourself and the little bun in the oven. Blessings.

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