DuRyan Watches Childbirth!

you got one piece of pizza right there you got the video you can't take the first bite until it's plain go ahead the birth of a child by the way your child is due tomorrow yeah but it's a couple of weeks late yeah so you gotta be prepared for this you're gonna be in the room you gonna be videotaping all right here we go chicken shoes I think you might have audio I don't having it dirty or not all right I'll turn it off maybe I don't think we can put this online we searched his face no you got look that's not right that's not right not right go faster let's let's see the head pop out or some no no throw it up dude everybody everybody loses got to get the white piece of beach till there's one day away that's what you got to be watching man you gotta get used to this yeah but back and yeah I rewound it you take is nasty though you miss the best part watch your watch dude watch the best part my man that's what you are in store for man one day away it's freakin insane

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  1. What the… Who uploaded this? This is an old video you guys I'm just shocked that somebody is still in charge of this channel.

    Google " the hot show" its pks new show.

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