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  1. The bit that starts at 0:37…I want a whole song like that. I mean, I'm sure if I got a whole song like that then it would eventually get boring, but it feels good to be in that slow heavy groove, and wish I could stay a little longer. I guess that's the work of a good artist – not wearing a theme out, leaves you wanting more, so you listen to it over and over to get that elusive feeling. Those pinch harmonics in the beginning, I'm sure i'm echoing everyone else on here, but yea, very necrophagist. Excellent track.

  2. "Engulfed by fate
    Knowing you're part of, foretold prophecy
    Awaiting the future
    Post-apocalyptic visions you see them
    Nearing tsunami
    Cleansing the world of all inhabitants
    Dormant volcanoes
    Rapidly awakened, spewing out torment

    Calamities come forth
    Anxious from
    Prospects of affliction, bllissful
    Revelations, religion, clairvoyance, self assured
    Proactive, actions to be taken, bring about

    Armageddon the end that nears
    Without warning to the nonbelievers
    Trying to facilitate
    Precursor anarchy proliferation
    The credulous populace
    Ready to partake, extensive indiscretion

    Cynics that are only interested
    In disruption
    Join festivities
    Tearing down the entire system
    They believe
    Will be no more
    Acting out final impulse,
    Boundless juncture
    Looming devestation
    Awaiting the ultimate release
    Of death
    Relish the undertaking

    Enlisting anyone who will wreck
    Of the status quo
    Feeding paranoia to the rest
    Of what's next
    Riots the beginning
    Constructing revolution,
    Loosely bound
    The chaotic notion
    Preach to leave caution to the wind,
    No more sin
    End of days is here

    Living in the frenzy so surreal
    Ignoring possible extinction
    Preparation after thought

    Conspiracy consume many of them
    What they new when and how
    Goverment coverup primary beef
    Not uninhibited extermination
    Staring down the end of a barrel
    Not fazed by threat oblivious
    Still exasperated no warning given
    Observing aristocracy full disregard

    Living in the frenzy so surreal
    Ignoring possible extinction
    Preparation after thought

    Peasants following their trendy causes
    Forgetting the grand scheme of things
    If predictions of events prove true
    So many left to fend off annihilation

    Ignoring mass extinction

    Cracks in the earth seperate, devestation
    Ash covered sky, enveloping darkness
    Spreading fire burns everything unrestrained
    Inhospitable indefinite wasteland
    Methane lakes emerge poisonous

  3. I Love how they play, and what they talk about in their songs, So love how they aren't a satanic band, I can't stand black metal.

  4. it reminds me of destroy opposition with 10 more years of power licks and harmonic pinches my brother no mo playin that old hammer lol that paint chipped away lolm/

    This and Subjected to a Beating are the best by far in my opinion.

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