29 Replies to “DYING FETUS – "From Womb To Waste"”

  1. You know you've turned totally insane when you can actually understand Brutal Death Metal lyrics by only hearing them…

  2. Reign Supreme is one of the greatest extreme metal albums of our time. Dying Fetus really knows how to make brutal technical music groove very well, and these lyrics have a very sharp in-your-face criticism. They're the real shit, praise to DF for being absolute death metal geniuses.

  3. Fuck the haters..Dying Fetus is the shit..their music has helped me through alot of shit..much love to these awesome dudes

  4. So… I was listening to this on Spotify and I legit thought the opening was an ad until it was like "fuck the baby, let it die"… I'm dying with laughter right now 😂😭

  5. why do people take abortions so seriously lol. like, it's just a piece of fuckin meat, a human prototype

  6. If you ask me, these people deserve to get their heads chopped off.

    What? Don't like that?

    Fuck you, I'm a racist antisemitic anti-feminist. Women are not people.

  7. Any of you guys that love a good chug induced battery, have GOT to check out " No Reason To live – Only Death Is Certain"

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