DYING FETUS – In Studio Episode # 1

hey what's up guys this is John from Dying Fetus here to brightway Studios in Baltimore working on our new album very excited let's make this fucking shit happen right now we're in the process of doing drums we've set up all the tones he's got two killers in there we've got killer cymbal knobs the tones are really fucking coming out fucking sick let me tell you man put in a lot of time and effort into the pre-production so our life will be a little bit easier here probably done this week with that they'll move on to the Tarzan days and then on the vocals this albums going to be released this September relapse records so that's about it man just one give you status update and we'll see you soon and we're gonna kick your ass with this next one man so beware later guys

5 Replies to “DYING FETUS – In Studio Episode # 1”

  1. ich setzt mich am besten auf die Trommel und klau den Schwanz ganz schnell der flutscht so rein haaa haaa abboniert mich oder mach mich kaputt toll

  2. You people do realize that this studio update is from their last record like 3 fucking years ago….lol. The new song sounds 100% better production-wise than on Descend. I cannot fucking wait for the new album.

  3. As to why this only has 100 some views is beyond me, the new song is fucking brutal, as I'm sure the rest of the album will be. I can't fucking wait any longer I NEED MORE!!

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