30 Replies to “Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline SUBTITLED”

  1. "They are the ones that fucked with me, they paid the price with agony"
    -John Gallagher, a brutal bald

  2. Dying Fetus never disappoints!!! A perfect song directed at Fucktard, Leftist, Douchebag Protesters!! Die Motherfuckers!!! Hell Awaits!!

  3. the face I'm beating with me fist is pulverized and turned to shit so all that's left is skin and blood and pull and bone. this fucker thought that he could try to fuck with me no reason why.. now he got what he deserved a coffin with his name reserved

  4. "Now i'll take it back to 93. When the shit went down between you and me. Just like a bitch you had to run away"

    Guys. I think he's singing about him and someone playing DOOM deathmatch back in 93 and that somebody rage quits all the time lmao

  5. I came to cleanse my ears after an accidental lethal dosage of blood on the dance floor due to secondhand exposure.

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