30 Replies to “DYING FETUS live at Saint Vitus Bar, Dec. 30th, 2013 (FULL SET)”

  1. Yeah… I live in Sweden and this bar in NY could as well be on the fucking moon, but if I ever visit the US i will go there… High quality live recordings! m/

  2. These guys are the Rush of tech death….and that's a compliment, three piece and super tight playing. Amazing 🍻😎

  3. why not just smash stainglassed windows with sledgehammers while exploding propane tanks…far more entertaining and more violent

  4. Trey is such a fucking sick legend man!
    That guy plays w/ ankle weights on for the entire duration of the show, keeps the speed through the roof on all songs in the set and beats the living crap out of his kit with such a precision that is unmatched if you ask me. On top of that he riles up the crowd before a breakdown/fast thrashy part as well.

  5. Best live band that exists… I feel like John Gallagher was gaining power as the show went on. Dude is a god dang prophet. Talk about vision and ability and talent… Speechless..

  6. Do hardcore kids know that death metal and slam essentially wrote the playbook for breakdowns and heavy parts?

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