45 Replies to “Dying Fetus – One Shot, One Kill [email protected] 2007”

  1. music e kepenak dirungokke… marai pengen turuu… ngantukkk… sound e gitar jan empukk tenanan… josss pokok e dying fetus

  2. Cannibal corpse es la banda sonora de la bella durmiente y los 7 enanitos comparado con esto.

  3. Only seen these once live, and that was supporting Cannibal Corpse on their 'Evisceration Plague' tour. Brilliant band, amazing live.

  4. a statement which can be read below any video of an death metal bands which is not mentionend in a row with cc, morbid angel and so on..

  5. So i had to throw in Macabre -> "Murder Metal" and the same Line-Up since 1985!!! PS: and still underrated too 😉

  6. Probably because those bands are all older. In time hopefully Dying Fetus will be mentioned with all those death metal greats.

  7. yeah i ended up doing some reading on it. still some pretty good tone, kind of needed when they play overseas to use other equip

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