30 Replies to “Dying Fetus – Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses) guitar cover”

  1. Wow very technical as if I'm a beginner and I make these kind of two finger power chord riffs exactly two finger not even 3only 2 finger spp overrated and like marty friedman said any monkey can practice the techinque ofsweeping what musical sense does it make and mainstream bands are hated for this kind of shit oh brother

  2. Охуенный ковер, смотрел еще году в 2010, когда сам ЕБОШИЛ дес факин метал

  3. Fucking awesome man! You shredded it! And i'm sure you know that's no easy feat with DF! Fucking metal mate!

  4. Holy fuck dude!!! Awesome cover, clean + the sound is just perfect. Facial expressions say it all!!! Keep going man! Fucking love that song!

  5. Really good cover, man! Better than mine on drums… Very good sound also, and it seems that you enjoyed playing it.

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