3 Replies to “Dying Fetus Raping The System”

  1. Criminal justice system of flaws
    Blatant corruption
    Repercussions, higher profit
    An addiction
    The obvious signs of guilt
    Sloppy investigation
    A bullshit fucking plea
    Engineered process
    Mishandled evidence unpreserved
    Fabricated vindication
    Diligence only an illusion
    Mitigated, facade of lies
    Inundated and ingrained, relentless conditioning
    Media, legislation, selling a bent truth sensation
    Gorging on the spectacle, "reality" TV
    Victims of exploitation, selling out the children
    Celebrity and power, attract public bias
    Fortitude in decay, swollen avarice
    Pedophiles, molesters, murderers set free
    When they fail to win, the case falls to settlement
    Exposing private perversions, humiliation and disgrace
    Destroyed credibility, scamming on both sides
    Spending millions to save face, and escape consequence
    Attempt to evoke sympathy, inflating reasonable doubt
    Lobbyist entitlement, litigation bondage
    Egocentric apathy, fraudulent at heart
    Judicial prejudice, preferential treatment
    Witnesses of falsehood, conviction overturned
    Humiliation, concealment and deception
    Overexposure of the feeding frenzy
    The inspiration to rape the system
    Fallen morals, unanswered capital crimes
    Circus of reporting, playing up the tragedy
    Tainted media opinion, too blind to know the truth
    Singular pursuit of profit, seeing what they want to see
    Public speculation, slanted sympathies
    Tied up in the costly litigation
    Overwhelm the prosecution
    Truth obscured with stall tactic motions
    Trite protection of the guilty
    Rats on the grift, indecent intention
    Fighting for acquittal and vulgar fame
    Quota of scapegoats and distractions
    Nonexistent fear of authority
    Suffering… Unending… Travesty…
    Prejudice… Ignorance… Vanity…
    Gold-digging legal battles
    Symptom of a lawsuit-crazy nation
    Semblance of due diligence
    Devious manipulation and omissions
    Law enforcement countermanded, weakness of the state
    Fucking sheep with bleeding hearts, for no noble cause
    No remorse for the victims, preying on the uninformed
    Who is held accountable, spectacle of greed
    Idiots bringing suit, no matter how absurd
    Fabricated testimony, power twisted justice
    Public interest in the freak show illustrates the sickness
    Privileges of exception, turns to bought freedom
    Inundated and ingrained, motions of brute force
    Legal rights disintegration, disappearing privacy
    Gorging on the spectacle, "reality" TV
    Failure of the system, no guilty, but no innocent
    Celebrity and power, attract public bias
    Setting a precedent, tainting the future
    Pedophiles, molesters, freed upon society
    Murderers let loose to find their next victim

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