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  1. I have to be honest – I hate watching studio shit. Musicians, engineers, everybody involved is so deathly afraid of the slightest fucking mistake – this isn't what music should be about. "Music" is not constructed piecemeal in the computer.

  2. Wow, what the fuck do they do the drums in the DAW? On the record, they sound nothing like the real drums.

  3. Watching this made me feel so much better about the fukk ups I had in my drum tracking haha. No where near as complicated but still.

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  5. I've seen Trey live and trust me he's one of the hardest hitting drummers out there…..triggers are mainly used so u can hear how fast there going… listen to a triggered kick and a kick drum with a mic going 260 bpm's whats easier to understand. ….and don't compare death metal drummers to dragon force two different levels.

  6. so then throwing a trigger sensitivity right up there and using light taps on a bass is not going to be faster than using full power on a full stroke. or lets look at the Roland triggers that require a cam shift to hit resulting in a drastically shorter stroke to produce a note(dragonforce drummer uses them that i know of) is not going to be faster. fact is that people have used high sensitivity triggers to create a shortcut to going faster by ways of either lighter hits or shorter strokes

  7. What most bands actually do, is take a trigger, AND a mic, and record both tracks, and then in the final mix, they mix both the triggered and mic'd bass drum track

  8. If they drummer can hear them in real time they can. The effect is similar to what makes a guitarist play more bravely under heavy distortion.

  9. i think most of the negativity of the usage is drawn from the people who use them as a cheap shortcut for speed.

  10. Most of drummer don't really know what it is 🙂

    It's a technic consist in playing a kick drum sample every time the real kick is played, used by most of metal producer and drummer. It help the sound to be clear, because at this speed nobody can hear a natural kick, it's just brbrbrbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr 🙂

    It turn a natural kick in a electronic kick!

  11. 2:52
    Okay, I'm a guitarist and I hear this a lot. What is "triggering" exactly in terms of drumming?

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