DYING FETUS: Sean & Trey talk death, murder, new album at SUMMER SLAUGHTER!

hi guys wait for more plentiful here today and your char and tray some Dying Fetus and let's do this so I was toward going so far how are you doing today it's going great this is only the second day summer slaughtering to her zone started off with a bang last night first day just only the second day so but it's pretty good already so yes yeah it was like putting on an old pair of shoes the music video for panic amongst the hot bird is awesome are those like thoughts that you see in your head maybe now after seeing the video but does the one of the guys idea if they told us all about we were all excited about it now it's a different thing for us like the collage style and an animated type of video you know we've never had anything like that so it was definitely you know maybe now all we see that hey we got that one shirt that's like a collage now so I guess we're co-opting that style a little bit right what do you think the devil looks like if he existed in physical form email females masculine he remember you this which member of your band would most likely be the wrong person to Equus cemetery Jean did you see her drink and what's your favorite food to eat on tour mmm you don't tour oh no favorite drink good my favorite drink is whatever beer is provided on the rider that's rude that's free and my favorite food would be on to her on tour on tour food schnitzel yeah but Road need you if you witnessed a murder on tour and the killer was one of your friends nothing what do you say we gotta kill someone how would you prefer to do it definitely bare hands ya have to go with that I use a revolver that way you don't lose any casings more hurt yourself what kind of horror movie when you make if you were able to make one oh no like that I would make a movie about a band on tour that uh that actually like we hedge their drum kits with human flesh nice or this will be also another part good harmony the spans went on tour and the witness the killer and it was one of the friends oh oh yeah we answered that one earlier right and then then everybody on tour like keeps them safe and doesn't rat on if it wasn't for would they be scared of him maybe or they just like he's my boy and I don't want to see him lock the item in the trailer yeah but it don't maybe yeah what's the first thing you'd do if you were the president who Reich had to cut my hair to stress out going to fall out turned ready fall out week the job yeah I would I would I would increase the arts budget in schools because we need more people playing intramural and appreciating actual real music real music the Rock and Roll Academy in my school alright I'm in it what no I would certainly hope so I am in it are you the most metal in your class yeah for area you got a lockdown do you have any tips for a kid like me on how to get better at guitar lots of practicing that's it that's the only one has to ask the ticket just keep practicing now learn from other people what's your most proud accomplishment after all these years and playing in the band I don't know I mean just playing huge shows like their European festivals are just something that blows me away from the ever since the first time I played one and nowadays it's like you think about that every time when you play some you know because a band like us doesn't play shows like that except for festivals so definitely have to be playing those type of shows awesome well I agree a little agree with that and I'd say like playing Russia China I think that for me is my biggest accomplishment because like when I was your age that was an unattainable thing we still had communism and those were countries who just really weren't allowed to go to so we've been there a couple times before now and I think that's probably my biggest accomplishment getting to go someplace where as a kid I thought I'd never get to see oh where would you like to go to when you die and do you believe and go I'll just go home but I I don't believe in ghosts I don't well reality is what you perceive so we see in this wavelength maybe there's another wavelength we can't see but when I die I hope that uh hope I go to a nicer place not a worse place but I guess the powers that be will really dictate what that is if there are powers that be okay for these questions you're going to answer your favorite album from each and every one of these bands flare random blood I like God hates us all Iron Maiden I don't know everyone faces on I guess the powerslave be an arm's-length bet they all Black Dahlia murder's I don't and they rocking it all night tonight parkus carcass see I don't know wouldn't be great what's your favorite one people might not like this one I liked artwork oh I thought that was not me as much yeah I have to get someone the older ones I guess now I'll go for each might as well nostalgic Metallica master yeah Dying Fetus it has to be the wrong one to fuck with since we just released them haha all you had a dancer yeah I like killing on adrenalin before I was in the band so there you go but yeah definitely a wrong I'm fuck with also is there anything you like to add like that is very cool talking to you didn't expect the interview like this already super cool yeah definitely man thanks for your time yeah Carol oh we do have a European tour in the early fall or late fall early winter with cycloptic and beyond creation and dissing tunes and got some other stuff in the works you can't really talk about right now but we strongly encourage anybody who is interested in seeing Dying Fetus to come and check us out while we do have an intimidating album title an intimidating name come see us talk about check us out where we're not the worst people in the world there you go

48 Replies to “DYING FETUS: Sean & Trey talk death, murder, new album at SUMMER SLAUGHTER!”

  1. Good job, man. You might have a career in this if you keep it up. You're better than a lot of adults I've seen interviewing for legitimate metal publications.

  2. This kid is going places. He always asks awesome questions and does research about the band. Awesome stuff little dude. You rule!

  3. Lol they went to check in they said we are dying fetus and then they were kicked out and had to do the interview out back by the garbage

  4. Amazing interview!
    Dying Fetus rules!
    One of the best releases of this year with the new one of Immolation, Broken Hope, Morta Skuld, Cut Up and Sinister.

  5. Damn those guys are so cool, met them in Paris in 2013 after their show, great sense of humor and down to earth despite what people might think.

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