49 Replies to “DYING FETUS – "Seething with Disdain" (Official Audio)”

  1. Fucking love this band. My only gripe is that I am not that into their live sets. They always put on a good show and I enjoy them, but at the same time I cringe and get anxiety watching them try to pull off what they did in the convininece of a studio. They bite off way more than they can chew when it comes to recording amazing shit and then performing it live. It's really night and day.

  2. Went to the show last night in Easton PA let me say they fuckin killed it. The music was right on and the pit was brutal. Metal rules!

  3. The similarity to Who Wants to Die by Dub Trio strikes me as being intentional and not mere coincidence. https://youtu.be/LkJ2Q-Wup9U

  4. whole album is so amazing, but i think this is the penultimate song of the whole project, amazing energy and synergy of instruments, this was the first song where i really noticed the mixing on the vocals and paid attention to how well this band actually works together with modern production technology

  5. People say metal is supposed to make you pissed and depressed. It calms me when I'm pissed and depressed.

  6. Wasn't really into dying fetus a whole lot, still gave them a listen here and there. But after this album I'm stuck lol

  7. How does a band that tours as much as they do and are this prolific get even BETTER with time. Fucking gnar.

  8. Best death metal band out there in my opinion! I've loved everything they have released from their very first to this one! Amazing band!

  9. I'm totally going to catch them live whenever they return to Baltimore. I'm not leaving without a concussion.

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