39 Replies to “Dying Fetus – Stop at nothing”

  1. Yea he is like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory+PewDiePie+over apologetic kid. He also acts like he is fucking 6 when he is 14.

  2. Agreed. There is this kid named Nick in my school and he is the biggest faggot in the world. I mean this kid gets a perfect score on a test and he asked the teacher while we are doing test corrections "Hey do I need to do test corrections?" He also asked his girlfriend, "Do you find me the easiest person to talk to?" Also he doesn't get sarcasm ans apologizes when he doesn't have to. He always says that he is not good with social q's and people just forgive him. I hate that basterd.

  3. you know the lyrics on this whole album deserve better than the comments left here. this really is some of the best death metal ever released. too bad death metal has some of the stupidest fans around.

  4. @MTbowler my closest friend is named nick and he took me to go see testament slayer and megadeth front row douche

  5. @ChrisHisWickedness you proclaim Christ's name after calling two groups of people "huge assholes"? You're giving us Christians a bad name. sounds like someone belongs to Westboro.

    in other news, Dying Fetus is great. can't wait to see them live again.

  6. this music isnt evil, its denouncing the evil in the world, at least what is evil to them, the artists, its one of the many things i like about dying fetus.

  7. Damn satanists, they're much worse than atheists, and those guys are huge assholes that are full of themselves. HAIL JESUS. Jesus Christ is the savior

  8. @nickgamble21 STFU you Faggot, This is the kind of music Your mom hears when Im fucking her up the butt so I wouldent be talking shit. And So what If He sayed Hail Satan? HAIL SATAN YOU FUCKING FAGGOT

  9. @Dssmetal69 thats sad… you should have done it cause he dont need his balls if he like anything else (or irish music)

  10. holy shit .. you can't compair dying fetus and the berzerker!!

    dying fetus is so fucking much more better than gay berzerker's

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