34 Replies to “DYING FETUS – "Subjected to a Beating"”

  1. Thirteen years I was locked away,
    A life thrown under the wheel.
    As each day passed, I never looked back,
    Just a beat down body with a mind intact

    Counting days inside my head
    Set the trap, stab my back, then walk away
    Framed and judged, left behind to take the blame
    Slam the door, cut the cord, and cast aside

    I don't care what it takes, you're fucking dead!

    I never used to be so full of hate
    It just grew and grew by the hour and day
    Dreams of death, cold revenge
    Now any means justifies the end

    All of my thoughts set to kill
    I'm never gonna stop
    Until I have your head
    No matter how long whatever will come
    To end your life is my reason to live

    I'll haunt and hunt you down,
    Traitor of the brotherhood
    Defect and run a once and future failure gone
    A trail of schizophrenic lies follow your forgotten steps
    As fake laughter hides the serpent tongue behind your breath

    Veracity expelled, you thrive on your deceit
    Lying comes with ease just like your all-consuming greed
    The stroke of midnight passed, the penance hour nears
    Each nerve alive with fear, an omen of your ending coming fast

    Subjected to a beating
    I'll choke the life out from your eyes
    Subjected to a beating
    Only when you're dead can I be free
    And God won't hear you fucking scream

    Cold blooded homicide is what it takes to be sure
    To put my fist to your face and spill your guts out on the floor
    Like a thousand red stabs of pain, for each day I was locked away
    You'll taste every ounce of blood as it pours out from what used to be your head

    No redemption
    No regrets
    No excuses
    Only death

    Execution so long coming, finally attained
    Gasping out, last words uttered, only were my name
    Pure revenge, all consuming, perfectly arranged
    Satisfaction, pure elation, nothing else remains

    But one less fucking human on the Earth

  2. Allow me to shed some light on this situation. Screamo=screaming+emo like black veil brides, pierce the veil and all those douchers.   Screaming is a style of vocals NOT screamo.

  3. Screamo is just a sing technique, it´s like saying that Death Metal is clasified as growls instead of Death Metal..

  4. LOL BDM are not screamo…. just because a singer doesnt screams doesn't make it screamo thats like saying that a song is country music because it has acoustic guitar in it.

  5. Suicide Silnce is just deathcore, motionless in white i don't know what the fuck it is (screamo i guess) and Black Dahlia is melodic death.

  6. actually, there are screamo bands that go on topics of death metal songs. like suicide silence, motionless in white, and black dahlia murder.

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