38 Replies to “Dying Fetus – Tearing Inside The Womb”

  1. Sure, was just saying that a musical genre is not Satanic. Sometimes people who play music just happen to have satanic views. Tends to be black metal more than a lot of other genres though. There is Christian Black Metal too as weird as it sounds.

  2. Back in the day, my taste in music was dictated by the philosophy "the crazier the better."

    I still can't seem to let go of that..

  3. The song is was released on the album infatuation with malevolence and not on grotesque impalement, or am i mistaking?

  4. I just bought the t-shirt last week at their show with title of this song written on the back and a dead fetus on the front. It's brutal.

  5. "The Body Revealing A Stump, Gasp At The Hideous Sight, She'll Rot Before Me, She Deserves This Death, She'll Rot So Beautifully." <3 :3

  6. @spawnstrada In fact they are gonna sell some reissue in january , don't remember the date but i'll buy them for sure!

  7. why they don´t sell their 3 first discs again ????

    unfatuation with malevolence
    purification through violence
    grotesque impalement

    i have all discs but these discs i can`t find in anywhere

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