33 Replies to “DYING FETUS – War Of Attrition (Full Album Stream)”

  1. a Dying Fetus les apesta la verga es una gran banda haha la verdad perros … otro pinche pedo …. gran bandon ….

  2. 1- Justifiable homicidal retribution
    2- Dr. Fate of the condemned
    3- raping the system of a down
    4- Osama binsidious repression
    5- unadulterated hatred of a minute
    6- the testimony of the ancient rivalry
    7- the parasites of catastrophe
    8- man is obsolete deterrence

  3. There should be a new genre named after Dying Fetus, called Dying Metal. If more bands were as good as and played as good as them it would revolutionize Metal.

  4. Wow this record was released 10 years ago. I remember visiting Dying Fetus's Myspace page to hear these tracks in 2007.

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