39 Replies to “DYING FETUS – Wrong One To **** With (guitar & bass cover)”

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  2. Killer matchup!! You two compliment each other in musicianship and determination! Stay sexy, chica! 😉

  3. Can someone explain to me HOW you can get that sort of Bass sound? what settings or what distortion you need for it? i just can't figure it out…

  4. Here, I'll sing along with the correct lyrics:

    A ror rorror ror rorra ror rorr a rorra roorr
    Rorra ror rok rrorr argha roora aroor a groorrr
    A ror rror or ror rrrrror arrrorr arg ror grorra rorrra ror
    Wrong one to * with!

  5. I don’t think there’s to much that you can’t play. Impressive! Yes, I’m jealous. Jeff Loomis perhaps? Sounds difficult to my ears.

  6. Ahh dude takes his fingers so far off the fretboard and it drives me nuts. Just thinking about all that wasted motion. He's a good bassist, but could probably be faster if he didn't open his hand and spread all his fingers every time he moved.

  7. 3:24 that transition is the sickest shit I heard in awhile! The sound of accepting a gruesome death as you watch it approaching you.

  8. I'm very impressed that's a hard-ass song to play took me awhile to figure out that one very good Elena

  9. @Elena Can you Play any popular song By Cryptic Slaughter and post it or buried In the Back yard by Cannibal Corpse

  10. holy shit you guys sound perfect everyone of you. do you have any albums i can purchase to support you?

  11. Hello, didn't you have a video cover of Decapitated? I can't find it anywhere ;( I guess it was nihility anti-human manifesto

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