34 Replies to “DYING [email protected] Impalement-Trey Williams-Live in Poland 2017 (Drum Cam)”

  1. I hate dudes that occupy the front row and don't do shit. Get in the groove of the fucking song goddammit! Throw horns and hair!

  2. Someone do a professional recording of him playing along to his own stuff….live shit is cool but need pro sound quality

  3. I'm pretty sure this is my favourite Fetus track. Grotesque Impalement as an EP in general. And a few of them are covers but they totaly sound like Fetus.

  4. when i saw them i was air drumming, trey looked at me and smiled , that made my day already than it had been made.

  5. 2:38 feeling it big time, so fucking brutal. For those that don't know this is Treys favorite song to play, even though he wasn't originally a part of it.

  6. I just started kinda getting into these guys like a year ago… Def looking forward to the new album! Cattle Decapitation is still the best tho lol…!

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