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today marks the start of national infertility Awareness Week the trials of pregnancy and fertility can be overwhelming pure joy when you get pregnant but on the other side there can be moments of heartbreak it doesn't happen the way you plan this morning I'm sharing my own family's struggle to help shed the stigma we got really lucky with Calvin I mean we tried maybe one or two months and we got pregnant right away I ended up having an emergency c-section I had Calvin and I fell in love 9 months ago we decided that we really wanted to have another baby I went to my OBGYN and I just said we've been trying for about six months and I don't I don't really know what's going on but my cycles are all over the place she took my blood work and the results showed that I have a very low egg count instead of having the egg count of a 37 year old and more like mid-40s so she said typically I would tell you to try for a year before I sent you to a fertility specialist she said but because your egg count is low we don't really have that much time so she recommended me to dr. Rachman and I saw him right away he said huh I thought so my uterus was two-thirds scarred shut you can't have a baby in those kind of conditions so he says we need to have a surgery he goes in clears out the scar tissue we get pregnant like that I had the pregnancy test sitting right over here and I said Brian can you hand me that and he sees the pregnancy test and it's positive and easy yet he runs over to me it's like that moment you wait for five weeks go by I wake up to just massive bleeding to the point where like I'm standing in the shower and I it just won't stop I wake Brian up and I tell him that and I said I think I lost the baby the first thing you said to me is you didn't lose the baby it's your body doing what is it needs to do you didn't do anything wrong he's so supportive and I get to work and I have to do the Today Show and I have to smile that's what we do you push it down get through the show I go to the doctor they do an ultrasound baby's still in there the bleeding's just a fluke bleeding everything's fine few more days go on and I'm still bleeding I went back to the doctor and he just looked at me and he said I'm so sorry for you and it was you know when he said that I was like that is the perfect thing you can say right now I am blessed with the family that I have but going through a miscarriage and not knowing what the future holds is emotional and I just want people to know that I'm going through it too Dillons husband brian joins us now along with her infer doctor and fertility specialist dr. David Ryan thank you both for coming in this morning thanks guys I just saw them off camera before the start I said this is a plunge but I think the one thing about this show is we recognize that it's a platform and it's in a gift and as much as we share the good sometimes we share this challenges too so I think first things first why did you decide to share I think we agreed that this this is something that you need more awareness of you know there there's this this guilt that you have for wanting a second child when I have friends of my own who couldn't have a single child so here I am being selfish that I want to have a second child and say no that is not the case this is our world and just like some people might say well Jenna just announced she's pregnant today and I think you're great I'm so happy for her that's her world this is my world and my sadness doesn't take away from anyone else's happiness and my sadness isn't minimized because someone else has a sadder situation it's now we can't which I I don't want people to qualify anyone's emotions everyone is has the right to feel they like so yeah we're very lucky to have Calvin yeah but this is this is my family and if something like this happens I'm gonna feel sad and and I don't want anyone to tell me if I should or shouldn't cut it's my wife my child and that's my main focus and that's my priority maybe it'll help other people realize it's okay to have these feelings you know I admittedly had not heard of secondary infertility was not a not a concept that I was familiar with dr. Gershman what what is that so infertility is trying to have a baby and not being able to so typically we define that as 12 months of trying but over the age of 35 for the woman we call that six months of trying the secondary part of that is someone who's had a child previously and is now struggling for their second or third child because we had Calvin right away you know and I thought when we decided to have a second child we'd have our second child right away but I kind of had an interesting situation because my c-section actually caused significant scarring but that is that typical I mean what why are people why are we seeing secondary infertility on the rise by far and away the most common cause is age so pee we're waiting longer to have their first children and therefore the second and the third child comes later so typically it's its age specifically for secondary infertility whereas primary infertility can be any number of causes in your case you had a pretty rare complication from a cesarean section a c-section where the uterus had severe scarring afterwards basically closed for business so this is an interesting situation where now you know we love you we're invested in you and and everybody wants the best now what you know this we're not doing a story where we say okay so now this is what's happened or this is where we are at the end now we're on this journey with you so now what that's kind of what we're here to say is we're kind of in the middle of it right now like a lot of people are right and it just seemed like the right time I mean if we go through with IVF I mean we're still hoping to get pregnant but IVF is probably our next our next step before we even saw dr. rushman we had to come up we did just communicate with each other and it's really painful you don't want to talk about it but you have to it makes everything just be open with each other and that's helping us a lot we have you know definitive landmarks on it like we have a we have a line in the sand that we are making decisions off of but it's very specific and it's our plan together that we made and I and I also think it's important to like we've talked about you have to advocate for yourself if there's a doctor that you don't feel like is listening to you then you have to find the right doctor and if you feel like something's not right I mean for us to have been trying for as long as we were at age 37 something wasn't right you know and you kind of went in and and you found what we thought was our main problem but but now we're gonna start the IVF process you know in the shots and the scheduling and the bloodwork and I mean everything that goes into it so we don't really know what to expect right now how are you not physically but I mean a part of me feels a little mad at my body for not being able to do this naturally but that's that's why we have amazing doctors and that's why I've got a great support system and God has a plan and I pray every night just let me stay out of your way and you do what is best for us and and then figure that out Dylan is the greatest mother the best friend nothing this was her fault it's just her body doing what it's supposed to do right you are that's right yeah when this happened we we had plans with Hoda and Dillon came to me and she like you saw the piece yeah so she had to go to the doctors and we met with Hoda to a Sesame Street Live and she's there's the first time I ever said it she asked what's wrong and I said Dillon had a miscarriage and if I couldn't have my friends they're my family who better depo to there to lay this off you're gonna break down but we'll just figure out what's gonna happen yeah we love you thank you thank you thank you did a lot of good this morning no crying okay for more about coping with secondary infertility you were changing the world my friend there's so many women who can relate to I hope you want to share your own story you can read the lands blog about this experience we put it all there on today.com slash parents we'll be right back you

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  1. I love Dylan Dreyer so much. She radiates purity. I believe she is a Christian in her heart and loves God and Jesus. Brian Fichera is a lucky son of a gun. Mornings with her and the cast of Today are warming and uplifting,

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  3. I can't stand the 4 people in this show this 3 and Al their hatefulness to each others is so tangible so I don't watch them.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. May you continue to draw comfort and strength from the Lord. May you see his glory through your journey and remember daily God is at work for your highest good and his greatest glory. May continue to find the beauty he is bringing forth from these ashes…

  5. I just love that this show is opening up about life using their own crew. Is more realistic, more human. Thank you 🙏🏼

  6. check out www.fertilityforreal.com. i conceived at 45 finally! i made this service brand to help others. join us!

  7. I’m in tears watching. I’m going through the same thing with secondary infertility. I will pray for you.

  8. Thanks Dylan. I’m 36 and going through similar circumstances. I don’t feel so alone hearing your story. Thanks for being vulnerable, it’s very brave.

  9. I can not believe there are 16 dislikes to this video, what kind of people are you. My mom couldn't have any children, and adopted my sister and I, we have had a very good life, and are truly blessed. My sister also had 4 miscarriages, but we have been blessed with 2 wonderful kids, my niece is now 24, and amazing, and a nephew that is 17, also amazing, and musically talented…people are so quick to judge, if you read one of the comments below. Everything in life is God's plan weather you choose to believe it or not. Don't rush to judge anyone, until you know the Story. May God Bless Dylan and Brian with another child, their little guy Calvin, is so cute.

  10. As women we are raised to know that having kids is such a natural part of life. When you get to that stage in your life and you are not getting pregnant, it is such a difficult, sad, confusing, and really stressful place to be. After a miscarraige and years of not getting pregnant (even after seeing a fertility doctor), my husband and I decided to go the adoption route. We brought both our children home from the hospital right after they were born. I now thank God for not allowing us to have our kids the normal way. I can't imagine not having my daughter and son in our lives. I am open to talk to anyone that is going through this.

  11. Wonder why she chose NOW when Jenna Bush just announced her pregnancy. Seems like a publicity stunt or grab. Divert attention from Jenna? Just seems to me to be tasteless timing.

  12. I do not take for granted the fact that I stopped taking the pill and did not have a cycle, I immediately got pregnant. I’m due in 2 weeks and I am so grateful because I’ve wanted to be a mom my entire life. My fiancé, my step daughter and I are so excited to meet this little man.

  13. no proper food intake and too many junk foods and no proper physical care are part of the reasons many current generation couples cant conceive

  14. l had 3 miscarriage the last one we hear the heartbeat, we both cried, we have now two sons, age 22 & 24. we wanted a girl to but it never happen, am feel bless with my two son.

  15. It is not God's will that that some can not have children, as they or even you would be the best parents, sometimes his hands Are just tied, Have hope and Love, His will is always done in love. IF You can't have children or even a single child it is not because God has any Judgment on you. You are LOVED, embrace this fact!

  16. Thank you for sharing your story with us! You are impacting so many people out there! Sending thoughts and prayers to your family! ❤️

  17. Always been a fan of Dylan ! Everything works out for a reason . it’s a hard conversation to discuss , but we all need to have it , thank you 😊

  18. So much love and support sitting on that couch together! That's what got me crying. And yes…no comparative suffering. Life is hard and it hurts sometimes. Wishing you all the best going forward. Thanks for sharing.

  19. My mom always says you can’t compare your struggles or joys w/ others. Everyone has a cup and it only holds so much. When it is full it is full. What fills your cup is not fair to compare it with others because each person has their own limit as to what fills their cup. It has allowed me to look at others with far more compassion!

  20. They are the sweetest couple!! Brian is very sweet and supportive, he seems like the nicest guy ever! I don’t even know them, but love how awesome they are with their family.

  21. omg, I thought she was pregnant a few weeks ago. But since I didn't see her getting bihger, I thought it was just me. Wow, I had no idea.

  22. ❤️When She talked about her husband saying that, “She didn’t loose the baby” I broke down. I resonated with that so much. I had a miscarriage on my first Mother’s Day after having my son, back in 2015. That was one of the most painful thing I’d ever been through. I still think about that baby, I’ll never forget my Eli Faith. We have been able to have two more children since then, but at times I wonder what life would be like if I had been able to carry that baby to term. Sending your family my prayers, I know this road is a hard, and painful one to walk.

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