e.p.t. Webisode: 40 Weeks Supporter

I swear, I knew when I saw him I was gonna
marry him. When he told me he didn’t want kids
anymore, I literally, we broke up and before he even moved out of the
house, I had signed up with the sperm donor agency and done my first IUI. On the second date he took me to Yankee Stadium and, I don’t know, he just dazzled me We ended up going out to the movies, and the rest is history. Gosh, I’ve had three miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy, and one chemical pregnancy. So this is my sixth… yeah, this is my sixth pregnancy. And
everything is going well. Alright Let’s do this Ugh! You can’t see. It says “not pregnant”. Maybe later we can surprise daddy! “Can you say hi?” “Hi!” Ok, all right, we’ll be right back! PREGNANT! My whole life has changed since I got pregnant, I feel like, already. And she’s not even here. “You’re pregnant?” “Yeah.” “I knew it! I knew it!” “I just took a test, I didn’t know!” “I told you! I told you! Yay!”

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