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  1. 😢😢😢 I dont experienced any of this symptoms.. My period is about to happen for the next three days.. We were trying to get pregnant for almost 9 months..

  2. My symptoms is breast pain abdominal cramps early morning head pain.. my last period is March 31 until now I'm waiting to confirm..pls pray for me😘

  3. I am so glad you made this vedio because I am cramping before my period it's way to early I didn't know if I was pregnant I also have some of the other signs u have so maybe I should get a pregnancy test

  4. I’m 5 days late.. and I have been very tired lately.. And very moody. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative.

  5. I've been peeing every 5 seconds lately my period ended April 3 but me nd my partner had intercourse after my period ended

  6. Hello.. 😊 How many days do i need to wait before i do pregnancy test after i missed my period?… 😊😊

  7. I see all these people who know what week they are in their menstrual cycles, I don't even know what day my last period was…

  8. Can you get vasovagal syncope on the second day after conception? On that day for me (if I've conceived), I had a very unusual episode of feeling a very palpable and sickening flutter in my abdomen for about 30 minutes. I didn't know what was going on, so I just curled up into the fetal position on my bed. I could hear my blood pounding in my ears, I felt like I was underwater, and I felt nauseous and weak. Then, it went away just as if it hadn't happened. The only other thing is that I felt the mittelschmerz pain in my left ovary the day before (the day I may have conceived) and the weirdest sudden burst of warmth in my left tube about an hour after sex that lasted for about ten minutes. I've since been feeling those stabbing little pains on the left side on and off throughout the day. I was pregnant only very briefly once before (miscarriage), and I didn't have these symptoms. Does this sound like pregnancy signs or something else? Thanks.

  9. I think your video is clearing a lot of my questions. I've never been pregnant before and this is my first weirdest pre-pms symptoms that I have ever experienced. I was pretty crampy since my ovulation day and today is my 9DPO. My nipples were so sensitive and painful the last few days.. today lesser. But another symptoms I discover today is my cm is whitish, creamy and more than usual.

  10. Ma'am, I had my period on 2nd Feb… and from 14th day of my period there is cramping in my lower abdomen..almost the period cramping.. There is slight cervical mucus too.. I am starving more.. Still a week is left for my period.. I had never suffered these cramps in the mid days of my cycle.. Please help what is this

  11. This is so comforting to know that not all mothers spot or have sore boobs, with my miscarriages my symptoms were similar to pre menstrual but I haven’t had cramps or spotting or sore boobs and I’m waiting for my period 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Did you taste metal after you ate? Did you test before your missed period? As for the white uterine fluid does it continuously come out? Thanks for your vid and congrats Momma!

  13. This is a weird symptom but has anyone ever experienced uterine vibrations? I've never has this before and it would be my first child if I'm pregnant..Thanks for this video! Insightful

  14. you gave me hope again. waiting till i miss my period to confirm, but my heart is feeling more positive that i might be. Thank youuuuu

  15. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for making this video I'm only 14 years old and I am worried that I may be pregnant I have no family or friends to talk to about this so this video has helped me a lot to figure out if I am or am not and I have all of the signs so I guess I am but right now I'm just playing the waiting game I wish I had someone to talk to about this stuff but this video has helped me a lot

  16. Hey so I have a question. I have been struggling to get pregnant for 2 years now. And out of the blue I have been getting headaches, when I burp it taste like throw up, consistent cramps, nausea, I’m starving. And cramps in my belly button . I haven’t got a period (my periods are really irregular) I have a feeling I could be pregnant but I’m afraid to take a test cause I don’t want be disappointed with yet another negative. Does it sound like a could be? Or am I just crazy.

  17. Any suggestions on best pregnancy tests? I’m three days late now and tested 3 days ago but got a negative..

  18. So me and my husband are trying for a baby boy and we tried the day before, day of, and day after ovulation. I have been tracking my periods and even took an ovulation test. I’ve done lots of research on trying to have a boy and it all says to have sex on ovulation day. Now I know you did the same exact thing basically and ended up with a girl ?? I’m wondering how that ended up happening. Congrats btw..were seriously hoping for a boy! Lol I have a few days until I can test, wish me luck!

  19. Oh god i feel the same this 2 weeks and i don’t want to feel exciting and then get negative, i will wait until I miss my period.

  20. Hi Lyndsey, did you fallopian pain feel like a throbbing at all? I felt a full throbbing ache in my left fallopian tube since ovulation. I am.also ridiculously emotional… havent been this emotional since i had in hormonal contraception. I feel crazy but i just feel it.

  21. I had brown discharge on my 25 th day and today is 27 having cramping and breast soreness, don't know what's gonna happen… Praying for a positive result..

  22. Can I have any symptoms after my ovulation day.? I had unprotected sex on the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th (28th is my ovulation day )

  23. Thanks for your video! Super helpful! Your symptom (CD24) was the same for me!! Which is super weird because I never have that problem. I have not tested yet, but looking to test in a few days!! Xo

  24. I'm having a lot of symptom like yours I'm still waiting on my period I hope this is the month I miss it and hopefully I'm pregnant!! congrats on the new baby

  25. I have had two babies and didn't really have heightened smell, no implantation bleeding. Honestly I had no idea till the positive pregnancy test. I was a bit suspicious when I was nauseas and decided to take a test during my first. Then, I submitted a urine drug screen for a volunteer position and the med tech called me to tell me I was pregnant 4 days before my expected period. The thing is I've had all your symptoms and more and wasn't pregnant for several cycles. I wasn't trying to conceive with my second and I was busy with my 8 month old so honestly I probably wouldn't have guessed until much later without that call.

  26. This sounds stupid.

    I'm 17 and I'm a virgin and i know I sound mental but I'm experiencing the same things as a pregnant woman. I am throwing up, have a sharp pain around the abdominal area but only at like 6 I clock and I missed my period but still have discharge so I'm very confused and likr whenever I watched those videos of girls who thought they were pregnant I used to think they were stupid but now I feel like I am and it sounds very weird coming from a virgin + someone who strongly believes when they know the symptoms of pregnancy. It scares me though it truly does or maybe I'm just paranoid but this isn't me and it's not the usual me even though I've always dreamed of having a baby no matter what the age this is confusing ??

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