Easiest Way to Pollinate Squash Plants for Highest Yields

This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com.
I have another exciting episode for you and I’m standing here in front of my super huge
monster trellis in front of my kakai pumpkin bed with a whole bunch of kakai and also some
other zucchini squashes planted in there. What we’re going to do today is we’re going
to have a fun episode on how to increase your yields with the kakai pumpkins, other pumpkins,
other squashes, whether they’re zucchini squash or winter squashes by doing some pollination.
We’re literally going to learn about the birds and the bees for the squash plants here. Now,
remember back to junior high or high school, you may have had a sex ed class. I know I
did. We learned about reproduction of people, but we didn’t learn about botany or how plants
reproduce. Well, most of use anyways, unless you’re a plant geek. Now, I never went to,
you know, a botany class or never majored in biology, I don’t have any degree in horticulture,
but, you know, today I’m going to show you how easy it is to learn about the birds and
the bees and about pumpkin reproduction, vey simply and very easily. So, first let’s go
ahead and show you some different flowers and explain to you what they are, how they
work, and how to pollinate and how to increase your yields. First thing we need to do is
figure out what a male and a female flower looks like. So, the first thing I’m going
to show you guys is a male flower. I’m a male, and this is a male flower. It’s very easy
to distinguish, you know. Number 1, what you’re going to notice is you’re going to notice
on the stem, the stem comes straight up, as you can see right here, straight up, and there’s
no engorged parts, you know. If there’s an engorged part or and enlargement no the stem,
then it’s a female. That’s one easy way to determine. The other way, which is actually
even easier, is look into the middle of the flower, as you can see. We can see the middle
of the flower, and what you’re going to want to look for is the little piece that comes
up right in the center. We’re going to carefully tear this apart for you guys so you guys can
see inside the middle, and what we’re wanting to look at is just that little thing sticking
out right there. Now, you know, if that thing right there looks like your thing, and what
we’re talking about is this thing right here, if that thing looks like your thing. So, you
can check your thing, I’m checking my thing, and you can say, ‘Okay, my thing looks like
that thing,’ then it’s a male. Well, that’s if you’re a male. If you’re a female and it
looks like your thing, then it’s a female. Well, this is a male flower, because it looks
like my thing right here. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to, you know, as you
can see, I cut off the leaf here, and we have the little my thing, or the male flower right
here, and, oh, and many people just discard these. What I want to recommend for you guys
is actually as you pull them off, eat it. The flower is really rich in antioxidants,
really excellent flavor. I love it. Anyways, not we’re going to take the plant thing and
pollinate some other plant things Now, I got a male by the stem, is that like a bull by
the horns? We could take our male, and now impregnate or pollinate some females. Now,
fortunately or the plant, there’s actually a lot more males than females, so you might
have a hard time finding a female, and I have that problem in personal life, but nonetheless,
looks like we found a female right there. So, let’s go ahead and give you guys a close-up
on the female and how it looks. Now, we’re going to show you guys a female flower, and
let me go ahead and open her up so you can see in the middle. So, besides showing you
guys the inside of the flower, what I want to show you guys is actually the base of the
female flower. As you remember, this is our male here. It has the flower and just the
stem, but if look on the back of the female here, you can see right in here it has the
stem coming out but then there’s an engorged area, or and enlarged area, much like a pregnant
lady, but actually this is actually the small fruits forming. Now, what we want to do is
we want to impregnate or pollinate the female flower. So, let’s go ahead and go over and
show you guys. So, in the middle of the female flower, you know, it looks like a female people
reproductive parts. I kind of just has like a whole bunch of different things and it doesn’t
look like a male by any means or any long shot. Many people may use a paintbrush and
get some pollen off the male or, you know, a qtip or a pencil eraser and get some pollen
off the male. I prefer to just use the real deal. Why pleasure the plant with something
fake when you could use the real thing? So, what we’re going to do is we’re just going
to take the female here, spread the female petal open wide and we’re just going to carefully
take this guy and just brush around the edge very carefully of the female. Now, you don’t
want to necessarily jam it down the middle like we would. Wait, relax, don’t do it when
you want to go to it. What you want to do is generally take the make and jut, you know,
brush it gently, caress gently, the female around the edges to get some pollen in there,
and, you know, let nature do the rest. Just like a praying mantis after you, you know,
have pollinated a few females with one male, eat it. Wow, actually, that tasted quite good.
So, that’s really how easy it to pollinate your flowers, your squash flowers, you know.
By pollinating you’re basically going to ensure that you’re going to have fruit created. Now,
do we need to pollinate? Well, you know, if you have bees and other insects in your area,
then you shouldn’t even have to worry about pollination. If you are using something like
row covers to exclude the bad bugs, then you will probably actually want to pollinate to
ensure you get good yield. Doesn’t take a lot to pollinate and actually it’s a quite
fun and rewarding experience, plus also very tasty, too, ’cause after you’re done pollinating,
don’t forget to eat them. I love eating my squash flowers. I think I mostly like the
females when they turn into fruit and not the males, but males are delicious nonetheless.
So, to sum it up, it’s really easy to pollinate the squashes. All you got to do is, you know,
look t the plant parts, check your parts, if they’re the same, then it’s the same. Gender
is yourself, and then pick the males and pollinate the females and call it a done day. Enjoy
some flowers in the process. In the end I want to remind you guys to ensure nice large
fruit, and I like nice large fruit, you want to ensure you pollinate your squash plants.
Now, the last thing I want to mention is that if you want to harvest your squash blossom,
cause it’s this guy right here, you know, they make fabulous decorations for nice pretty
girls ear, or maybe even a pretty guys, then what you’re going to want to do is you’re
going to want to harvest the males. There’s far many and more males than females and harvest
the extra males after you pollinated all the females, and then actually you could use these
and I actually like to use these fresh on salads. They make the salad look great. You
could also tear the petals up and, you know, put them on top of your salad. You could use
the petals like actually leafy greens. They’re actually very high in a beta-carotene and
other phytonutrients that are quite essential for us. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode
about plant reproduction, you know. I knew I went to high school for something, and I
don’t think this was it, but anyways, it’s really easy to pollinate your squashes. Once
again, remember the birds and the bees. If you don’t got the bees, you got to hand pollinate.
Once again, my name is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. We’ll see you next time and keep on growin

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