24 Replies to “Easy Crochet Baby Hat – Parker Newborn Beanie”

  1. Great and easy video!!! I want to make these to donate for newborns. I already new the basics of crochet but you made this just so simple and easy… thank you!! And it's so cute too.

  2. I have followed this pattern to a T with medium weight yarn and a 5.0 hook. This is the third pattern that I have tried and each time my hat does not take a bowl shape. It becomes flattery looking and when folded in half looks more like a kidney bean. I am using a Vannas choice yarn medium weight 4. What do you think I may be doing wrong

  3. Im I the only one who has the FPDC then double crochet bit curbing up and looking like a sun hat?? Ive tried it several times. I ended up just doing doing FPDC all around. Not sure whats up. Lol

  4. I just finished mine! Some how it's not as tiny or condensed as yours. Gonna make another one, guess baby can wear this one when her head is bigger lol

  5. I just found out we’re expecting TRIPLETS this summer. I wonder if I should make them a little smaller than NB size.

  6. I am very new to crocheting but loved this video. I would like to make these beanies for 10-12 year olds, young adults and adults. Please advise how I can achieve this. I knit a lot and would like to donate crochet beanies as well to the hospitals. Thank you. Kathleen

  7. I made one and it came out sooo beautiful! Front post dc looks so nice!!
    Thank you so much for making and sharing💞.

  8. Love how easy the hats are to make. Thank you. A friend wants me to make a hatvwith elephant ears on it. Any pattern to make it. That's not complicated?

  9. I love this tutorial!! You made it so simple. Literally I made it. And will make more. Question. Would you know how I can add a letter "m" to the hat? That would be so helpful . Thank you!!!!!!! Now for the booties and hand mittens

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