Easy DIY Portable Real Wooden Backdrop (Newborn Photoshoot background)

[Applause] well hello thank you so much for watching this video my name is finna full-time photographer here in the Netherlands today I'm gonna show you how I am making a wooden backdrop from this wood I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna paint it and how I'm gonna use it in a photo session so here I am with my wood and it's gonna be super easy and the fun part about this background is that you can actually roll it up and take it with you so that's great for for example newborn photographers who go to people their homes to take photos and you have to put everything in your car I do have my son here with me in the studio I actually just finished a newborn session then my husband dropped him off I did take some photos of him with my new backdrop here with the garland and now we're gonna just work together to create the wooden backdrop and then I'm gonna go home we're gonna have lines I'm gonna put him down for his net okay so first of all what you need is wood of course this one was really cheap it was a package with six pieces of wood and my husband cut them all in half I won't get destroyed in the process so I've got eleven pieces of wood here I've got like a stapler or it says a universal tecar with special super hurts staples these ones are 12 millimeter I got some chalk paint yeah I got a ribbon just a random ribbon and a paintbrush so let's go okay so I'm gonna put all the woods next to each other and the way I wanted this wood can actually be connected I'm not gonna let it be connected and I'm gonna show you later why and I actually quite light like I quite like the line in the middle a good sign or a bad sight but your wood does have that I would recommend you to put the bedside facing the top and the good side facing the bottom and this will be my floor board like because these pieces of wood have like a special inside where you can connect them but I'm not gonna use that I do get lines in between but I quite like it so yeah once they're all together we're just gonna get out the ribbon okay big feel the staples don't fit because the machine says you can use it for staples from 4 to 10 millimeters mines are 12 so they don't enter so I'm gonna continue this video with some other time well hello this is attempt number 2 I'm gonna try and make the wooden backdrop and I am I sitting here in the studio again so yeah last time I bought the wrong staples so now I bought the right ones 10 millimeter that fit into this machine I have my wooden planks right here cool paint I think my son took the paint brush but ribbons and sandpaper that's pretty much really neat so let's see if they fit and now I'm gonna thank you cut up some ribbons which are gonna be stapled onto the back my husband actually informed me about tikani he saw it somewhere that people would just roll up a wooden backdrop and then they would be able to take it with them so that's cool I like my idea what you do is you just put the ribbons on the back and then you staple them onto the wood and that means you can actually roll up your wood a backdrop and take it with you somebody goes people there are homes you do photo section in possessions in their homes you have your own portable backdrop we're gonna paint it and like this really cool old green color so I aligned all the pieces of wood together I've put the ribbon on the back now comes the scary part I'm gonna staple the ribbons on to the woods with the stapler is like really strong and scary okay so I'm gonna keep my son out of this area by giving him a cookie and I'm gonna start [Applause] so here we go I should be careful is it stripe scratching the floor here we go let's connect it to each other you can roll it up the other way I mean they can move a little bit because of every bit as far as backgrounds go if you put your a piece of glue closer together and they don't have these crazy parts where you can actually connect them it's even easier to roll it off and put a lay it flat for now these types of painting I'm gonna use it as a solid background Handa in the studio I'm not gonna move it around too much I'm just gonna leave it in one spot be careful there are staples on the other side which returns scratching power if you start moving this around because there are metal pieces on the other side which can scratch your floor so if you go to people their homes through like a newborn our sitter sessions and you take these backdrops with you be careful that you roll it out in one spot and leave it there and not move it around because of the steepness on the other side time to paint so I've covered the floor with all these like wires that we some stores here and there just free they bring into your home these flyers I'm gonna put my background on what I have here right now is this chalk faint its home decode chalk paint it's super cheap it's from a store called action here in the Netherlands I love the a nice long chalk paint as well I love the color duck egg blue it's a bit more expensive I bought this cheaper version it's kind of like this greenish old greenish color I'm gonna give it a distressed look afterwards by like sending it but first we're just gonna paint it it's a water-based paint so what I'm going to do it's just with a bang straight on the wood like it doesn't have to be like super nice and tiny just gonna get some water getting some water later with some sandpaper I'm gonna maybe even like get it give it a more distressed look and I think it's just cool when you have like a newborn in a bowl and you just take a photo from the stuff well you have this cool wooden like for underneath also with a cedar when you take a photo from the from the forest like a backdrop as well on one points it's more like thicker under things at one point you can really see in one part you can see some part and really see the wooden structure underneath it's still wet I just painted it you can already see it looks a little bit like distressed I love the way it looks it looks more I don't know he's a blue is a green please tell me hints are all clean again cuz it's really easy to wash off like a water-based paint when you mean nothing sponsored I'm gonna let it dry now I'm gonna head home with my son then next time in the studio I'm gonna send it maybe a little bit just see what it looks like because I see that the wood is absorbing the paint as well so you can already see some of the wooden structure underneath the thing so maybe I don't even have to stand it and it's just fine like this the wood is already really smooth so there's no ah splinters I like the color and yeah next I'm gonna show you how I'm using it and then with the photo is gonna turn out to be like so it's in your day it is Saturday yeah but I thought I would just show you my piece of flooring as you can see the paint is dry and the paint has been absorbed by the wood a little bit so you can see the wooden structure underneath the paint I really like it like this I'm not going to send it for now I'm just gonna leave it and then use it and then see if I'm gonna send it later so I'm gonna put a piece of fabric on the back of my wooden panel because now I'm kind of scared to move it around because it has the staples on the back which scratches on my normal studio floor so I have a backdrop and I have two of them actually and one is like gigantic and I don't really use it anyway because I have the other one so I'm gonna cut a piece off and then staple it to the back of my wooden panel so it's protected on the back and it doesn't scratch on your floor and of course I'm going to put this paper on the side not on the bottom because then you'll have the same effect so today it's Sunday and have two newborn sessions with little girls and I'm going to try out this one again so that's really cool and hopefully I can feel here you can see the decor I've picked up for now just yeah the earthy tone so not as much green in the bowl to be mix right here panels right here for now and then I want to take photos of the girl on the panel I'll move the panel over there and then just turn her out myself box [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well that was really such a great session and such a beautiful girl and she was sleeping and the parents were okay with me filming they actually filmed me while I was taking some photos so that was really cool so I could show you some footage of me with the baby on the beanbag and using the new floor that I created so thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed it please like subscribe leave a comment and then I'll see you in the comments you'll see you in my next video which I always say at the end anyway just you share with me that you also feel inspired to make like a portable wooden backdrop made a little real wood type that you can just take along with you and roll it up and put it back down just let me know okay bye bye

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  1. Hello my dear.. thank you for sharing.. you inspire me with your work and crafts.. keep up with the great work..

  2. For the Staples on the back scratching the floor ….. Im thinking you can hot glue another piece of ribbon on top of the other one and will protect a little more 🙂

  3. it looks green i love your videos i just found your channel and i am so excited for the photography diy thank you so much

  4. I think I've watched all of your videos. I love your style and I've been super inspired. I LOVE all of the DIY projects.

  5. Hi, I just discovered you like 3 weeks ago and I've been watching your videos. They are very informative. I was wondering, can this backdrop you created be used leaned against a wall (secured, of course) so I can take along with me as well.

  6. I love this idea! I am tempted to do this as a dark wood floor too! I like that you made it easy to store too.

  7. Such a great video. I travel to peoples home to take their newborn photo's and I will be trying this out real wood backdrop. It's super simple and easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing this video 🙂

  8. Great idea! You could put some of those cheap sticky back felt pieces, used for under chair and table legs.. ikea do big packs x

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