37 Replies to “Easyjet A319 ABORTED landing & go around at London Stansted Airport (STN/EGSS) 31/3/14 [1080p HD]”

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what is/are the dangers of “floating down the runway”? I’m not sure I know what it means.

  2. "completely messed up the approach" – says the armchair expert ignoring the fact that it is clearly a windy day, causing challenging flying conditions.

  3. Well done to the pilots and the crew as well, the guy was explaining and reassuring all the passsengers about the go around! Well done EasyJet!

  4. "more like he messed up the approach" dude if he didnt abort that take off you wouldnt have lived to upload this video.

  5. I am always amazed how people get nasty when pilots don't do a perfect approach & landing every time. I am pleased they are so professional and I'd rather them be cautious than risk a landing just because passengers are already late.

  6. Perfect flying. The pilot seemed to realise that he was going to miss the touchdown zone so made the correct call to go around

  7. Clearly didn't mess up the approach. My cousin is a pilot for BA and said this is normal on a some approaches, the plane catches wind and can't touch down. Then a go around is the safest approach

  8. Fascinating series of comments around why.

    If it don't land 1st time, something went wrong. Plain and simple. Who's fault – dunno, Brian.

  9. I work as a flight attendant on easyJet (Well I used to, I work with another one now) and I was on a go around one and rejected takeoff

  10. Nice one pilot. To decide right at the last minute "this isn't safe" and decide to go around, just perfect . You are now sitting at home and happy, possibly the best decision someone else made on your behalf

  11. this airport is a joke with bad weather last year after landing we waited for 15 minutes in a boiling cabin for a gate and it could have been done quicker if the pilots could see better

  12. Pilot was very calm and professional and addressed any passenger concerns immediately after going around. Great job.

  13. this is almost certainly the wrong button that was pressed, these days modern plaines simply have a series of buttons , a bit like function keys on your keyboard .one is marked “take off“ and another “land “ ,when the plaine driver presses “take off“ , the computer will instantly respond and accelerate into the sky again, it happens quite a lot , no cause for concern 🙂

  14. I must say, reading the description your saying messed up approach. He didn’t he was down low before the touch down zone, but due to something weather wise or even ground effect causes the plane when you flare (bring the nose up to soften the landing) to not come down and make it either climb or stay at the same altitude. Long story short he didn’t mess it up the plane just floated.

  15. "The pilot simply misjudged the approach meaning we was very high & too late down the runway to touchdown, leading the pilot to initiate a late go around. 

    The pilot called it 'floating down the runway' – more like he completely messed up the approach! "

    What utter bollocks.

    Uninformed, ignorant fuckwit.

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