I'm gonna get so cool by the end of this I would not recommend no I'm not I wouldn't recommend eating all your pregnancy cravings in one sitting because hey weirdos hey welcome to our new video hey we're back we're going to be doing a pregnancy Sam's pregnancy cravings / she does really have cravings it's more of like stuff that she literally has Jen like stuff I've been eating a lot of since being pregnant because I'm not so much I'm at the point in my pregnancy now where I'm not really having like cravings but like this is stuff that like sounds good like all the time and this is the such cheesy and the most it's almost like at least any four times a week she beat somebody so okay yeah yeah that's what we doing alright so I am interrupting this video real quick before we get started I just want to say that this video is sponsored by modern fertility modern fertility is an inexpensive at-home fertility test delivered right to your door one in six women struggle with fertility issues so what's nice about modern fertility is that it can help ease your mind that you can start planning and how to defer your fertility journey it's super easy to you just get the kit delivered to your door take the blood sample and ship it off three to four days later you get the results and you can even have a one-on-one phone call with the fertility nurse to help answer any questions you may have it's a great alternative to going to the doctor's for the test and having it cost a big penny thanks to modern fertility for sponsoring this video check them out right here at modern fertility com / San ELISA this will also be done in the description box below you can go and take a free fertility quiz as well as get $20 off your modern fertility test now back to my pregnancy cravings I'm very picky if Sam is not vegans so the fact that she likes his vegan mac and cheese which means it is good and I am not thinking I think oh oh that sound from that it is so good I love spice of course empty but I like without the hot sauce but you know she pregnant she can eat any way she want it's a pretty good be pregnant you eat what you want when you want we also have some cauliflower buffers Buffalo cauliflower wings with some vegan ranch also from sage vegan Bistro we would have saved you a lot we don't go to say H please we gotta say Jenna we ate dinner there last night I'm gonna give and we walked in to pick up takeout like to do this video today and they literally looked at us and we're just like okay we also got some fries because even when Sam's not bringing it fries you're like her guilty pleasure I feel like you say that right yeah you love 500 so good pregnant too though and it's really funny because the first couple times I had fries like like more recently like when we started being able to like actually feel remove and stuff like the first couple times I eat fries she'll she'll kick like after a couple I'm never there I miss it I know well because like it's always I like I'm always eating Sam is always eating fries yeah it's so funny to see Sam new spice because it's not like she never had spice your whole life before she met me but when she met mean I feel like your spice level was like literally like so low like water with spicy you know I mean I grew up on Cape Cod yeah no I know so for the wouldn't she met me I feel like I can kind of incorporated a lot of spice into like her life and now a slice of your life you know I mean yeah another one is orange juice and I don't know if it's like a common is pregnancy thing or whatever but like I really dig orange juice I mean I always really liked orange juice a lot yeah definitely my favorite of the juices but yeah you drink or she's like literally every day and I swear to God I feel like it's like a big pregnancy thing or something because like Marissa and Brittany I don't know if you know who they are but they are also pregnant we literally have the same Judaism and Marissa is obsessed with orange juice like drinks it every day yeah but I drink like I'll drink like the blasts of it a day I don't think I could do like much next no let's do a little healthy cuz I really do eat healthy she does yeah mm-hmm these are not doing really healthy these are like just ones that have like stuck out because like before being pregnant like yes I liked them but it was never something that was like ooh you know watermelon has also been a really big part of this pregnancy I don't know I feel like watermelons great regardless but why do I miss Olga you aren't all weird back here's my know weird bout sorry and don't my sister every bus judge her my sister hates watermelon she he's never liked it and I talked about her the other day which a because I found out she told me somehow and I was like bitch no party too but how do you guys like watermelon is there like any like food that likes you sure there's no excess sure doesn't like melons all right next up we have peanut butter cookies we made literally just made these we just made them so they're nice and soft and fresh Freddy knows that in including pre they're so good yeah continue as wondering who doesn't watch us who just stumbled upon this video I am vegan a good cream actually I can learn everything in the world love them she's not but she does eat the way that I eat because like why not she doesn't care it doesn't bother her it doesn't affect your life I forced you to eat something do you want to choose my show that you can fuck up a peanut butter cookie trying to make one a dish like shit hey I think it's impossible we have bean field bean chips and basically what this is is they taste like straight-up Doritos they are even vegan and 3 Doritos they have jalapeno nacho flavor they have eaten a guy a Philly or sea salt yeah nacho this is not sponsored don't get these you're welcome they're delicious oh my god I brought them to work the other day I made everyone and they were like oh yeah I cook for the bad guys these aren't so good like they straight up like this straight up tastes like Doritos and I haven't had a jury to a regular donut so long and I'm assuming this is what he's like she's had Doritos and I can tell you they taste like that I don't yeah but they're healthy they're healthy Cheerios which is like crazy like look at that chip so it's basically made from like black bean let me tell you this week I should I feel like I'm burning you know me and she knows if you guys follow me on Instagram you definitely have scenes the numerous times where I've been like up eating Cheetos and here comes bigger girl kickin cuz she again kind of like french fries whenever I start eating Cheetos like granted she I'm pretty sure is asleep right now but she like goes crazy and I love Cheetos and the funnest thing is is that before being pregnant I hadn't had Cheetos in forever and then one day we were like dried forget where we were going and I was just like you know what sounds really great right now Cheetos he did things up and then literally we went to the grocery store and I got Cheetos and I have gotten Cheetos like every time we go some yeah I will not be trying those because oh yeah next one is these so delicious dairy-free dance ice cream bars yeah look at this there's they're actually really good they are vegan gluten free of you Sam how many times you say ppl drink their Soyka they're so a delicious so a good there's a caramel in there mmm there is like pop around vanilla ice cream which is like so creamy it's it's the cashew once if you have nut allergies don't need it but the only other ones I feel like people can mm-hmm you take off all their chocolate yeah I know and many of these ice cream apart after anyways these are all of her cravings other than this she doesn't eat healthy this makes her look like she doesn't eat healthy by now but we so healthy like you guys don't even know yeah I actually have a sandwich just up every day for lunch and built veggies yeah you know I mean we like we eat very healthy this is all just fun food yeah this is a fun stuff that I mm-hmm and baby girl phrase amick we hope you guys enjoy this video yeah I think did be sure to give it a big ol thumbs up yeah what else should they do subscribe to our channel because we put out videos randomly because we are mommies to be and we busy and crazy we tired yeah but let us know if you guys like also enjoy like some of these things or if you've been pregnant before like what some of your cravings were if you're not pregnant and just like hey like I totally understand your cheeto craze like I crave that constantly – you know just let us know it down below and also we're gonna check out modern fertility in the description yeah and generally yeah it truly is wonderful and it can help you guys you know can help put you guys on the path to being like us and even there anyways we love you guys yes bye


  1. you both are my favorite and I genuinely watch ur videos but I never comment but today I did you both are really cute πŸ’πŸ˜Š

  2. When I was pregnant I craved orange juice, peanut butter (I normally don't like peanut butter), Cheetos, soft baked pretzels and berries. I could not stand tomatoes and corn for some reason. πŸ˜…

  3. We love you guys you guys make me hungry me and my wife love food we eat almost everything my wife is pregnant ❀️❀️😍😍

  4. My mom is pregnant with my brother right now (we’re 14 years apart and he’ll be born in mid-late Oct.) and she loves like dairy because she gets lots of heartburn most likely because of the amount of hair he’s growing and he’ll get even more since my mom boyfriend grew a lot of hair in the womb, and then he HATES chocolate and loves pineapples sherbet and elote and raspas

  5. I used to HATE watermelon with a fiery passion but I’ve changed my ways and am a full convert now.

  6. I so fricking love you 😍 guys, and my lil baby 🍼 girl!!!!
    Blessings πŸ™πŸ½

  7. Aku sudah tidak sabar melihat baby kalian..aku sangat menyukai kehidupan kalian..aku menghargai kalian i love so much ..😍😍😍 tetap semangat aku selalu menunggu video video dari kalian…

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