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I’, Valerie and I live in Brooklyn. I
have two children. I have a three-and-a-half-year-old and I have a one-and-a-half year
old. I have a boy and a girl. Trouble! Now why did I say that? Why? And I host events for moms. Check
out S when you are at the hospital and you going to have a baby, you’re not supposed to eat. So, across
the street from the hospital there’s a restaurant and my mom and
grandma whatever and my aunts, they all decided that they were going
to get food. When you’re in that room and you
waiting for your contractions and to things like that to start. They decided that they were going to
open this container of barbecue wings! So now I’m hungry because I have not eaten. And I’m like, “Mommy get out of here! Like you’re not supposed to… Just get it away!” “Please!” So she takes it, and rips off a piece.
Brings it over to where I’m laying and rubs it across my upper lip! And she goes, “What did you
say, Honey? What do you mean? Like you don’t want me to eat anything?” “Mmmm.. This is so good. Give me some more of that!” This face is what I said to her. Because it’s my mom. What am I going to say? Meanwhile I have a container of water of here and ice chips. That’s really all I am allowed to have. But listen. That’s my mom. She’s a prankster. If you like this video please subscribe!

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