EC Tries Best Abortion Clinic Rebuke!

okay easy street preacher here with the newest member of team EC we got EC Joanne I look at the camera you got such a pretty face people wanted to see your pretty face and she was just baptized and last night and she is now ready to come out here and help me the preaching all think she's gonna preach too much you're going to come out and help that's what we're gonna do and I got another person a team EC she introduced to you before she's been on my channel many times before my brother by a different mother the Wildman for family age you don't want the huh what up what up she's got a little angry with you today hello there spirit right they said this is my rent and we can't clean right there without clear water both okay I don't know how well you can hear me from this traffic but that's that's what we're going to be preaching against he's telling me his pack and now our degrees I didn't see that me ain't I do have good news it's okay to use the bullhorn I'm gonna crank it up now we put into there it's still under review thanks to everybody today we're calling and complaining they'll be complaining yeah they'll be complaining but all right well control is over so I'm gonna get all set up here the kingdom of darkness right all right good sign up for now I don't have two balls here so I'm gonna try to do this since they can't see through themselves I'm gonna speak for them I'm listening for unless before these little children appeal voice for the little children today mommy mommy what are these people doing mommy mommy they're pulling at my leg mommy mommy they're pulling at my arm don't you love me Mommy I hear your heartbeat funny what what are these people doing to me funny you've been feeding me funny you've been protecting these but there's these coal full of things that are coming in to me right now they're pulling up my arms mommy they're pulling it my way something's grabbing my head funny don't you love me Mommy keeping feeding me mommy you should make the sale you should hate this sale this should be like nails on a chalkboard to you that's about time someone spoke up it's about time someone top 40 40 infants for these children money I don't understand what's going on mommy it's always been so warm in here it's always been nice for being here but there's these things coming in here and they're ripping that baby Bobby Bobby you something mommy don't you want me money and taking care of me up til now you go under you pay your money have your child murder every time you see a mother with her child you wonder why you're depressed you wonder what I know you can hear this in there I thought I could hear this and I hope this bothers you I hope this bothers you maybe it's about time someone showed you maybe it's time you heard exactly what you're doing in there maybe it's time that's what's going on in there mommy mommy why are you letting these people do this to me Bobby mommy you taking care of me till now mommy why are you letting these people do this thing to be if this doesn't solve it you in there if this doesn't bother you and I am too Lily this is the pollak they not voiced the fuck up I can only hope that there's someone in there would at least one little iota of content in there I'm hoping there's someone in there that's at least a little bit bothered by this speaking for the chills on the dice speaking for the children mommy I mean I don't understand what's going on take care of you mommy stop these people mommy I don't like what they're doing my man some of you in there right now you're saying when is he going to stop this wait is he going to stop there as long as it take as long as it take I would do this every minute of every day if I could because that's how much I value human life I don't think that you move on to just be thrown away for selfishness what's the money listen I'm speaking for your shelter today I'm speaking for my children how can you let them do this to me Bobby I hear you're a whole thing I know what you smell like mommy I was looking forward to the day I could see you mommy I hope this reaches all the way to the backward I hope it does I hope it reaches back into that room where the baby is are torn apart it's about time they have that boy we hear from the women I want to have their choice we hear the supporter I say women can have their choice we hear their voice it's about time that the children's boys got to be her tourism I know this horror you probably wish right now that I would stop this you're thinking to yourself I can't fear this I can't feel him to keep doing this well I've got no please I'll stop it right now maybe the boys they need a voice I'm speaking up for them [Applause] mommy mommy I wanna live mommy please don't let them do this to me not gonna be the same now you've heard the voice of the children never gonna be the same now every time every time you go to hear my voice do you want to hear this baby further every time every time it comes to your bud and I'll tell you what God is going to make sure it comes to your mind because believe it or not as simple or as wicked as you are he still wants to save you he still wants to keep you in hell okay you see street preacher here we're in the bathroom and I've got you see Johanna with me and what we're gonna do is we do a baptism now those really don't know we don't believe in sprinkling babies and that sort of thing but we do believe in baptism number one Jesus was baptized now he wasn't baptized to cleanse himself to see him he was baptized to open up his ministry and to also to be an example for us and we should follow Jesus example so what's going on here today is we got a you see Joanna I've talked to her more than once about what's what baptism means she is a Christian she on has given her life to the Lord she has not been baptized yet and we'll do some preaching tomorrow and Saturday with us and I will I don't think he's trying to take some money out street preaching until they're baptized doesn't mean Jesus didn't stone his ministry to be baptized so that's what we're gonna do today and once again Jesus baptism was different than from sin it was a start as Minister so right now we will go ahead and do this Joanna have you made Jesus Christ our Savior okay so basically what I'm saying there if I'm saying you know by making Jesus her Savior she was acknowledge that you know she's in she's a sinner and now she is on she's come to Jesus and asked him to cleanse her from sin and cleanse her from all unrighteousness and now Jesus is our Savior there's more to that I'm after Joanna have you made Jesus Christ Lord of your life okay that's also important as well okay we don't get watch just to get back into a mother all right we got this start moving holy once we once we've been cleansed from sin you know we can't go back to our old life and that's sort of what baptism is or you're singing it back to that old like the singing and you'll be given a new life and this is like just kind of an outward symbol of that okay Joanna under under confession of faith will baptize you now the name of the Father the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit okay paint your nose with your right hand okay bring your left hand up like this okay I want you to hold your breath okay you ready hold your breath I gotta get younger that time scoot up a little bit more okay okay and I'll hold your breath okay

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  1. Mommy Mommy You told Daddy to go to a grocery store but he stopped and yelled at a building using a megaphone! He also forgot the eggs….

  2. Mommy Mommy Daddy keeps telling me to hate most people because they believe differently than he does. He says they are going to hell and he makes dumb jokes about them.

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