Ectopic Pregnancy Re-implantation | A Doctor On Ohio’s Abortion Law

I don’t know what I’m laughing about, but guys, it’s your boy Dr. Zubin Damania. It’s the ZDoggMD Show. Okay, check it out. Ohio has a bill about abortion, okay? No surprise, but in that
bill is a line that says, if doctors, and I’m paraphrasing, if doctors don’t want to
be convicted of murder, if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, they will attempt to re-implant the fertilized embryo in the uterus. Sounds feasible, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s total horseshit,
and this is what happens when lawyers and politicians
write laws about medicine. I’m so fucking tired of it, you guys. We are doctors because we know that you don’t re-implant
an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is what happens when a fertilized embryo
implants somewhere other than where it’s supposed
to which is the uterus. Often it’s in the fallopian tube. It can be in the cervix, it can be in other parts of the abdomen. It is one of the top causes of death in early pregnancy of the
mom, because that can grow, it can erode blood supply
and cause fatal bleeding, terrible things. So, the cure for a ectopic pregnancy is removing this abnormally
implanted embryo. It cannot be re-implanted anywhere. That’s just not something that happens. So, you may say, ‘cuz
it says in the law, re-implant where applicable. So that’s lawyers’ way of saying, well, if you can, you know, whatever. Okay, why is that still a terrible idea to put something that idiotic in a law? First of all, it’s unscientific. Second of all, imagine
you’re a woman like many, like, 3-5% of
pregnancies are ectopic or something like that,
I’ll have to confirm that later and then deny it. Imagine you’ve suffered
through an ectopic pregnancy and now you see this law which
you think is based on science and it says, oh, re-implant it in the uterus where applicable. You are now somebody who
didn’t save an embryo that could have been re-implanted. You’ve lost a, you’ve gone
from a medical condition that could have killed you to, “I just electively aborted my child.” That is insane, you guys. Imagine what that could do
to people, and it’s wrong. It’s just not scientifically correct. Now, imagine you’re somebody who’s having an ectopic pregnancy. What happens if you
now hear about this law and you go, wait no, they
can just re-implant it and I can save my pregnancy? You might delay coming to see the doctor. You might have unrealistic expectations. You might have emotional
trauma when they tell you no, the lawyers are stupid,
which you should have known anyways ’cause they’re lawyers. So guys, here’s the call to action. Don’t let non-medical
non-scientists write our laws, and if they do, boot them out of office. That’s all. I have nothing else to say, right? All right. (snaps fingers) (Totally inappropriate comment) (laughs) Just kidding. (laughing)

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  1. “Where applicable” ohh never!!!!!! From someone who lost 3 of my pregnancies before having my son this makes me sick. If I wasn’t medical and then read this and thought I could have saved my babies….. 😡 stop using emotional topics in women’s health to polarize your bills!!!!! It is disgusting!
    Mama Doctor Jones covers this really well also.

  2. Can anyone speak to cases where an ectopic embryo was implanted successfully? This is the first I've heard of that even being a thing

  3. WTF??? Lawyers and politicians should be prohibited from practicing medicine without a license by proposing and enacting laws that are not medically, ethical, or against the human rights of patients. I'm banging my head on my keyboard and I'm so angry.

  4. This is downright fucking stupid!! Why do they get to practice medicine without a license? Creating procedures that are impossible!! Why do they hate us women so much?

  5. These fuckers should staybin their lane. Also a simple google search would probably help them. Ectopic pregnancies are removed the way you cut down a tree. They are saying you should re implant the tree without roots. Wish a gynea would go to congress and ask them to either show them how to re implant an ectopic pregnancy or even quote a case of successful re implantation. If(When) they cannot they should stfu.

  6. Perhaps, we are looking at this backwards… maybe this is actually new wave eugenics and they are counting on the trauma to the uterus from failed attempt to re-implant to result in sterility…

  7. ”The rate of ectopic pregnancy is about 1% and 2% that of live births in developed countries, though it may be as high as 4% among those using assisted reproductive technology. It is the most common cause of death among women during the first trimester at approximately 10% of the total.”

    So says Wikipedia, so grain of salt (tho there is a citation I totally won’t check as biology is gross).

    Everyone watching, y’all are real cuties 😉😘🥰

  8. I'm prolife and I find this ridiculous. Poor embryos in wrong place just can't make it, and anyone who things you can transplant it like a seedling is mistaken. They are in God's hands, not Dr or lawyers. Smh

  9. would love for you to have Momma Doctor Jones (an OB/GYN doctor on YT) on your channel! I think it would be a great collab! She recently also made a video about this totally absurd law~

  10. 3:08 I only just saved myself from doing a spit-take as I’d just taken a sip of cold tea (on purpose cold) when you threw in that last line…

    bravo bravo bravo !!!

  11. I can't believe they'd risk health injury or death to the mother over an embryo that could never survive being ectopic. And to threaten the doctors with the death penalty? This is wrong on so many levels. I hope to God the bill gets rejected.

  12. This is why America needs Islam.
    Far more nuanced about such things. For example:

  13. Fuck whoever wrote this law. Maybe they can take the Cleveland, the Ectopic Pregnancy On the Lake, and re-implant it somewhere livable like California*. Or just be reasonable and flood that place with methotrexate. Not like anyone's gonna notice, since everyone's already bald.

    * If applicable

  14. So I have a question…..what are your thoughts on the line of Viability for premature babies…do you think it should be up to a provider to determine resuscitation at 24 weeks or the parent? I know …its not this topic and I am a MA and mom to a 24 weeker and a 29 weeker….they would not resuscitate my 24 weeker…..and I absolutely love you and your channel….would love to hear your thoughts…..ZDogg MD

  15. We should elect doctors, and healthcare workers, then put lawyers, judges, and career politicians in medicine.
    Just see what happens, Like for science.

  16. The ACTUAL text of the 723 page bill that has not been passed and is due many many rewrites before it even has a chance actually says…

    "Such steps
    include, if applicable, attempting to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy into the woman's uterus."

    If they are never applicable then that whole line invalidates itself. Seems like a whole bunch of hullabaloo over something that is misrepresented and a non issue. All so you can justify murdering people up to and sometimes after the point of birth.

  17. Wow! I am so glad I live in Canada. Even our federal Conservative party has said they will not reopen the abortion debate. I thought this was something that was settled decades ago. Ireland finally made abortion legal, and the US is going backwards.

  18. It’s it possible this was put in there to cover the possibility in the future such technology exists? I don’t know I’m not a lawyer. Would probably benefit asking a lawyer their opinion on this.

  19. Good information, but the F'ing words is such a turn off! It's unnecessary. Please. I don't want to hear that. It doesn't emphasize the point any better.

  20. I sincerely hope the 4 down votes are people who don't like the audio or visual layout of this video, otherwise you can go fuck yourself with a D&C kit-start with your temple first.

  21. I've learned to expect something #darkside at the end of your serious videos. 😂 I'm not disappointed.

    This is a great message. Ohio, you need Science!

  22. It’s like when they implant Leftover frozen embryos in women during their period when implantation would be unlikely. Wha? Why? Ugh

  23. ZDogg: You may want to check out this female ob/gyn video on this topic. You boh are in sync. DoctorMamaJones. Like the ZPac, she agrees we need to stop politicizing health care.

  24. My brain just broke over the stupidity of that law. I just… I can't. If this passes, my thoughts will be with all the women and doctors in Ohio.

  25. Exactly what I went through and what I'm feeling right now. I suffered depression for 5 monthes because of the loss of that baby. It was a rough time. You should cut that last part out and you know it.

  26. maybe policitians should do what they tell athletes to do and STAY IN YOUR OWN FUCKING LANE

    Not operating and removing an ectopic pregnancy can kill the mother and baby.

    This law will cause people to die,

    Only in america would politicians be that fucking retarded.

  27. I've had two ectopic pregnancies, three miscarriages and failed IVF that my husband and i paid for out-of-pocket. During those years both my parents died of cancer. Both of my ectopic pregnancies almost killed me. By some crazy miracle I survived both through emergency surgeries. During the second one I lost my right fallopian tube. But, not having a clear understanding of what an ectopic pregnancy was the first time around I actually asked if it could be saved and reimplanted. Yes, I hoped upon hope that I could keep and bear the life I thought was starting to grow there. But I was horribly wrong. Ignorance is not a sufficient reason to try to pass legislation that is not feasible under any circumstances. And I can explain it to you, but sorry legislators, I cannot UNDERSTAND it for you. There is not one single doctor with an actual medical degree who will tell you that an ectopic pregnancy is viable. The last thing these sick and twisted people believe in is the sanctity of life. And now they want to create yet another way for ignorance and fear to shame women into making fatal choices.

  28. We are living in a world wear lawmakers can try to pass laws requiring doctors to perform imaginary medical procedures that do not exist…

  29. Loved this and was about to share it to my FB page…until you said that last thing. It was funny but I knew that people wouldn't understand the humor. 😳

  30. Dewine is a total fool……… if any questions, ask him about the more than 20,000 rape kits his administration never developed for use in court while he was AG. This is nothing more than a low ball attempt at pandering to old moneyed religious groups and their vile BS which only harms the women going through the suffering of an ectopic pregnancy, and the MD's who now can be accused of murder? I'm with you Doc Z……this is STUPID, and our gubnuh is INSANE, imo. You know what they call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A GREAT START!

  31. John Becker is the wing nut legislator who found a letter in a journal referencing this having been done once successfully. He thinks he's smarter than you and everyone who reacts to his idiocy makes him feel even smarter. Republican. Cincinnati. Asshole. Facebook page.

  32. Sadly there are MDs and nurses out there who are as crazy right wing as you can get who are probably thinking this is ok

  33. I was under the impression, more than impression but what the OB-GYN told me after my ectopic pregnancy surgery, that the embryo was not viable because there was no way it could survive where it was implanted. And yes even though I was a young married woman I was Gravely ill. Thank you thank you thank you thank you, for bringing this up to the uneducated politicking idiots in Ohio and for that matter anybody else on the planet with not a clue. Not only was the embryo not viable but I was shortly going to be expired. I thank God for doctors like you! Truth and facts.

  34. Goodness! I love this video and your channel.

    I think what they meant was try to put it back for like 2 seconds where ever you can to make it feel like you didn’t commit a murder as a doctor lol 😆

    I like how you stated a less educated patient would believe the doctor could have saved their baby even though it’s not possible with an ectopic pregnancy because of this absurd law.

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