Ectopic Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Hi I am Dr. Sweta Gupta from Medicover Fertility. What is Ectopic Pregnancy? An Ectopic Pregnancy is pregnancy that
happens outside the womb or the uterus and this usually happens in the
fallopian tube and that’s why it is also called as tubal pregnancy. What are the
most common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? Some of the common symptoms
are lower abdomin pain, vagina bleeding, faintness, dizziness and shoulder tip
pain. What are the causes of ectopic pregnancy? The main cause of ectopic
pregnancy is blockage of fallopian tubes this does not allow fertilized egg to reach
the uterus resulting in unnatural implantation of embryo in the fallopian
tube. What are the treatment options available for ectopic pregnancy? The ectopic
pregnancy can be managed initially by medical management by giving medicines.
However in some cases surgical removal of embryo is required if the tube is too
damaged then complete removal of the tube is required. How Medicover Fertility solves the
problem? Medicover Fertility is a specialized fertility clinic with a very
high success rate it uses advanced technology fertility treatment will
ensure that women with all kinds of severe fertility problems like a ectopic
pregnancy manage to conceive. Medicover Fertility follows European standards and
offers patient and international level for treatment and facilities. Each
Medicover Fertility clinic in India is equipped with the latest technology
facilities and infrastructure. Medicover has a team of highly qualified in-house
Fertility Doctors.

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